Wonder Woman movie FANCAST

Wonder Woman movie FANCAST

A detailed plot based on Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello New 52 run.

By DumbledoreCalrissian - Jan 15, 2013 01:01 AM EST
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While she had been taught since birth that she was a creation of clay, come to life by the power of her mother's need, it was not so. In reality, her mother Queen Hippolyta had long ago had a tryst with Zeus, and their affair led to Diana's conception. The truth of her divinity was kept secret in order to protect Diana from the wrath of Hera, whose jealousy was notorious. When she discovered the truth, Wonder Woman cast off all other names, and chose never to return to Paradise Island. Enraged by Zeus's infidelity the goddess Hera tries to get a human named Zola killed. Her reason for wanting Zola dead is because the young girl is pregnant with Zeus child. Zola is barely saved and transported by Hermes with a key to Wonder Woman's apartment in London. Meanwhile Hera's rage rose to new heights when it was revealed Diana was the daughter of Zeus. Diana decides to take Zola to Themyscira for protection and also tries to reconcile with her mother, but unfortunately, Hera has turned the entire Amazon population to stone. Filled with rage and regret Wonder Woman swears revenge on Hera. Meanwhile Hermes tells Diana that Zeus has disappeared, leaving a giant power vacuum in Mount Olympus with all the gods at war for his seat.


Sam Mendes : Great oscar winning director known for his indie dramas like American Beauty, Road to Perdition, and Away We Go. This summer he made Skyfall considered to be one of the best films of 2012, and probably the best James Bond to date. I wanted someone who understands drama and the importance of character development, but also someone who can strike a real balance between doing drama and doing a huge action sequences.


Wonder Woman/Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Character Bio : Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. While she had been taught since birth that she was a creation of clay.Her mother had long ago had a tryst with Zeus, and their affair led to Diana's conception. The truth of her divinity was kept secret in order to protect Diana from the wrath of Hera, whose jealousy was notorious.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead : (Age:28/Height: 5' 9") To be honest this was such a tough character to cast i almost went with Phoebe Tonkin, but in the end i decided to go with her. Shes has the right amazonian look the character needs. I know its not really an original pick, but who cares she's a great up in comer who's very talented and beautiful.

Queen Hippolyta /Charlize Theron

Character Bio : She was the first soul to be reincarnated by the Olympian Gods thus becoming Queen of a new race that would become the Amazons. After an affair with Zeus led to Diana's birth. The truth of her divinity was kept secret in order to protect Diana from the wrath of Hera, whose vengeful nature was well known.

Charlize Theron : (Age: 37/Height: 5' 10") Great actress a well known name guaranteed to bring alot of folks to the theater. Was amazing in Prometheus and was the only good thing about Snow White besides Chris Hemsworth. Has the perfect look and height for the role.

Aleka/Rosario Dawson

Character Bio : Aleka is an Amazon of Paradise Island. Harbors a dislike for Wonder Woman and her mission in the outside world while also disliking her for her origins as a child of Zeus. She mocks Diana by calling her "Clay", mocking the story everyone was told and the fact that Diana was not like the rest of them.

Rosario Dawson : (Age: 33/Height: 5' 7") Decided to go the Heimdall route with this one. Rosario Dawson is a very talented and beautiful actress. Shes been pretty much amazing everything shes been in from Death Proof to Sin City.

Zola/Carey Mulligan

Character Bio : Zola is a small short-haired blond from Virginia who was attacked at her home by Hera's creations before Hermes brought her a key that transported her to Wonder Woman's apartment in London. Along with Wonder Woman they returned to Zola's home where Diana chased off Hera's monsters. Zola learned from an injured Hermes that she is pregnant with Zeus child.

Cary Mulligan: (Age: 27/Height: 5' 7") Great underrated actress shes doesn't really star in big budget films but i think she's perfect for the role . She was fantastic in Drive and showed real depth that convinced me she could play Zola.

Hermes/Doug Jones

Character Bio : Hermes is the messenger of the Olympian Gods. He is a member of the Olympians, a extra-dimensional race once worshiped as a deity by the people of Ancient Greece. He is the illegitimate son of Zeus the king of the gods.

