DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: Was Giant-Man Skeleton A Nod To OLD MAN LOGAN? Mark Millar Weighs In

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: Was Giant-Man Skeleton A Nod To OLD MAN LOGAN? Mark Millar Weighs In DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: Was Giant-Man Skeleton A Nod To OLD MAN LOGAN? Mark Millar Weighs In

Today's new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine revealed the grim fate of a Scott Lang Variant in his Giant-Man form, and Mark Millar wonders if this is a nod to his Old Man Logan comic run...

By MarkCassidy - Apr 22, 2024 02:04 PM EST
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Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine earlier today, and while it was somewhat light on major reveals (not a bad thing), it definitely left us with plenty to discuss.

One moment which seems to have gained a lot of attention shows a long-dead Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in his Giant-Man form, with his mask raising for the grim reveal that his skull is being used as the base of operations for the villainous Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin).

As you may recall, 2016's Old Man Logan Marvel Comics series also featured Giant-Man's (though that was Hank Pym) skeletal remains in a couple of panels, and writer Marl Millar wonders if the movie will go "into the Old Man Logan universe a little."

While this might be a nod to the comics, it doesn't necessarily mean there will be others - although Reynolds, Shawn Levy and co. seem to be throwing a lot of stuff at the wall for Wade Wilson's MCU debut, so we wouldn't rule it out. Could we see an older, blind Hawkeye, perhaps?

The trailer also utilizes Madonna's smash hit "Like A Prayer," which was released on this day back in 1989. Ryan Reynold's swears to "Marvel Jesus" that this is a complete coincidence, however.

A 9-minute preview of the movie screened at CinemaCon last week, and you can check out a breakdown below.

"Wade is captured by the TVA. He wakes up in an office with Matthew MacFadyen's character. He tells Deadpool that he has been chosen for a special mission to save the sacred timeline. Footage of Chris Evans' Captain America is shown and Deadpool salutes him. He sees a clip of Chris Hemsworth as Thor crying over his body. 'That happens in the distant future,' Macfadyen tells him. "'I am Marvel Jesus,'" Deadpool proclaims. He addresses the camera and says, 'Suck it Fox, I’m going to Disneyland. Get f*cked.' The footage ends with Deadpool getting a new super suit."

Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), Leslie Uggams (Blind Al), Rob Delaney (Peter), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) And Shioli Kutsuna (Yukio) will all return as their respective characters, and they'll be joined by franchise newcomers Emma Corrin (The Crown) and Matthew Macfadyen (Succession), who will play a TV agent and Cassandra Nova (not confirmed).

A recent synopsis for the movie reads: "After facing some professional setbacks while going through a midlife crisis, Wade Wilson decides to officially retire Deadpool and becomes a used car salesman. But when his friends, family, and the whole world are at stake, Deadpool decides to bring his katanas out of retirement. He recruits an unwilling and wary Wolverine to not only fight for their survival, but ultimately, their legacy."

Shawn Levy directs Deadpool and Wolverine from a script by Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Zeb Wells.

The movie is set to open in U.S. & Canadian theaters on July 26, and will be available in IMAX, RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, 4DX, Cinemark XD and premium screens everywhere.

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Evansly - 4/22/2024, 2:09 PM
1989 confirms Taylor Switft is Dazzler

User Comment Image

bobevanz - 4/22/2024, 2:14 PM
@Evansly - they really need a win at this point, her music might be mid but her cult will do anything lol
ObserverIO - 4/22/2024, 2:24 PM
@Evansly - 1989 was the year Batman came out. That same year Prince released a Batman theme album. Taylor Swift releases an album the same year that Deadpool and Wolverine comes out, mentioning Dazzler. This is secretly the theme album to the movie.

Bonus conspiracy marks:
If reverse the last two numbers (89) you get 98. 1998 was when Titanic came out that had a hit song sung by Celine Dion.
Celine Dion sung the opening song for Deadpool 2.

Bonus tin-foil bonus:
The credits to Deadpool 1 in 2016 featured the Salt-N-Pepa song 'Shoop' that quoted Prince ("And like Prince said you're a sexy mother[frick]er").

Also, 4th dimensional whatsits and such (@TheMetaMan will fill you in), so it might not have even been Ryan Reynold's intent. He swears to Marvel Jesus that he didn't plan it.
And as @dagenspear will attest, there is only one Jesus and that is God and all happens according to HIS design alone.

But if enough people want Swift to play Dazzler then God will grant their desires like...

...Like A Prayer.
Tonic24k - 4/22/2024, 4:00 PM
@bobevanz - They've got wins. Still significantly more wins than losses. Man, some of y'all are just really dramatic.

