FAN CAST POLL: Who Do You Want to Play Lobo?

FAN CAST POLL: Who Do You Want to Play Lobo? FAN CAST POLL: Who Do You Want to Play Lobo?

Lobo's been up against Batman, Guy Gardner and heck even Superman but he hasn't been up against the CBM crew! Do your worst and pick your best for the bad ass outer space bounty hunter of all time!

By LEEE777 - Sep 03, 2009 06:09 PM EST
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Okay the news is, i have done a poll, well if i can work out how to put the poll on here anyway lol, bare with me, i will also be bias in this, yeah that's a change!

Because Brent and you demanded it, i give you the intergalactic bastich and main man Lobo!

Lobo is a Czarnian (originally a Velorpian in the Omega Men series) with exceptional strength and fortitude. He enjoys nothing better than mindless violence and intoxication. Killing is an end in itself; his name is Khundian for "he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it." He is also arrogant and self-centered, focusing almost solely on his own pleasures, although he proudly lives up to his word – but exactly his word: no more or no less than what he promised. Lobo is the last of his kind, having committed complete genocide by killing all the other Czarnians for fun (as originally written, Psions had exterminated his race, but after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this was retconned). As detailed in Lobo #0, Lobo unleashed a violent plague (a hybrid of flying scorpions) upon his home world, killing most of its citizens. In Superman: The Animated Series, Lobo nonchalantly tells Superman the fate of his race: "I'm the last Czarnian. I fragged the rest of the planet for my high school science project. Gave myself an A."

So who do you Fragging want? In no order whatsoever i give you the candidates =

Kevin Durand

Mickey Rourke

Andrew Bryniarski

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Tyler Mane

Triple H


Rob Zombie

Ryan Reynolds

Mackenzie Crook

So there you have it, let the World know who you want you little bastiches!

LOBO: How To Introduce The Main Man And Bring Him To The Big Screen

LOBO: How To Introduce The Main Man And Bring Him To The Big Screen

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LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 6:45 PM
Late Editions =

James Preston Rogers is from CBM user Shahrazstate!

Gerard Bulter is from CBM user Shiftysharp!

Nicolas Cage is from of course CBM user Darthstern! ; D

Josh Brolin is from CBM user Leonard Shelby!


Its still way early, so make your vote count!!! ; )

HAWKS Brad Garret (The Guy that does animated LOBO) as LOBO!

Enjoy! ; )
Minotauro - 9/3/2009, 6:47 PM
Triple H, Undertaker, or Tyler Mane I have as my choices...Nice article LEE ;)
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 6:50 PM
Lol at Reynolds :)

Kevin Durand all the way!

Lee, you should be ashamed of yourself. You actually included 2 modern wrestlers in this poll!!! Shame on you.... ;)
TheMyth - 9/3/2009, 6:58 PM
Mickey Rourke and Kevin Durand get my vote.

Damn, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem could be twins. No Country for Old Men was Awesome!!!

lol, Wrestling doesn't even let Undertaker speak lol, what makes you think he could act.
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:00 PM
Mino @ Cheers! ; )

TYLER @ Lol! ; D

MYTH @ Lmao!

Damn, im having trouble getting a fragging POLL THING up?!?

CBM? Brent? Anyone lol??
gestlmutant - 9/3/2009, 7:01 PM
I'd say either Durand or Jeffrey Dean Morgan!
Batmanknight - 9/3/2009, 7:01 PM
Micky or Jeffery Dean Morgan
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:01 PM
You should try and email Brent to see if he can tell you how to make a poll...just exclude Undertaker and HHH :)
Joslezio85 - 9/3/2009, 7:04 PM
uh, rob zombie?

LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:05 PM
Well im getting there, bare with me lol!
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:06 PM
Zombie is too small, and he should stay in remaking horror movies...
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:12 PM
WTF im lost here, friggin' poll ain't too hot lol!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:18 PM
Funny lol!
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:24 PM

'Nuff said.

P.S: Front page, please!!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:33 PM
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 7:34 PM
Either Dean Morgan or Rourke, I'll go with Rourke because Rourke is a bad-ass, I would never trust a wrestler to play the main man MAN!!!!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:36 PM
CBM @ Um thanx for putting me in FAN FIC!

Can you help me get the POLL up and running plz lol??
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:37 PM
Just email them with the "contact me" button in one of Brent/CBM's articles.

If you get a poll up and running I think they'll put it on the front.
Wadey09 - 9/3/2009, 7:40 PM
yeah, i would go with jeffrey dean morgan because he can do almost anything and look like he's havin a blast.
example: even though i didn't care for the the nudity or language.... watch his performance in watchmen.
it was awesome!!!!!!!
His and jackie earle haley's!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:40 PM
Uh cool TYLER! ; )
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:43 PM
JDM was awesome in Watchmen. He's a close second.

BTW, JDM for The Thing!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:45 PM
I e-mailed BRENT. So just gotta wait dude. ; )
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:47 PM
I hope he tells you how soon :)
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 7:47 PM
Me too lol! :)
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 7:50 PM
Hehe, I hope he checks his emails often :)
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 8:03 PM

RYDEN @ I'll check ya BAT-CAST out soon bud, ; )

Tyler @ I friggin' hope so lol.

Im still trying, ffs.
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 8:37 PM
@ LEEE no problem man, I can't wait for the Lobo movie now, the PG-13 rating throughs me off a bit but we're still gettin a friggin Lobo movie mann!!! has anyone seen this short fan-made movie

I think it's awesome!! Still say Rourke for Lobo though..
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 9:02 PM
p.s how do you get pictures in your comments? thanks in advance ;)
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 9:08 PM
Go to photobucket. Search for a pic you want. Then click on one you like, and drag the mouse over the full size pic. Click the "share" button at the top of the picture, and copy the code at the bottom of the pop-up that appears. Then, paste the code onto a comment and it should appear when you post the comment.
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 9:23 PM
Thanks Tyler ;)
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 9:23 PM

Argghhhhhh! ; D
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 9:25 PM

Vote Durand!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 9:27 PM
; )
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 9:27 PM
@ LEEE- Yay lol


LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 9:27 PM
Oopps! ; D
InTylerWeTrust - 9/3/2009, 9:28 PM
Don't mess with the Dooowwwggg!!
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 9:28 PM
Scooby snack? Lol!

Rite brb, gonna look at ya BAT CAST @ RYDEN!
dukester9 - 9/3/2009, 9:33 PM
Ryan Reynolds woo hoo. jk. but i think Durand. have to agree with Tyler.
LEEE777 - 9/3/2009, 9:36 PM

Hey im back in NEWS???

Hey not complaining lol!
Ryden - 9/3/2009, 9:37 PM
@ LEEE & Tyler- Lol

Even though I was joking he's certainly qualified for the role, he's a biker, he's got a crazy hair-cut, they're both bounty hunters and also theres a strong chance Dog is from another planet LOL :D
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