Ah Justice League how I long to sit in a theatre and awe at your beauty. Today we send our focus to the most epic (unmade) superhero movie of all time and here’s a 10 step Bible on how to make the Justice League. Hit the jump to check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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You know these I’m running out of ideas when I start talking about Justice League. I mean seriously, I’m probably the 3 millionth person on this site to ever discuss the topic. It’s lame I know, but you guys seems to like these “10 Must Haves…” So I’ll keep making them. Now with Man Of Steel being a box office success and a sequel set to hit theatres as early as 2014, A Justice League movie is inevitable. But like The Flash, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern, Justice League has never been done before. Wait what? There was a Green Lantern movie? Wow, really? Must’ve flopped pretty hard cause I’ve never… Oh wait now I remember. Jokes aside (queue laughter now… Please) Justice League is now more realistic to happen than ever before, and here is a 10 step Bible on how Justice League should be made.

1. Take Your Time Warner Bros’/Take The Marvel Route

The absolute worst thing Warner Bros’ and DC Entertainment could do is release Justice League in 2015. Now I know this is a DC article, but I can’t mention Justice League without touching on Marvel’s The Avengers. Why did Avengers work? Because we [the audience] cared about the characters. The problem with DC characters is that they are so God like, that it is insanely hard to bring them down to Earth and make them relatable. This is where Marvel has the advantage, every Marvel character has that relatable and realistic vibe to them, and while DC on the other hand have gods. Warner Bros’ successfully brought their 2nd biggest superhero back to the big screen this year with Man Of Steel and they made Superman relatable and down to Earth. So now that we have Batman and Superman covered, how would the audience react to seeing The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Green Arrow etc. All appear at once, it doesn’t make any sense, instead of riding on the success of Avengers, Warner Bros’ should take their time and give us good/great superhero films and then bring those characters together in Justice League.

2. The New Breed

I’m going to hit someone next time I hear Christopher Nolan’s name attached to Justice League. Nolan isn’t coming back, ever. Deal with it, complain all you want, whatever, he’s done and good riddance. While I love Nolan’s Bat-Films, I think it’s time to bring in the “New Breed”. Now a lot of you are staring at your computer screens all like “Khan’s high” But I’m not, not now at least. DC and Warner Bros’ need someone like Kevin Feige, someone who will go on days and days talking about plans for the ever expanding DC Universe, someone who will take up his own time to talk to fans about Superman, Batman and all of DC’s greatest heroes. Enter Max Landis… That came out wrong (Note: I do not want anyone to legitimately try and enter Max Landis.) Max Landis is one of Hollywood’s best up and coming writers, I mean he’s awesome. Landis wrote and created the hit online short film “The Death And Return Of Superman” fans and comic book writers alike have heaped praise for Landis and his humoristic take on the death of comic’s greatest hero. While Max Landis is only 27, he has one of the best knowledge’s of comics in all of Hollywood, and I can damn assure you, he’d give us a Batman the “fans” want to see. Warner Bros’ and DC need to snap up Max Landis and make him their godfather of DC films. With such a brilliant creative mind behind DC, who knows what they could achieve?

3. Find A Director Who Loves These Characters

Never in my life have I seen such ridiculous calls by studios and websites, Zack Snyder to direct a Justice League movie? You mean the guy who directed that Dragonball Z film? No. Trust me, I love Man Of Steel I really do, but putting Snyder in charge of a Justice League movie is like having David S. Goyer direct a Wonder Woman movie. Of course Zack Snyder wants to direct Justice League, I mean who the hell doesn’t? I would love to direct Justice League, I wouldn’t know what I’m doing. But I’d do it. What Warner Bros’ and DC need to do (like their godfather) is they need to find someone who would love to work with these characters. Brad Bird. I know his name has been thrown around for every possible team up movie ever, but after watching The Incredibles last night on Disney Channel, I just thought how fantastic his vision could be. Bird has mostly done team up films, I mean The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, team up films, and they were awesome. Brad Bird would bring a unique twist and somewhat light heartedness that a Justice League film must have.

4. Pick The Right Team

This is perhaps the most important point for a Justice League movie. Picking the right team for a Superhero team up film is like picking the right team for gym class. You don’t want to pick the scrawny, weak kids. You want to pick the tall, big, powerful dudes. Why? Because you’ll win. One problem that has faced superhero team up films since the dawn of time is the problem of “whom do we put on the team”. Justice League has perhaps the greatest members of superheroes ever created. I mean think about it, you got your Batman, your Superman, your Green Lantern. You get everyone! So now who do you put in the movie? There are certain heroes you don’t need in the first film. Characters like Martian Manhunter (sorry Levi) are not desperate for a movie appearance, but characters like Aquaman or The Flash are. So remember Warner Bros’ pick the right team for the job.

