CAPTAIN AMERICA: Chris "Nice Guy" Evans Takes Time out from Shooting CATFA to Answer a Fan

Here's a heart-warming "slice of life" story about what a nice guy Chris Evans is. A true Captain America type...

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My little boy David loves watching the Fantastic Four films, he especially loves Chris Evans and spends a lot of time playing at being Johnny Storm. I have to play the baddie and he defeats me. He’s got his walls covered with Johnny Storm pictures too and he knows all the lines. We were recently staying with my best friend Tom who lives in Manchester, England and found out that Chris Evans was coming to town. David was disappointed to find that we’d have already left before the film crew arrived so he sat down and made a card with some pictures for Chris Evans and wrote him a little note. I’ve never seen him sit so long at a table and concentrate! I wish I’d scanned it but I never thought. On the front he did a little picture of Johnny Storm flying across the sky and inside another picture of a scene from the first movie with some speech bubbles and he wrote a little note to Chris saying he was his favourite actor. His ‘uncle’ Tom promised he’d try to get it to Chris Evans for him.

Tom took the card to the film site but security was so tight that he couldn’t get near anyone so he left the card with a note saying who it was from and that he was sorry not to get to take a photo for David’s birthday which was soon. The security guy told him to write down his address and he’d try to find someone to pass it to but made no promises as everything was crazy. That was on Friday 24th Sept. The following morning Tom received a special ‘next day delivery’ from Chris Evans! In it was a brilliant photo of Chris holding up David’s little card, a birthday card with a message from Chris Evans, he’d also signed two BluRay DVD covers with a little message on each for David. On one it said ‘FLAME ON!’ and was signed and on the other it said ‘DREAM BIG, BUDDY’ and was also signed.

It was David’s birthday yesterday. When he saw the card from Chris he read it, looked up, read it again, asked us to read it for him then he just stared at it grinning just repeating, ‘‘really? not really! really? is it real?’’ When we told him what had happened he started to tremble a bit, ran to his room, ran back again and basically didn’t know where to put himself. He had actually seen the photo before his birthday but we’ve now had it framed and he knew about nothing else. For the rest of the day he kept running back to the card and picture to look at them for the millionth time. We haven’t been allowed to play the DVDs yet as they have to stay on display and no-one’s allowed to touch them. When he’d gone to bed at the end of the day, we were tidying the mess up and had a big panic because we couldn’t find the photo! We were just getting desperate when David’s older sister had an idea. She checked under his pillow and it was there!

Most of the films on Youtube of the filming were taken on Fri 24th and I think it was their busiest day. Yet blockbuster movie or not Chris Evans still stopped to take the time to make a big effort for a little boy and for that he will always be loved in our household. Earlier this year David developed epilepsy really quite badly but is incredibly brave and is always cheerful and it meant a lot to us that he had such a special surprise this year. We are really grateful and David’s learnt a lovely lesson about consideration, kindness and values that he will remember forever.

Because of his age (7 and one day) and his health problems we want to keep David’s details private but really wanted to share the story with people who are fans of Chris Evans so you can see he really is as decent a guy as people say he is. You can see the photo and a scan of the card though.

So if anyone who knows Chris Evans actually reads this, PLEASE tell him that he made a little boy very, very happy. And his parents too!

Good luck with everything you do Chris. We wish you happiness and success.

Galactus Insert: Having interviewed Chris when he was doing press for Fantastic Four, I can attest that the guy is a real class act. We at CBM wish him well and think he's going to be an awesome Captain America.

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