Also, I'm by no means a Taylor Swift fan but he music clearly isn't mid. You don't get to her level of success by being mid. You and I just don't get into her music... Our opinions aren't in any correlated to her talent and success.
RolandD - 4/22/2024, 5:44 PM
@ObserverIO - You are either amazing or you have too much time on your hands. Wait, Taylor just texted me and she says that the answer is both.
dragon316 - 4/22/2024, 6:51 PM
@Evansly - better not be in it trailer got me excited except for villain she’s in it I rather see Deadpool two in theaters compare to Deadpool three
Doomsday8888 - 4/22/2024, 2:09 PM
The name ain't Logan, bub.


It's Wolverine.

User Comment Image
ObserverIO - 4/22/2024, 2:28 PM
@Doomsday8888 - "Should I call you Weapon X, Logan?"

"No, Wolverine! Snikty Snikty Snoiinch!!"
User Comment Image
Batman91 - 4/22/2024, 2:11 PM
Was Batman's armor in Batman v Superman a nod to The Dark Knight Returns?

Was Gwen's death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a nod to The Night Gwen Stacy Died?

Was Bane breaking Batman's back in The Dark Knight Rises a nod to Knightfall?
MarkCassidy - 4/22/2024, 2:13 PM
@Batman91 - yes... obvious ones. This wasn't.
Gambito - 4/22/2024, 2:18 PM
@MarkCassidy - this wasn’t? In a movie with Wolverine? Tsk
Batman91 - 4/22/2024, 2:20 PM
@MarkCassidy - I'd say it's pretty obvious to people who've read the comic. I read it once about ten years ago and I immediately thought of it when I saw the trailer. It's a pretty specific image.
MarkCassidy - 4/22/2024, 2:30 PM
@Batman91 - my point is, Levy could have come up with having giant man's skeleton in the movie without taking influence from old man Logan. It's not that specific an ideam
Batman91 - 4/22/2024, 2:35 PM
@MarkCassidy - In the MCU where Giant Man is little more than what comic fans call Scott Lang when he turns big or possibly Bill Foster from Ant-Man and the Wasp (in his case it's more likely Goliath)? Seems like a preeetty big stretch to me. No pun intended.
TrentCrimm - 4/22/2024, 6:37 PM
@MarkCassidy -

"It's not that specific an idea"

It really is though lol
UniqNo - 4/22/2024, 2:19 PM
Song about to peak again! Madonna prob don't need it, but I'm always up for an 80s vibe
MotherGooseUPus - 4/22/2024, 2:29 PM
@UniqNo - 100% the song will be played wayyyy more now after this trailer. hell, im going to request it at my wedding next month lol
UniqNo - 4/22/2024, 2:57 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Hope it all goes smoothly!
marvel72 - 4/22/2024, 2:37 PM
Yeah seems like a welcome nod to Old Man Logan.
TheMetaMan - 4/22/2024, 2:37 PM
This movie is heavily inspired by the old man storyline and Deadpool kills the marvel universe.
YouFlopped - 4/22/2024, 2:50 PM
Oh. Thought it was just a poor frame to remind audiences it’s in the MCU.
BeNice123 - 4/22/2024, 3:19 PM
I think Deadpool is using dr strange portals to find the right Wolverine to help him save the timeline. Or his world. Either way. Lets… fawkin… gooo!!!
TheVisionary25 - 4/22/2024, 3:30 PM
I’m sure it’s just a cool Easter egg tbh and nothing else…

Wouldn’t mind if Cassandra has set it up as her version of Cerebro though.
SuperCat - 4/22/2024, 3:55 PM
User Comment Image
marvel72 - 4/22/2024, 4:26 PM
@SuperCat -

User Comment Image
LukeCage2155 - 4/22/2024, 5:01 PM
@SuperCat - Great image!!!
CAPTAINPINKEYE - 4/22/2024, 6:03 PM
Awesome trailer. I loved the cocaine references. The only thing that was missing was Wolverine with the mask on. I would’ve shit my pants if they had that in the trailer.
JonC - 4/22/2024, 6:13 PM
@CAPTAINPINKEYE - they may not do that until the last of the trailers.. or until the movie actually releases and then they start showing previously unseen parts of the actual movie in the trailers. PS: i really hate when they do this latter shit. the movie has been out a week or so they and they start spoiling it in the commercials. they don't get it that some people can't get to the theaters that quickly, they have busy lives. and showing that stuff so early spoils the whole movie experience for them.
JonC - 4/22/2024, 6:51 PM
what's most exciting in that trailer is the energy and enthusiasm they use to jump into that portal... i have a feeling each time they do that and come out the other side we are in for some real shit going down with whoever they encounter and that looks like its going to be a great time in the theaters. there was also a small part there right before they teamed up where they were just talking and it was starting to get emotional what wolverine was dragging up... i think we are going to get a lot of emotional shit in this too.
gtabreaker - 4/22/2024, 7:05 PM
User Comment Image
LukeCage2155 - 4/22/2024, 10:05 PM
Glorius trailer.
Huskers - 4/22/2024, 11:45 PM
That trailer is just fracking spectacular!
DemonTweeks - 4/23/2024, 2:44 AM
glad i wore the white pants

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