EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Make-Up Test For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Make-Up Test For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Video)

A week ago, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI), gave us a sneak peek of Ryan Reynold's make-up test for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and now we have the first look at more images detailing the process. Also, Tom Woodruff, Jr. and Alec Gillis share some insights about the film.

By nailbiter111 - Dec 26, 2012 01:12 PM EST
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Two weeks before shooting and still no approved Deadpool look... We arranged for Ryan Reynolds to come to ADI for a makeup test to develop the basic template for the not-yet fully formed Deadpool. Keep in mind for the screen version he was pulled from the medical process early, so in the film, Wade is actually pre-Deadpool. At this point, unknown if the story goes to the next step...

Studio ADI - Alec Gillis (Left) and Tom Woodruff Jr. (Right)

Special effects company, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI), was founded in 1988 by Stan Winston alumni Tom Woodruff, Jr. and Alec Gillis. Their company has been wowing audiences with their mastery of practical effects, like animatronics and prosthetic make-up. They won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects on Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn's Death Becomes Her and earned an Oscar nomination for Starship Troopers, based on their amazing creature designs.

CBM: I've always been curious about the last minute decision to add an after credits scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that featured Weapon XI/Deadpool. Could you tell me a bit about that?

Tom Woodruff, Jr.: During post production someone involved in the film had let an in progress copy of the film leak to the internet. It's considered piracy, and a spoiler like that can cost the studio millions and millions of dollars. To keep something a surprise, a new ending was conceived. Secrecy was so strict that Fox had to schedule a special shoot on a Sunday when there would be minimal people around to shoot the tag of Deadpool's hand searching for his dis-embodied head. They came up with a fake name for the production and it was the smallest of crews. Not even the guards at the gates knew what we were doing. My arm (Tom) was made up to match the Deadpool markings and Ryan slid his body under a shell that held the foam rocks and debris up to his chin.

CBM: Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits about Kevin Durand playing Fred Dukes/The Blob?

Alec Gillis: In the comic books, Blob towers over Wolverine, which isn't hard because Wolverine is short. But at 6'2" not many actors tower over Hugh Jackman. 6'5" Kevin Durand was a good choice. We needed to create a pumped up muscle body for him, so we took a full body cast. Sculpture, molding, running the rubber took about 6 weeks. When Kevin came in for the fitting, he had been diligently working out, and he was almost as big as the sculpted body! He could barely get into it! He said "I thought I was helping!" We told him the best way to help was to stop working out!

When it came to wearing the Fat Blob suit and makeup, he was a complete stud. After about 4 hours of application time, Kevin still had the energy to shoot 12 hour days, doing the Ali shuffle and boxing under about 30 lbs of rubber. In retrospect, it's hard to imagine anyone else in that role.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - was directed by Gavin Hood, from a script written by David Benioff and Skip Woods. The film starred: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Lynn Collins, Taylor Kitsch, Kevin Durand and Ryan Reynolds. The movie grossed over $370 million at the worldwide box office.

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DEADPOOL: Ryan Reynolds Had To Pay The Movie's Writers To Be On Set When 20th Century Fox Wouldn't

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toco89 - 12/26/2012, 1:59 PM
Bring it Reynolds. You got the fan support.

Bandrews1 - 12/26/2012, 2:14 PM
Seriously what the [frick] were they thinking when they came up with this. We can't get a real Deadpool movie quick enough.
Fogs - 12/26/2012, 2:20 PM

Shit movie.
Shit character.
Shit makeup.
Shit everything related to it!
Screwger - 12/26/2012, 2:29 PM
@SuperDude Reinolds was only when they showed close up of weapon 11s face. The rest was Adkins!
GUNSMITH - 12/26/2012, 2:36 PM

santoanderson - 12/26/2012, 2:39 PM
Was that seriously Ryan Reynolds under all that makeup in the third act? I, for the longest time, thought that it was a stunt man.

I think Ryan is a good choice for the smartass Deadpool, but not for this Mute guy with sword arms.
m0th3r - 12/26/2012, 2:42 PM
what a horrible turd. Anyone associated with its production should be banned from CBMs for life. And why all the Reynolds love. He is too old and much too big for Deadpool. best idea for Deadpool...Fox, give rights back to Marvel..
toco89 - 12/26/2012, 3:00 PM

Just coming off an article where RDJ is saying the director is pushing the boundaries by making it darker, and you think the rights to a characters that in terms of gore and violence surpasses the Punisher (in which they've shown no intention in developing), is a better way to portray him faithfully on screen?

If that is so, then you are either crazy or not a deadpool fan.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 12/26/2012, 3:17 PM
the worst
shamo - 12/26/2012, 3:48 PM
Reynolds is a horrible choice for Deadpool. shit actor.
Father - 12/26/2012, 3:59 PM
shitty shitty shit shit
DeadPoolLax - 12/26/2012, 4:39 PM
so where is the so-called test footage for the new Deadpool movie that Rob Liefeld may, or may not have seen a few months back??

should never have called him deadpool in this movie. should have been only called Weapon XI, or kept it as Wade Wilson. if ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we'd all have a merry christmas.
soberchimera - 12/26/2012, 5:00 PM
Damn you Nailbiter!! I thought we had news from the Deadpool movie, not this turd.
Nivekian - 12/26/2012, 5:33 PM
Such a bad movie, and not in a "so bad it's good" way
Gigacrusher45 - 12/26/2012, 6:50 PM
Maybe they should of released all this behind the scenes stuff when the movie actually came out or even better, while it was being made so we could tell them to not do this shit with Deadpool.
alamborn19 - 12/26/2012, 11:11 PM
why are we receiving this crap 3 years later i mean really that movie was more of a train wreck than fantastic four 1&2 or batman and robin and batman forever
Darkhaven - 12/27/2012, 2:10 AM
Never let this movie see the light of day again :P
Bread - 12/27/2012, 8:45 AM
Bread - 12/27/2012, 8:46 AM
Had to get that out of my system
Logan5 - 12/28/2012, 11:04 PM
I haven't watched any behind the scenes these guys have been involved with in years. Tom Woodruff has taken me out of the Alien films by allowing his body frame to be visible, but this was mostly in Alien 3 and the horrible abortion("I like Alien 4")Ressurrection. He said he ates nothing but crackers for a week.., did you think about protein, working out and actual research that deserves you paycheck. Seriously, aside from Monster Squad and Aliens, I think these guys are total posers. They talk a good game and helped to assrape the Thing remake. If you are in visual effects circa 2011 and you botch a Thing revamp, just kill yourself or look for Paranormal Activity movies to work on.
Logan5 - 12/28/2012, 11:08 PM
Their "creaturization" post Aliens has been too dramatic a change on the knee joints and ankle appendages. You turned xenomorph feet into dragon feet. Cheers, hope it was worth it. :P Stop trying to live in front of the camera and do your work where it belongs.., behind camera! Thanks for not costing me anymore money!
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