The ruler of Apokolips has made his way into this edition of Supervillain Feats. Make the jump to read up on some of the chaos and universal destruction he has caused throughout his comic book career in the DC universe.

Anti-Life Equation
1. Sets a plan in motion to make the Anti-Life Entity [the evil part of the Source] his slave. He uses Etrigan as part of his plan and actually steals a portion of the evil part of the Source’s power.

2. With merely just 1/6 of the Anti-Life Equation he cuts the Source off from the New Gods, causing mass panic. He actually destroyed Highfather’s doing this.

3. With a partial of the Anti-Life Equation he turned Granny Goodness into a pimp for the Female Furies.

4. With a partial of the anti-life equation he turned the Forever People, Orion, Metron, Highfather. Lightray etc. all into homeless people.

1. An avatar of Darkseid actually creates another avatar a floating head resembling DS that can even shoot Omega Beams.

2. Darkseid talking to Anarky admits he is merely an avatar of the true Darkseid, one aspect of DS omnipotent self.

3. The avatar of Darkseid once again uses the floating head of Darkseid to destroy a resistance that was growing.

4. Still trapped in the Source Wall, Darkseid shows his great willpower animating a giant statue of him to do his bidding. It takes more energy to move the statue more then all Apokolips does in a year and DS commands the stature for quite awhile.

Energy Blasts
1. With a hand blast sends Superman down to his knees, battered and broken.

2. With a single burst lays Orion on the ground.

3. With a wave of his hand he knocks out Orin and Mister Miracle [Shilo Norman].

4. Darkseid kills his son once again for failing using an energy blast, incinerating him.

5. Darkseid takes out Angel Supergirl with a single beam as she was considered to be stronger then Superman. Just to note though she traveled to Apokolips with magic, so a motherbox didn’t adjust her so she is tiny compared to the New Gods

6. Darkseid uses a blast and causes Superman to bleed, and then Darkseid activates Jimmy Olsen’s powers and causes him to emit Kryptonite which knocks out Superman.

Entity Creation:
1. Here it’s revealed Darkseid created the very powerful Brimstone that humbled the Justice League, Firestorm, Cosmic Boy, etc.

2. Here Darkseid creates Stayne, who is meant to be the equal in power counterpart to Takion [Highfather’s champion].

Matter Manipulation
1. Rips Professor Stein from Firestorm, showing he can manipulate the Matrix.

2. Here Darkseid with a small tiny fraction of his power creates a spaceship bigger then New York State.

3. Kills his son, Kalibak, with a mere touch.

Size Alteration
1. Shows he can grow hundreds of feet tall or shrink back down in seconds.

Omega Sanction
1. Can use an entity named Omega to cause people to live multiple lifespans in an instant forcing them to suffer as their lives have become twisted and dark.

Power Granting
1. Channels all the powers of all the New Gods who died into Jimmy Olsen, granting him all their powers.

2. Under his command the Shadow Demons have become stronger than before, and even nearly killed Superman.

3. Turns Mary Marvel back into Black Mary.

4. Upgrades Kalibak’s strength, making him stronger then Orin, and granted him psi-beams which he takes out Mr.Miracle with.

5. Here Darkseid gives Bedlam more power so he can battle multiple New Gods himself with his constructs.

1. Spectre kills Darkseid in combat, but little did Spectre know is DS is protected by the Source and revives him as he is important to the universe being the “negative charge” in it. It’s also revealed if Spectre was successful in killing DS, he in turn would become Darkseid himself.

1. Here Darkseid summons a Mother Box in his hand.

2. Darkseid redirects Vykin’s boom tube to appear in front of him.

1. An enraged Superman charges at Darkseid, and is easily hit away without much effort.

2. Over 900 years ago, smashes Raker Qarrigat's ring in his hand as it was nothing.

3. A young Darkseid was brought to the future and had to do battle with the Legion, here DS’s punch rocks Superboy.

4. A pissed off Darkseid shows his strength lifting and tossing a huge piece of machinery like it was nothing.

5. Punches Superman into the Source Wall.

6. It’s a retelling of when Superman and Darkseid first meet, and well the power level is clearly vast as DS backslaps Superman and Clark even admits it would be mad to fight him.

7. Very quickly subdues Superman.

1. Shrugs off an energy blast from Guy Gardner and a tackle from Captain Atom, which Darkseid just swats him away.

2. Here a newly born Darkseid is brought to the future by his older counterpart, but the Legion time-travel and alter their encounter and work together to send the younger Darkseid back to his timeline. They hit him with their best hits and all it does in the end leaves an unscaved Darkseid, but an annoyed Darkseid.

3. Lobo actually punches Darkseid and hurts his hand.

4. Here Darkseid takes a blast a blast from Marvelous Marano’s blaster, which no life-form should stand up to it’s charge. Darkseid does.

5. Darkseid takes a blast from Atinai, and blocks it with his hand. She was shown handling two average New Gods at the same time in this run, as well as creating a structure that contained the madness of The Source itself, and perhaps most impressive, she single-handedly created Supertown out of thin air. She's partially this powerful because she is Highfather's daughter and was imbued with a fraction of his power.

6. Here Darkseid takes a hit from a pissed of Supergirl and it does nothing to him, he even casually strolls away as he doesn’t want to fight. This is even when Darkseid was later to be revealed to be weaker then normal as he lost most of the Omega Force being traped in the Source Wall just an issue earlier.

