DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Box Office Tracking Revealed And It Looks Like First R-Rated MCU Movie Will Break Records

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Box Office Tracking Revealed And It Looks Like First R-Rated MCU Movie Will Break Records

Deadpool & Wolverine has finally hit tracking boards ahead of its release in theaters this summer, and all signs point to the first R-Rated Marvel Studios movie breaking some major records. Check it out...

By JoshWilding - Jun 14, 2024 12:06 PM EST
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Source: Deadline

We've heard various bits and pieces about Deadpool & Wolverine breaking minor ticket-selling records, but Marvel Studios' first R-Rated movie has finally hit box office tracking boards. 

According to Deadline, six weeks ahead of the threequel's release, it's eyeing a massive $200 million - $239 million opening weekend. However, The Quorum (which monitors tracking) believes this is a "conservative" estimate. 

As the trade rightly points out, an R-Rated movie has never opened to as much as $200 million before; in fact, the current record is held by the first Deadpool movie. In 2016, it debuted with $132.4 million, but Deadpool & Wolverine will almost certainly top that number. 

That R-Rating is going to reduce the number of people who watch the movie in theaters, but the vast majority of chains allow children under 17 to watch titles with that rating providing they're accompanied by an adult who is above the age of 21.

The report later explains, "Among those willing to pay to see the movie in a theater, the Shawn Levy-directed threequel blows away all other titles this summer with a high score. In fact, it’s the highest of any movie this summer in any metric across unaided and total awareness and interest."

In some areas, Deadpool & Wolverine is even beating Spider-Man: No Way Home, so even if doesn't crack $200 million, the latest Marvel Studios movie is going to be huge

Simply put, they need a win after a rough 2023 - Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels both underperformed - and this could be the movie that sets them and the Multiverse Saga back on the right track. That's going to be key with Captain America: Brave New World, The Fantastic Four, and Thunderbolts* heading our way in 2025. 

Deadpool & Wolverine has been marketed mostly around the long-awaited team-up between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's Marvel characters with Multiversal elements kept at a minimum beyond a few exciting teases for fans.

Stay tuned for updates.

Shawn Levy directs Deadpool & Wolverine, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Emma Corrin, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, and Matthew Macfadyen. The movie is written by Ryan Reynolds & Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick & Zeb Wells & Shawn Levy.

The trades have confirmed that Jennifer Garner will reprise her role as Elektra, with Wesley Snipes, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Dafne Keen, Channing Tatum, Blake Lively and even singer Taylor Swift among those rumoured to make an appearance. 

Kevin Feige, Reynolds, Levy and Lauren Shuler Donner produce with Louis D’Esposito, Wendy Jacobson, Mary McLaglen, Josh McLaglen, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, George Dewey, Simon Kinberg and Jonathon Komack Martin serving as executive producers.

Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26.

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bobevanz - 6/14/2024, 12:38 PM
I got two sets of dolby cinema tickets, either I get a third or cancel the second lol
vectorsigma - 6/14/2024, 12:52 PM
@bobevanz - lol, almost the same plan as mine. But i wont cancel the 2nd one even if i find it bad on 1st viewing.

Just deciding whether to get a 3rd on day 1
WEAPONXOXOXO - 6/14/2024, 12:39 PM
User Comment Image
Superheroking - 6/14/2024, 12:40 PM
It won’t open to 200$ million lol
SATW42 - 6/14/2024, 12:47 PM
@Superheroking - and bookmarked
Superheroking - 6/14/2024, 12:52 PM
@SATW42 - why?
SATW42 - 6/14/2024, 12:53 PM
@Superheroking - as a receipt for when you're wrong
MotherGooseUPus - 6/14/2024, 2:01 PM
@SATW42 - User Comment Image

love it. this movie is going wayyyy over 200M
Doomsday8888 - 6/14/2024, 12:41 PM
Origame - 6/14/2024, 12:41 PM
Lol. I like how this casually also factors in those parents who would take their kids to see sausage party.
FireandBlood - 6/14/2024, 12:42 PM
Still haven’t seen Furiosa 😔
BeNice123 - 6/14/2024, 12:52 PM
@FireandBlood - its garbage, save your money.
Izaizaiza - 6/14/2024, 1:16 PM
@FireandBlood - speaking of someone who enjoyed Fury Road, but didn't think it was great... I thought this was just as good. The main surprise for me was that The Queen's Gambit woman was able to pull off the role. Didn't think she'd be able to, to be honest
DocSpock - 6/14/2024, 1:57 PM
@FireandBlood -

Don't bother. It is very overrated. Just a bunch of explosive visuals and stupidly written characters. Like if Zack Snyder made it.

MotherGooseUPus - 6/14/2024, 2:02 PM
@DocSpock - did u like Fury Road? cuz i LOVED it but havent seen Furiosa and am debating to go this weekend or not
DocSpock - 6/14/2024, 2:05 PM
@MotherGooseUPus -

I liked Fury Road. I gave it 8/10 stars. Furiosa not so much. 4.5/10 stars.

