DEADPOOL 2: All Of The Biggest Reveals And Easter Eggs From Today's New Trailer

Earlier today, the action-packed trailer for Deadpool 2 knocked all our socks off and we're now taking an in-depth look at all of this sneak peek's biggest reveals, Easter Eggs, and comic book references.

There's not long to go until Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters and with Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon, Fox has decided to today unveil another trailer for the highly anticipated sequel (which you can check out by clicking here). The first instalment broke records and became the highest grossing R-Rated movie ever so expectations are high when it comes to the follow-up delivering in a big way. 

This latest preview for Deadpool 2 is crammed full of major story reveals, surprising cameos, and nods to the comic books, so we're now taking an in-depth look at all of that in this trailer breakdown. 

To check out the list in its entirety, all you need to do is click below (alternatively, you can click through page by page). Once you're done checking out this breakdown of the new footage, be sure to head down to the comments section to let us know what you think of them and if we've missed anything. 

Dopinder Returns

Dopinder wasn't exactly the breakout star of Deadpool but the taxi driver definitely shared a lot of chemistry with the Merc with the Mouth so it's good to see Karan Soni sharing quite a few scenes with Ryan Reynolds here. He was used just the right amount in the first movie but here's hoping he's not too overexposed in the follow-up because it's easy to imagine the joke wearing thin after a while. 

Vanessa Is Back

We haven't heard much about Morena Baccarin's role in Deadpool 2 and that's resulted in many fans worrying that she'll be written out fairly early on. While it initially appears as if she's not too happy with Wade Wilson going off and getting himself into trouble, these two seem closer than ever so we can probably forget about a breakup. Chances are her role won't be too pivotal overall, though!

Cable's Plan

What brings Cable back in time? Well, like most time-travellers, it looks like he's coming back to stop a disaster which will result in a post-apocalyptic future, something comic book fans will be used to.

There's got to be more to it than meets the eye, though, and we'll hopefully get a decent explanation in regards to why he was chosen to travel back and obviously how Deadpool gets caught in the middle.

"The Kid"

We've known for a while that Hunt for the Wilderpeople breakout Julian Dennison will have a role in Deadpool 2 but no one could have guessed that pretty much the entire plot will revolve around him! While it's hard to say which mutant he's supposed to be playing from the comic books, he's clearly incredibly powerful and something he does obviously leads to Cable's nightmarish future world.

It's entirely possible that he's playing a really strong version of Goldballs, though, something which would lead to a lot of jokes at his expense but fits his look and personality when you think about it. 

Wade Wilson = Hero?

The first Deadpool movie made it clear that Wade Wilson doesn't view himself as a hero but he's clearly determined to do the right thing here and that's how he ends up setting off on a mission to save "the kid" Cable seems so desperate to take out. This is definitely an interesting direction to take the character down and the fact he's forming a team of heroes points to some major growth for the Merc with the Mouth in the sequel (he would totally make a dirty joke out of that line, wouldn't he?). 

The X-Mansion

We caught a glimpse of the X-Mansion in Deadpool so it probably should come as a surprise that it's making a return here. Will any familiar faces from the franchise pop up? It's hard to say but there are rumours floating around about a secret cameo and Wade is clearly in Professor X's chair here!


The last trailer for the sequel pointed to X-Force possibly making an appearance but who could have guessed that the team would get a name here too? Fox clearly has big plans for the group (which could be derailed by that Disney deal) and seeing them come together in live-action is a real treat.

What's interesting, though, is that they've been formed to do battle with Cable, a character who has often led the group in the comic books. The question now is, how will he go from enemy to ally? 

A Familiar Costume

At first glance, it appears as if Wade has donned his grey X-Force suit from Rick Remender's comic book run but it's actually just his regular costume covered in some sort of debris. This is an awesome nod to the source material regardless and it will be very interesting seeing if this group does end up wearing uniforms with this colour scheme. Perhaps Wade can point out how well grey suits him? 

G.W. Bridge

As suspected, Terry Crews appears to be playing George Washington Bridge in Deadpool 2. He's been both a friend and foe to Deadpool over the years and has a lot of history with characters like Silver Sable and The Punisher. It's worth nothing that the character was a close ally of Cable's in Six Pack too, so it will be fun finding out if he remains loyal to X-Force of if he winds up betraying the team instead! 


As the Merc with the Mouth looks through some photos to assemble his X-Force, we see a character called "Peter" pop up. He can later be seen on the plane with the rest of the team (sporting a moustache) but who is he? One possibility is Pete Wisdom but the prevailing fan theory is that it's actually Peter Rasputin and he just looks massively different when he's not all armoured up!

I'm not buying that, though, and if you have any theories about who he could be - I can't help but feel the answer is more obvious than I've realised - be sure to let us know your thoughts down below.


Another member of the X-Men who clearly decides to join Deadpool's X-Force, this looks a lot like Surge. A relatively obscure character from the comic books, she's a young mutant with electricity-based powers and requires gauntlet-like regulators to fully control her powers. This version seems to channel her abilities with various weapons and that should make her pretty damn formidable.

Bill Skarsgard

There have been rumours that Bill Skarsgard has a secret role in Deadpool 2 and this trailer confirms that the IT star - he played Pennywise in case you don't recognise him - is indeed in the sequel. 

It appears as if he's going to be taking on the role of Zeitgeist, a rather obscure member of X-Force from the comics. He was killed off in short order but has the power to secrete corrosive acid from his mouth/throat. It is said to be able to eat through anything which makes him extremely useful. 

Mutant Dampening Collars

Fans of the comic books will definitely recognise mutant dampening collars as they've popped up countless times over the years. What will happen when Wade dons one will be very interesting to see play out, though, especially as that robs him of his healing factor and leaves him vulnerable. 

What A Healing Factor

Deadpool can heal pretty much any would and that apparently includes having his neck twisted right the way around. The sequel can have a lot of fun with the Merc with the Mouth's ability to survive almost any injury so here's hoping that's pushed to the limit in the movie in some inventive ways. 

An Honorary X-Man

Wade made it clear in Deadpool that he has no interest in becoming an X-Man but he seems to be happy sporting a jersey with the team's logo on it here. Then again, that could be an X-Force reference!

Either way, seeing the reluctant hero form this team promises to show off a very different side to the character and is clearly being done to set the stage for Drew Goddard's planned X-Force movie. 

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 

Are you confused about why exactly Deadpool is breaking down a movie like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants at the end of this trailer? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact Ryan Reynolds' real-life wife Blake Lively (who starred alongside him in Green Lantern) had a role in that!

T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller is one of many celebrities who have been accused of sexual misconduct in recent months but Fox clearly isn't shying away from including him in marketing materials as he pops up here to have a conversation with Wade about why it's best to stop at two (a clear nod to Deadpool 2 being a sequel). In fairness, an accusation isn't the same thing as being guilty, so why not include him here?
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