7. Takes a heat vision blast from a pissed off Superman with no ill effect.

1. Mentions he needs to react in a microsecond, and he does temporally escaping from the Anti-Life Entity.

2. Moves at “unthinkable speeds” to the Source Wall.

3. Here Desaad, acting as Darkseid, speed blitzes Superman and we know for a fact Darkseid is faster. Desaad actually revealed later he did know Clark Kent was Superman.

4. Darkseid gets speed blitzed by Superman, but he quickly swats him away.

1. Revealed to beyond all the inner workings of Countdown, and has been using people like chess pieces. It’s all revealed Darkseid’s vision extends beyond the known universes.

2. Shows he is one of the people manipulating the events in Countdown, and apparently beating the Monitor, Solomon.

3. Actually cloaked Apokolips from the Anti-Monitor allowing him to be undetected.

4. Attunes his heartbeat with the rhythm of the sun so if his heart stops it will cause a super nova destroying Earth. He even knows Metron and Highfather are spying on him.

5. Creates a trap that if you remove the girl from her table radion bombs will blow and it takes Superman going light speed to avoid the blast.

6. Captures Ares, the God of War, who actually currently possessed the God Wave. Very impressive.

7. Was the first to discover that the God Wave created Gods on other planets.

8. Created plans to teleport Apokolips into Earth 2 universe and in turn would destroy Earth.

9. Creates a device where he can monitor the thoughts of every human on Earth so he can track down the portions of the anti-life equation.

10. Creates a device that can suck up all the energy of a planet and merely attacking it can kill you.

11. Here it’s revealed Darkseid is responsible for the Source losing it’s sanity, and allowed Orion to kill him even though he wasn’t sure he could come back that triggered it the Source to go insane.

12. Retrieved and repairing Doomsday after Imperix incinerated him, and he also with Luthor released him to battle Superman

13. Uxas, before he became Darkseid, traveled to Earth 15,000 years ago wishing to manipulate the Greek Gods. Finding them to powerful set plans into motion, spreading their word causing the Gods to have more worshipers they could handle. So each God decided to split their powers in the Greco/Roman Gods, falling into Uxas plan as this weakened the Gods as a whole, making it easier for them to control.

14. Uses the failed Soulfire Project in order to help him defeat the Source, which he actually does and he explains why and how it works.

15. An older Darkseid removed a newly born Darkseid from the timeline, which caused the entire universe/timeline to be destroyed by doing so.

Omega Beams
1. With a single beam it sends Superman flying so far and so fast, Plastic Man and Green Lantern have to work together to stop him.

2. An avatar of Darkseid kills a powerful demon named Blasfemy that gave Etrigan a hard time by blowing off his head.

3. A recap how Darkseid was crucial in defeating the Anti-Monitor.

4. Can use people to channel his Omega Beams, here he sends it through Alexander Luthor, which does incredible amount of damage to the Anti-Monitor.

5. hits Superman with some eye beams and it does some serious damage, of course this wasn’t the full Omega Force he was using.

6. Incinerates one of his concubines after revealing some personal information.

7. 1,346 years ago a Manhunter came to Apokolips to try to bring about order. He was quickly defeated, but left his power battery which Darkseid quickly destroyed without a send thought.

8. Returns Cyborg Superman to his original form after he turns his essence into a small metal ball.

9. Depowers Secret with his Omega Beams returning her back to a normal girl.

10. Revives Desaad from the dead.

11. Darkseid brings his son, Orion back from the dead healing his wounds.

12. Teleports Superman and Infinity Man in front of his presence trapped in a stasis field.

13. Teleports Lightray and Orion away to a place of his choosing. Even Orion knows he can’t fight Darkseid’s will.

1. Darkseid joins with Dr.Fate, Orion, Highfather, Etrigan they form the Cinque of Cosmic Power and they battle the Anti-Life Entity, which is actually the evil part of the Source. In the end they defeat it, but cutting it off form it’s own dimension by destroying the universe. So 1/5 of the power to destroy a universe was from Darkseid. Huge feat.

2. Batman (later revealed to be a clone) who was upgraded by a Mother Box challenges Darkseid to a fight. Well, yeah still doesn’t help and "Batman" knows Darkseid was merely toying with him.

3. Quickly defeats the former “Wrath of God”, who is currently using Jean Loring as a host.

4. 3600 Green Lanterns try to attack Apokolips and dethrone Darkseid from his tyrannical rule. However, DS was prepared for their attack and quickly defeats and kills majority of the corps. Darkseid even snapped the neck of the female Green Lantern Ali, which equally matched Raker in training. It might appear Raker had the advantage at the end, but he really didn’t as the Guardians decided to offer a truce and offer Raker as a trophy for their victory. Later we find out later Raker ends up [not known to him] working for Darkseid.

5. Gained the Anti-Life Equation and now wishes to learn the secrets of the Source. Highfather tries to stop him, with disastrous results for the New Genesis leader.

6. The JLA admit they lost to Darkseid, and even say Trigon is a wimp compared to Darkseid.

7. Easily defeats the entire JLA, which includes Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Green Lantern [Hal], Aquaman, Robin, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Dr.Fate merely with two moves. He defeated majority by channeling a neural attack through a hologram, and then used his beams to KO Flash.

8. Darkseid comes to Earth to kill Superman and he nearly does it, but the Big S gets help from his cousin and Supergirl and Wonder Woman. A sun-amped Superman who throws him into the Source Wall eventually beats Darkseid. (Although Darkseid eventually gets defeated, it took the combined efforts of Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman to put him down).

Legendary Comic Book Artist Tim Sale Passes Away At 66

Legendary Comic Book Artist Tim Sale Passes Away At 66

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