5. Darkseid

Darkseid is perhaps the Justice League’s most powerful villain. Combining the strength of all the core members of The League, Darkseid is the Justice League’s most fearsome foe. Now I have heard many fans express their opinions on who they believe should be the villain in the Justice League movie. Some say, Brainiac others say Vander Savage. But in truth, do you really see Warner Bros’ choosing a villain other than Darkseid? I mean seriously, he is the teams’ most popular villain, he has all the abilities of the core members and he is just a badass. Warner Bros’ would be silly to not use Darkseid in the film.

6. Remember This Is A Team-Up Film

I get it DC; you want to make a Justice League movie so you can use Batman & Superman as a market tool. One problem that has been evident in every Team-Up film is that the film focuses on the character that makes the most cash. In The Avengers it was Iron Man, in X-Men it was Wolverine. So in Justice League it will most likely be Superman or Batman. While I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I would much rather see a film that has development for every member rather than just two. I mean, we’ve had three Batman films over the past 10 years and with the Batman reboot set for 2015, that’d be four Batman movies before Justice League, I think that’s enough. What about Superman? Different story, Superman has just been rebooted the GA is interested in him; we want to get to know him. So make Superman the main focus, let Batman be the Captain America of the team, he has screen time, just not as much as Iron Man/Superman.

7. Aquaman

Perhaps the most parodied character in all of comics, Aquaman. I mean what can he do? Talk to fish? Lame! Well, as it turns out, Aquaman is actually kicks ass. Ever since Geoff Johns brought new life to the character in his rebooted New 52 incarnation, the character has become one of DC’s most sold comic books. Johns turned a once parodied superhero, into a badass superhero. We have all heard the rumours about that Aquaman movie happening in the near future, but the only way that can happen is if DC use him in the Justice League. Aquaman has potential to be one of the most profitable superheroes ever, if done right. If DC/Warner Bros’ use him in the movie, they must showcase his awesomeness.

8. Give Every Member Something To Do

I don’t think I can stress this enough, but my God. I don’t want to watch a movie where Batman & Superman do everything and then the other members of the team do nothing. If wanted to watch that, I’d go watch World’s Finest. This is Justice League, something completely different to World’s Finest. With Justice League we as the audience should feel like Batman & Superman genuinely need The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman & Aquaman to help them out. This is the one-way Warner Bros’ & DC can screw this movie up, if they make the film a Batman/Superman movie it would completely take away from the awesome premise. This is also why I would choose Darkseid as the villain, Darkseid can kick Superman’s ass and can rip Batman in half, this is why a team of Gods are needed to take down Darkseid, not a god and a crazed maniac in a suit.

9. Quality Over Quantity

Trust me, it’s easy to make a bunch of money on a crappy movie. I mean look at the Transformers films, they are not the best films ever but they make a lot of cash. Warner Bros’ must be very careful with this film; it has so much potential to be great that it could suck. “Quality over Quantity”; I don’t want to see nine superheroes fighting Darkseid; I want to see six at max. Fans are saying everything, you hear some fans saying “Bring back Nolan & Bale” and you hear fans saying “Reboot”; the truth is, while it does make sense to bring back Bale, WB’s should reboot because it is the most stress free way and it ties up all loose ends. Shoving Christian Bale back in the Bat suit to impress a few fans would be completely and utter nonsense.

10. No John Stewart

Hate in 3…2…1… Just wait! Please don’t hate yet, let me finish then hate away! I’ve heard literally every reason as to why John Stewart should be in Justice League, I’ve heard your typical “diversity is best” and I’ve also heard the not so common “Stewart is better than Hal Jordan”, but in truth what is the point of having John Stewart? Is diversity good for a superhero film? Yes, but only if the story requires it and only if it will enhance the film. Having John Stewart in the film would not only raise questions but would also confuse moviegoers. Now just because John isn’t in the first Justice League movie, that does not mean he will never appear. I mean who knows what DC have planned? For all we know Hal Jordan could become Parallax and Earth could need a new Green Lantern by the time the second Justice League movie comes around. Would I like to see John Stewart in a Justice League movie? Yes, but when the time is right. I mean does the world really need John Stewart?


So that wraps up another “10 Must Haves…” Finally, we’ve done Justice League. Now we can focus on better things like a Man Of Steel sequel, or a Aquaman movie. Maybe a Green Arrow film! Who knows what I’ll do next, the possibilities are endless. But, that’s where you guys come in to play. You’ve heard me talk about some of DC’s greatest superheroes but now I want to hear from you. Who do you want me to next? Green Arrow? Aquaman? Bat-Mite? You name it and I’ll find a way to do it. So until next time, I’m Khan and I’m out for now!

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