BLADE Faces Yet Another Setback As Director Yann Demange Departs MCU Reboot

BLADE Faces Yet Another Setback As Director Yann Demange Departs MCU Reboot

Though the movie is still said to be forging ahead, Marvel Studios' Blade reboot has faced yet another setback with the departure of director Yann Demange...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 12, 2024 07:06 PM EST
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Blade has been plagued by production woes ever since it was first announced over four years ago, going through a number of directors and writers.

The project finally seemed to be back on track after a recent Production Weekly update claimed that shooting was set to commence this Fall, but we'd later learn that a new writer was being sought to give the script yet another major overhaul.

Marvel mainstay Eric Pearson (The Fantastic Four) is said to be working on the script, but the studio now has another spot to fill!

Earlier this month, a rumor claimed that production had completely restarted because "key players involved with the reboot are dissatisfied with the script." We're not sure if this was on the level, but The Wrap is now reporting that yet another director has parted ways with the project.

Though his departure was said to be "entirely amicable, Yann Demange will no longer helm the movie, and is said to have stepped away "a while ago."

"Getting Blade right is much more important than getting the film out. The pressure to produce as much content as possible has been lifted and the studio is now looking to release just two films per year, which gives the team at Marvel Studios some breathing room."

Despite these new setbacks, the movie is still said to be moving forward, with Mahershala Ali attached to star.

Ali's last update during an interview with EW was a positive one.

“We’re working on it. That’s the best I could tell you. I’m really encouraged with the direction of the project. I think we’ll be back at it relatively soon.”

“I’m sincerely encouraged in terms of where things are at and who’s on board and who’s leading the way as far as the writing of the script and the directing and all that,” he added. “So that’s the extent of what I can tell you.”

Demange (who stepped in to replace Bassam Tariq) previously confirmed that the movie will indeed be rated R.

"I'm excited to show a kind of ruthlessness, a roughness he has, that allows him to walk the earth in a particular way. I love him for that," said the filmmaker. "He’s got a dignity and integrity, but there is a ferocity there that he usually keeps under the surface. I want to unleash that and put it on the screen."

Blade is currently set to hit theaters on November 7, 2025.

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Evansly - 6/12/2024, 7:31 PM
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JonAwesome - 6/12/2024, 9:38 PM
@Evansly - Ali when this movie finally gets made!
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ComicBandit - 6/13/2024, 1:04 AM
@JonAwesome - I think the issue they are having and Ali probably feels is that there is a lot to live up to with what Snipes did. Marvel practically changed the character in the comics to match what he did. If the movie sucks even a little, the danger is that it will be considered a disaster.
MCUKnight11 - 6/12/2024, 7:34 PM
Even if the pandemic and strikes didn't happen, there's still no excuse for this to have as hard of a production as it has.
CaptainFlapjaks - 6/12/2024, 7:57 PM
@MCUKnight11 - at this point just get jon watts. If he was able to convince tobey and andrew to come back for no way home and potentially more then maybe he can keep ali happy and stick around long enough for the movie to film.
GhostDog - 6/12/2024, 7:34 PM
Had to come back on this site for this shit show.

This movie better be GOD’s GIFT if it ever releases. Marvel is mentally ill. Blade is not this difficult to get right.

Signing out once more
bobevanz - 6/12/2024, 7:36 PM
@GhostDog - I'll miss youuuu
MCUKnight11 - 6/12/2024, 7:39 PM
@GhostDog - I'm starting to wonder if Ali is trying to get this a best picture nomination.
MCUKnight11 - 6/12/2024, 7:42 PM
@GhostDog - Damn, can't say I blame you. Been thinking of doing it myself for a while. I'll miss you. In a madhouse full of screwballs, you were always one of the best users to interact with. Good luck with wherever life takes you outside of this madhouse.
GhostDog - 6/12/2024, 7:42 PM
@bobevanz -

User Comment Image

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Nolanite - 6/12/2024, 8:31 PM
@GhostDog - hasta luego amigo!
MyCoolYoung - 6/12/2024, 9:30 PM
@GhostDog - damn. Why are you leaving?
MrDandy - 6/12/2024, 9:50 PM
@GhostDog - you’ll be in our hearts
GhostDog - 6/12/2024, 10:22 PM
@MyCoolYoung - this site has become more about right versus left than comics. Everything devolves into jabs about differing political ideologies rather than just a love of comic media. It’s become a pit of negativity and overzealous contention.

