If Chris Evans Is Retiring As Captain America After AVENGERS 4, What Comes Next For The Hero In Phase 4?

Chris Evans says he's done with Captain America after Avengers 4 reshoots are complete so where does that leave the Star Spangled superhero moving forward? We have some ideas we think you'll want to see...

Chris Evans has seemingly been toying with his future as Captain America for a number of years now but he left Marvel fans everywhere reeling yesterday when an interview popped up online in which he confirmed that he'll be retiring from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Avengers 4. Assuming he means that, we're now left to wonder what his future (or lack thereof) as the character might be. 

We're now taking a look at all the different options for what might come next both for Evans and the character, exploring the many different possibilities and what might happen to Captain America. 

To check out the list in full, all you have to do is click the buttons below. From recasting the role to ways Evans could stay on and different characters who could take over the mantle, we think you'll find something here you'll like as there's no getting around the fact that Captain America must live on!

Marvel Convinces Chris Evans To Sign A New Contract

Chris Evans says he's done with Captain America after Avengers 4 but is the actor just negotiating in public? The reaction to his comments have been a combination of shock and horror, so there's no way Disney and Marvel Studios don't realise how beloved his version of Steve Rogers is among moviegoers.

Should they offer Evans a deal similar to what Robert Downey Jr. managed to get a few years back, there's no way he's going to say no and it's safe to assume that his
Star Spangled Avenger will stick around for the long haul. With Avengers 4 in the can, Marvel must be looking at those contracts...

Captain Marvel Takes His Place

Marvel is clearly banking on Captain Marvel being a hit and given the leadership role Carol Danvers has taken on in the comic books in recent years, it's easy to imagine the same being the case on the big screen. With that in mind, this Captain becoming the new face of The Avengers franchise makes sense and given the demand for female superheroes these days, it would be a smart business decision.

The writers of Avengers: Infinity War have already made a point of noting the similarities between Steve Rogers and Carol, so don't be surprised if this is indeed the plan for the MCU moving forward. 


A New Captain America

Kevin Feige has made it clear that Marvel won't reboot their characters and has pointed to the James Bond franchise as an example of how they'll handle recasting characters. Taking that into account, it's feasible we get a new Steve Rogers (just like how Don Cheadle took over as War Machine and Mark Ruffalo became the new Bruce Banner) even if that's something it would take a while to get used it.

However, even more likely is that Marvel passes the mantle to a different character in the MCU but who are the most likely candidates? Well, these are our top choices to wield the shield in Phase 4:


- Bucky

The most logical choice, Bucky may have become Wakanda's White Wolf when Avengers: Infinity War begins but now that he's free of HYDRA's programming, it makes perfect sense for him to step up and become the new Captain America after his longtime best friend falls in action battling Thanos. 

- The Falcon

Sam Wilson took over the mantle of Captain America in the comic books when Steve Rogers was transformed into an old man. Anthony Mackie taking on a larger role in the MCU would be no bad thing and given the success of Black Panther, we know that a black lead can result in a box office hit.

- Iron Man

Chances are Robert Downey Jr. is going to move on from the role of Iron Man after Avengers 4 but what if he sticks around and becomes the new Captain America following the demise of Steve Rogers? It's a little hard to believe but stranger things have happened and it would be fun to see...for a while!

- Black Panther

I'm not suggesting that the King of Wakanda don the stars and stripes to become Captain America but T'Challa taking on a more global role could lead to him taking on a similar place in the MCU as Steve Rogers and he could even use the shield for a time as a way of paying tribute to the fallen Avenger.

A Battle For The Shield

Remember when Batman "died" and everyone from Nightwing to the Red Hood went to war for the right to don the Dark Knight's cape and cowl? Well, Marvel could make a similar fight a big focus of Phase 4 as various heroes look to step forward and become the new Captain America. Everyone from Hawkeye to Tony Stark, War Machine, and Bucky could do battle for the right to represent the US.

This would be an interesting subplot to have running through future releases and it means Marvel could take its time when it comes to finding someone new to suit up and wield the

Phase 4 Becomes All About Bringing Him Back

What if Avengers 4's after-credits scene reveals that Captain America isn't actually dead and is instead trapped inside the Space Stone alongside the Red Skull? This gives Chris Evans the chance to take a few years off and opens the door to Marvel bringing back both the hero and villain in a future Avengers movie. It would be an awesome reveal and one which has major stakes for Marvel's Phase 4.

It's hard to imagine Marvel finding a bigger threat than the Mad Titan so why not have Phase 4 be a far more personal story which sees Earth's Mightiest Heroes having to come together with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to track down the Space Stone and find Steve Rogers? This wouldn't be all that different to the Captain America: Reborn comic book and could work really well if done properly.


A World Without Captain America 

After Steve Rogers was assassinated in the comic books, Marvel launched a series of comic books dealing with the aftermath of his demise. Perhaps each of the movies which follow Avengers 4 could do the same? Regardless of whether it makes Spider-Man appreciate how mortal he is even with powers or it giving Star-Lord a different outlook on being a team leader, this has an awful lot of potential.

Sure, an entire universe of heroes mourning Captain America may sound depressing but it ensures that his legacy lives on and if someone else is going to take up the mantle, it could tie into that too.


Steve Rogers, Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Just because Chris Evans is done with Captain America doesn't necessarily mean he's finished with the MCU. What if he were to take on a whole new role, possibly as the director of a resurrected S.H.I.E.L.D.? Sure, it interferes with what's happening on the small screen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but Marvel could always rename it or just have him serve as the leader of the Avengers out of the field.

This also opens the door to someone else becoming Captain America on screen and follows the comic books in the respect that this is a role Steve has taken on a couple times in those over the years. 

What do you guys think of these points? Do you have any hopes for Captain America moving forward? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 
SDCC 2022 Banner May Provide A First Look At CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 With A Returning MCU Character

SDCC 2022 Banner May Provide A First Look At CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 With A Returning MCU Character

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