ETERNALS Star Lia McHugh Details Alternate Ending Featuring Harry Styles' Eros (Exclusive)

ETERNALS Star Lia McHugh Details Alternate Ending Featuring Harry Styles' Eros (Exclusive)

Lia McHugh (Sprite) caused quite a stir when she shared an Eternals behind the scenes photo where she was pictured beside Richard Madden (Ikaris) and Harry Styles (Eros), and we now have the full story...

By JoshWilding - Jan 24, 2022 02:01 PM EST
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Marvel Studios has a unique approach to making movies, with additional photography (reshoots) factored into the creative process from day one. This allows them to go back and make the changes they believe are required, whether it's switching up a character's story arc, altering the tone of the movie, or even redoing the ending in order to set up future stories.

This is in contrast to many studios - where reshoots are usually used to make panicked changes after negative test screenings - and Eternals was no exception. 

Talking to us ahead of the movie's release on DVD and Blu-ray on February 15, Sprite actress Lia McHugh explained an Instagram post that saw her pictured alongside Richard Madden's Ikaris and Harry Styles' Eros in the same outfits the heroes wore before they arrived on Earth. It turns out this was an alternate ending, with the original plan seemingly to have the Eternals lose their memories and leave the planet to start all over again somewhere else in the cosmos.

"It actually worked out really well for me," McHugh tells us of working with Styles in the video above. "I didn’t end up having a scene with him at all, but in the first version of the script, we filmed a different ending and it was sort of parallel to the first scene in the movie. We shot it on the same day basically and were kind of switching out actors and stuff as it was all the same camera shots, so it was easier to just do it all in one day."

"We were all on the same sound stage, all ten of us and Harry, and we were going back and forth switching out our characters," she continued. "Oh my gosh, I was such a fangirl. I was freaking out. I couldn’t tell anyone for the longest time; I wanted to tell all my friends. He actually invited us to a private concert in London and that was the coolest experience ever. He’s really such a sweetheart. It was really fun to get to know him."

It's interesting to think about what might have been had Eternals ended the same way it began. The characters could have regained their memories of Earth, but it feels like they were only supposed to appear once before Marvel Studios decided there were still more stories to tell with them (and that leaving their memories intact was arguably the more interesting approach than this reset).

However, the ending we got is so wildly different, we can't help but wonder what this previous iteration of the screenplay looked like and what else was changed as filming on the movie continued.

Eternals is now available on Digital and will be available on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD February 15. 

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NinnesMBC - 1/24/2022, 2:07 PM
I liked the ending they went to, had a laugh at Pip the Troll's entrance and Eros' cliffhanger with Druig, Thena and Makkari was good enough.
BringFFtoMCU - 1/24/2022, 2:12 PM
This is a good movie. Not great, but also not deserving of its "rotten" status. I liked how they ended Sprite's storyline as an Eternal so that they do not have to try and explain her age progression in future movies.
JonC - 1/24/2022, 4:25 PM
@BringFFtoMCU - I wouldn't consider any 'ending' that an Eternal received to be final, they are after all *** SPOILERS*** androids with memories restored into likely multiple bodies over time... so whatever happened to this body may not mean anything as it could easily be replaced by another body with most (possibly all) of their memories in a future movie. Heck, this same outcome could have happened with Sprite world after world after world.
SanFranLand - 1/24/2022, 2:28 PM
Saw it the first time at home and paused it like 10 times and was kinda bored with it.
2nd time through I enjoyed it and could tell I will like it even more on future watching
JFerguson - 1/24/2022, 2:40 PM
Druigs my favorite but they’re all pretty good characters
JermareCBM - 1/24/2022, 3:02 PM
I kind of hope Eternals is a one-off and that the characters all disperse into other properties, but I also want to see how Chloe Zhao would handle a sequel.
StSteven - 1/24/2022, 3:28 PM
SPOILERS: Here's my experience watching "Eternals" with my wife and daughters (for anyone who cares): We watched it when it became available on D+ in our movie room (which I usually reserve for blockbuster type movies given that I have 2 daughters - a 2 year old and a 5 (soon to be 6) year old and they are typically SO BORED DADDY with those type of movies :). As long as I can frame everything in the sense of Disney Princesses then my oldest daughter will be interested. With that in mind, Princess Sersi has 2 princes: Prince Icarus (the old prince) and Prince Dane (the new prince). Sersi is in love with the new prince BUT the monsters start showing up and so she has to get all her friends together to fight the monsters (including the old prince). Then pew pew pew and Sersi's not sure if she still loves the old prince because he seems to still love her, then pew pew pew the monsters are dead BUT a big monster comes out of the ground and all the Eternals have to team up to stop it. And then the old prince goes away because he is sad. The end.

Anyway I quite enjoyed it. Nice change of pace for Marvel with not having the typical "Loki" style villain (though I loves me some Loki). And all the deeper issues presented in the movie are nice as well (I'm sure that there's been more than one college student bong session discussing the implications of everything laid out in "Eternals" and its ramifications (just like there likely were with Thanos) - not that I would know anything about that ;)).

At the end I"m sure that regardless of the success of this movie Marvel was using it to lay the groundwork for things to come (Galactus anyone?) so I appreciate it for what it was and look forward to more.
JDL - 1/24/2022, 3:46 PM
@StSteven - If they could have just trimmed it a bit. Less run time, fewer characters. Still, it was enjoyable.
DrReedRichards - 1/24/2022, 3:53 PM
Easily my least favourite of the Eternals, but the actress played that unlikable factor to a T. Hope her becoming mortal took away only her eternal youth and not the rest of her illusion / projection powers.
TheWalkingCuban - 1/24/2022, 4:16 PM
@DrReedRichards - that moment got so little fanfare I didn’t know it happened til the second time I watched it.
DrReedRichards - 1/24/2022, 4:46 PM
@TheWalkingCuban -

McMurdo - 1/24/2022, 5:23 PM
TheLobster - 1/24/2022, 8:41 PM
Not only is this film a lifeless dud but Eternals not only wasted amazing actors like Barry Keoghan but the editing team even left in bad takes that actually made the cut lmao

Druig’s argument with Ajak at the 39 minute mark is a big ol lol
SauronthePower - 1/26/2022, 3:06 AM
@TheLobster - I was wondering about that as his delivery comes off very uneven and stilted there. Similar thing happens with Gilgamesh’s very strangely choreographed response to the news of Ajak’s death.
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