Sorely miss when the only battles on this site were marvel vs dc. Didn’t know anything about the civic affiliations of anyone on this site and never gave it any thought. What I knew was that we all loved comics. This site is almost like talking politics at the dinner table. It’s not don’t talk about those topics at all, it’s just not at the dinner table so a shit storm doesn’t ruin dinner time. People can’t seem to have civil conversations at dinner sometimes.
MyCoolYoung - 6/13/2024, 1:08 AM
@GhostDog - I agree. Genuinely feels like it’s getting worse and worse. Every day I come here a little less but I’m having a hard time putting it down for good. I mean I’ve been coming here for 10+ years daily so it’s expected.

For what it’s worth, when I first started coming around here you were someone I felt was a big dog and I hoped to get a reply from. You’ll definitely be missed around here
ObserverIO - 6/13/2024, 5:22 AM
@GhostDog @MCUKnight11 - They should get Jim Jarmusch for a Best Picture nom. But I think they're getting Jordan Peele, which could easily result in a Best Picture nom too.

Ghost Dog,
User Comment Image
Hope you come back soon. Or whenever this site stops being a cesspit and starts to love comic book movies again.
SteelGunZ - 6/13/2024, 1:50 PM
@GhostDog - They have to make sure that whoever writes and directs it, that it has all the "AGENDA" checks in the block so it can driveway more fans.
Vigor - 6/12/2024, 7:35 PM
Ok it's plagued. Cancel it and refocus energy on midnight sons instead [as someone here said recently]. Have blade as a main character (top billing) and promote the lead role of Marshalla as much as possible.
CaptainFlapjaks - 6/12/2024, 8:02 PM
@Vigor - hey thats a me! :P
Vigor - 6/12/2024, 8:10 PM
@CaptainFlapjaks - it was a good idea. Now I'm hooked on it!
Shivermetimbers - 6/13/2024, 1:57 AM
@Vigor - I kind of hope it gets cancelled at this point. Agree with just focusing on midnight sons. I also am going to advocate for a recast. Ali is great, but it’s just not the right time anymore.
MasterMix - 6/12/2024, 7:36 PM
User Comment Image
Origame - 6/12/2024, 7:43 PM
@MasterMix - oh I get it now. Wesley snipes saw the future and this was the best way for him to describe this production.
bobevanz - 6/12/2024, 7:36 PM
Lovecraft Country was great, but these movies need directors with experience. Less hired hands, more top notch talent behind the lens instead of the front
Toonstrack - 6/12/2024, 10:37 PM
@bobevanz - like Chloe Zhao and Sam raimi right?
MCUKnight11 - 6/12/2024, 7:37 PM
I'm always the first person to champion the idea of redemption and second chances, but sometimes there are just certain situations like this where you just have to call it out.
Seems like everyone wants to start over, but why can't you get it right the first time.
TheRationalNerd - 6/12/2024, 7:38 PM
Damn, I guess they're REALLY trying to get it right. But honestly, I'd be cool if they just did an 8 episode series on Netflix. Perhaps that gives more time for story elements and more
SuperCat - 6/12/2024, 7:39 PM
User Comment Image
Mrtoke - 6/13/2024, 2:13 AM
@SuperCat - I love when somebody jokingly ask me this kind of question. Regardless of ethnicity- I always say yes. Lmaooo
SuperCat - 6/12/2024, 7:40 PM
See how they do the Black vampire.

User Comment Image
Cleander - 6/12/2024, 7:41 PM
They hired the Black Widow's writer lol! Honestly I've given up on this movie. It's going to be shit.
Origame - 6/12/2024, 7:44 PM
@Cleander - can't wait for the usual accusations against you for that.
eagc1995 - 6/12/2024, 8:16 PM
@Cleander - I mean he also wrote Ragnarok and Godzilla vs Kong which were better received.
Cleander - 6/12/2024, 8:32 PM
@eagc1995 - he co-wrote Ragnarok with other writers and Waititi was uncredited too.
CorndogBurglar - 6/12/2024, 7:41 PM
This movie must be in really good shape.
Spoken - 6/12/2024, 7:41 PM
LeonNova - 6/12/2024, 7:44 PM
This movie is never coming out is it?
JustAWaffle - 6/13/2024, 3:51 AM
@LeonNova - User Comment Image
WeaponXCII - 6/12/2024, 7:47 PM
User Comment Image
marvel72 - 6/12/2024, 7:47 PM
How hard is it to make a movie about a Vampire Hunter Vs Vampires.

Wesley Snipes movie was a very basic story but a great movie.
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