MotherGooseUPus - 6/14/2024, 2:11 PM
@DocSpock - interesting.... well, ive seen most of your comments and we agree on alot of movies so ill go by that and wait until redbox or some other way of seeing.... damn, thats too bad as it looks like hemsworth had a thrill making it, oh well.
YouAreCorrect - 6/14/2024, 4:27 PM
@FireandBlood - (this is for those naysayers) Really don't get the Furiosa apathy &/or hate (geez- take it out on Disney, not George Miller). Miller has actually created an amazing world and given this incredible character a fascinating backstory (just like he did for Max)!!! Making Fury Road all the richer☠️👍🔥

People waiting to stream this are going to regret not seeing this masterpiece on the big screen.

I seriously don't understand- don't you want to see more from this world? Supporting this film means this aging auteur can helm another!!!
FireandBlood - 6/14/2024, 5:12 PM
@YouAreCorrect - Truth be told, I just haven’t had the time. But I do want to see while it’s still in theatres as well. I’ve got a few days off next week so I might get around to seeing it then.
YouAreCorrect - 6/14/2024, 6:01 PM
@FireandBlood - Awesome!!! ☠️👍🔥
mountainman - 6/14/2024, 12:42 PM
If this makes more in one weekend than The Marvels did in its entire run that would be wild. I wonder if Disney is going to learn the right lessons from this movie’s success or not.
YouFlopped - 6/14/2024, 12:46 PM
@mountainman - why would that be wild when WF, DS, G3, AM3, and SM did the same thing? 😂
Lisa89 - 6/14/2024, 12:51 PM
@YouFlopped - I had no idea that 'Wonder Friends', 'Death Stealer', 'Gremlins 3', 'American Mafia 3', and 'Saltine Maker' all opened that big at the box office. Amazing!
mountainman - 6/14/2024, 12:51 PM
@YouFlopped - R-rated movies generally don’t earn as much.
marvel72 - 6/14/2024, 1:03 PM
@mountainman -

User Comment Image
braunermegda - 6/14/2024, 1:14 PM
@mountainman - the only lesson they can take if this happens is to hire better writers and directors.
mountainman - 6/14/2024, 1:26 PM
@braunermegda - We really don’t know that this is written or directed well yet. I’m confident that the early tracking is all based on the fact that this is featuring popular characters.
marvel72 - 6/14/2024, 1:40 PM
@mountainman - It features characters comic book fans and general audiences want to see.

No one was interested in The Marvels or Madame Web, so they did bother seeing them.
mountainman - 6/14/2024, 1:51 PM
@marvel72 - Yes. All the early hype is simply based on characters people want to see. If it has legs, that will indicate that it’s a good movie.
MotherGooseUPus - 6/14/2024, 2:03 PM
@mountainman - i don't think Disney will learn a damn thing... but thats just me. this movie is guna make bank so they will be happy but not learn WHY
Deadinside - 6/14/2024, 2:34 PM
@Lisa89 - "Saltine Maker" was a decent movie, but that post credit scene where he comes up with the idea of adding butter to his recipe...ooh, I can't wait for the sequel...!☮️😋
Lisa89 - 6/14/2024, 2:39 PM
@Deadinside - Paul Walter Hauser will just get snubbed again.
mountainman - 6/14/2024, 2:57 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - Yeah we will see. I get that they are separate sides of the studio, but the Star Wars side seems to be allergic to producing content fans want.
MotherGooseUPus - 6/14/2024, 4:35 PM
@mountainman - deathly allergic. I had some faith cuz of bad batch and ashoka.. filoni is great but will have his nuts in a bear trap cuz or Kennedy so any faith I had is kinda gone. Hope marvel learns
ShellHead - 6/14/2024, 12:42 PM
The comeback starts here.

User Comment Image
BeNice123 - 6/14/2024, 12:53 PM
@ShellHead - 💀💀💀 Marvel had a good run. I think we can leave it at that.
ShellHead - 6/14/2024, 1:02 PM
@BeNice123 - Cynicism has robbed us of excitement for a new movie. This site should find ways to find happiness in things again, instead of living in bitterness at imagined insults because a movie didn't meet every expectation. Personally, I haven't decided mass entertainment is cooked just yet.
MatteMan - 6/14/2024, 1:33 PM
@ShellHead - Bro, I hope so. Because after Endgame, not only movies/TV shows are going in wrong direction but whole world.
YouFlopped - 6/14/2024, 12:46 PM
yeah ok 😂😂😂😂 200m WW maybe lol
vectorsigma - 6/14/2024, 12:50 PM
In this era of fake news to control the narrative? I doubt it.

I dont see the fomo i encountered in barbenheimer or the eras tour at this same moment before release.

But let's see. I have my 2 tickets ready for day 1.
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