AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #900 Spoilers: 5 Huge Moments In Today's Giant-Sized Anniversary Issue

Today saw the release of Amazing Spider-Man #900, but what happens in this landmark issue that sees the wall-crawler squaring off with a Sinister Adaptoid powered by his greatest foes? Find out here...

Amazing Spider-Man #900 swung into comic book stores today, and this anniversary issue delivered a fun story from writer Zeb Wells and legendary artist Ed McGuinness. 

While it wasn't necessarily a groundbreaking chapter in the web-slinger's mythos, it did revisit an important chapter in Peter Parker's history and even featured the Sinister Six's return. The Living Brain was one of Spidey's first foes, and its return in this issue put the hero through the wringer and asked a very important question about the iconic Marvel Comics character. 

By the time all is said and done, there may have been a major status quo change for Spider-Man, and we're exploring that and other key moments in this spoiler-filled recap. We highly recommend picking issue #900 up, but if you're curious about what to expect, we have you covered!

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5. The Living Brain Returns


The Living Brain first appeared in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man #8, and has since been used as a minor villain usually used as disposable muscle by the web-slinger's enemies. 

Created by Doctor Petty of the International Computing Machines Corporation, the robot was described as the most intelligent creation on Earth and smart enough to answer any question. Ultimately, it would go on a rampage in Peter Parker's high school before being taken down by Spider-Man.

In this issue, we learn that it's back, but this time as The Living Brain 2.0. This new iteration of the robot has taken the place of its creator after gaining more intelligence than Petty anticipated. After digging up its predecessor, the villain takes aim at Spider-Man. Why? It's complicated...

4. An Unexpected Team-Up


Peter's friends throw him a birthday party, but due to recent events that haven't been fully revealed to us yet, none of them seem overly happy to be there. The festivities are ruined by the arrival of Doctor Octopus' arms with J. Jonah Jameson in tow, though Spidey soon learns that they're trying to help him. 

Following them to a warehouse with the original Living Brain, the wall-crawler is attacked by a new Sinister Adaptoid that boasts the powers of Doctor Octopus, The Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, and Sandman. 

A fight commences, but Spider-Man is easily overpowered and The Living Brain 2.0 explains that when he dug up his predecessor, the original Living Brain, he tapped into its memories. Those include the day the robot was brought to Peter's high school and Liz Allan asked, "Who is Spider-Man?"

3. "Who is Spider-Man?"


When The Living Brain 2.0 was exposed to the original robot's memories, he too became fixated on answering the question it could not. It's not as simple as learning who is beneath the make either; so, "Who is Spider-Man?"

This appears to have driven the villain into madness, and he even takes aim at some of Peter's loved ones, including Aunt May, Robbie Robertson, Flash Thompson, and Felicia Hardy. Revealed as the mysterious figure who kidnapped Doctor Octopus a few issues back, we also learn that The Living Brain 2.0's Sinister Adaptoid is powered by the actual Sinister Six. 

The villain is actually terrified of Spidey as he has inherited his predecessor's fear of the hero, but the webbed wonder needs some help against that Adaptoid. 

2. The Sinister Six Seven


Spider-Man and the Sinister Six agree to put past differences aside to defeat their shared foe, but it doesn't take long for those villains to start squabbling with one another. 

The Adaptoid imitates them and ends up destroying itself, resulting in Doc Ock and company turning on the web-slinger. They proceed to beat him down, but just as it looks like Otto Octavius' arms will deliver the killing blow, they stop after bonding with Spidey during their earlier team-up. 

The danger isn't over yet, though, as the Six decide to destroy The Living Brain 2.0's vulnerable, well, brain. They offer to spare Spider-Man if he helps them, but he refuses...even if it means he dies in the process. With that, the robot realises who Spider-Man really is, and transports the Sinister Six away before agreeing to let "Peter" (he knew all along) deactivate him.

1. Romance Rekindled?

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You may recall that Peter had a brief fling with Mockingbird, and Felicia Hardy gets seriously jealous seeing her at his birthday party. We know she's still interested in Spider-Man, and seeing as his romance with Mary Jane appears to be over based on previous issues, is this Black Cat's chance to strike?

Well, at the very end of the issue, she locks lips with Spidey, wishing him a happy birthday!

Whether this is a sign they're finally going to rekindle their relationship remains to be seen, but it feels like Amazing Spider-Man may be heading in that direction. If so, that's a monumental change to the character's status quo, but one that's likely to be welcomed by fans of Black Cat.

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