Doug Jones : (Age: 52/Height: 6' 4") I chose him really because of his roles in Hellboy and Fantastic Four. Great actor who has years of experience under motion capture and has the right height and look for Hermes.

Lennox/Jason Statham

Character Bio : Lennox is one of the many children of the Olympian God of Zeus. He lived for over eighty years, and he first discovered his heritage during World War II, after surviving the London Blitz. Lennox is a heavy smoker, he speaks with a strong cockney accent and British slang.His skin has the same consistency of rock, which makes him almost invulnerable

Jason Statham : (Age: 45/Height: 5' 10") When i was reading the comics he was the only actor i can think of to play Lennox. He's a great action star and a amazing martial artist who was great in The Transporters movies and be great in this role.

Eros/Bradley Cooper

Character Bio : Eros, whom the Romans call Cupid, is the god of Love. He is a member of the Olympians. He is the god of Love and uses a mystical bow and arrow which will cause anyone to fall in love with the first thing they see. He is the result of an affair between Aphrodite the goddess of love and Ares the god of war.

Bradley Cooper : (Age: 28/Height: 6' 1") I originally had him as Steve Trevor, but changed my mind and thought he be more suited as Eros. He was in those Hangover movies and Limetless, but his work in Silver Linings Playbook was truly a great performance.

Hephaestus/Vinnie Jones

Character Bio : Hephaestus is the god of Fire and the Forge. He is the patron of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. He is the son of Zeus the king of the gods and his wife Hera.

Vinnie Jones : (Age:45/Height: 6' 2") Wanted to cast someone who was big and intimidating. Great actor who's best know for his work with Guy Richie.

Zeus/Luke Evans

Character Bio : Zeus is the ruler of Olympus and the King of the Greek Gods. His power and authority supersedes that of the other Olympians. He also serves as the power source of several heroes: He gave Wonder Woman the ability to channel his thunderbolts through her bracelets. He is revealed to be Diana's biological father.

Luke Evans : (Age: 33/Height: 6' 0") He's already played Zeus before in Immortals, sure the movie sucked but he was awesome. He's not really a big star, but definitely has a couple big movies coming out this year with a lead role in The Hobbit and The Fast and Furious 6.

Hera/Kate Winslet

Character Bio : Hera is the Olympian goddess of women and marriage, as well as wife to Zeus. Her husband's infidelities have led her to take revenge on many of his concubines, striking at humanity from Mount Olympus. Enraged by Zeus's infidelity she went to Zola's home, and transformed some horses into monsters to attack Zola and have her killed. After learning about Diana's birth she turns Hippolyta to stone and the Amazons into snakes.

Kate Winslet : (Age: 37/Height: 5' 7") One of the most beautiful and best actresses around. I originally had her as Queen Hippolyta, but decided it would be interesting if she actually played a villain in a movie. Great actress just saw her in The Reader and she was quite terrific, and definitely deserving of a oscar.

Strife/Olivia Wilde

Character Bio : Wonder Woman's half-sister through Zeus. She's sarcastic, venomous, and a drinker, though both Diana and Hermes considers her mentality like that of a spiteful child. According to Diana, Strife has most often been seen in the company of her brother Ares as War and violence often follows Discord.

Olivia Wilde: (Age: 28/Height: 5' 7") My personal opinion i think this probably the best pick i made. Just shave her head and your basically looking at Strife. Very beautiful actress and was awesome in Tron Legacy and House.

Hades/Toby Jones

Character Bio : Hades is the god god of the Underworld and the dead. He is a member of the Olympians. As god of the Underworld, Hades had the dominion over the spirits of the dead. His realm called Hades after himself was divided into four sections; Tartarus, the Asphodel Fields, the Elysian Fields, and the Isle of the Blessed. Hades ruled these realms beside his niece and queen Persephone the daughter of Demeter.

Toby Jones : (Age: 27/Height: 5' 5") Great underrated actor probably best know for playing Dr. Zola and voicing Dobby in the Harry Potter films. Saw him in Infamous and wow he was just amazing and i would love to see him play Hades in this movie.

Persephone/Jessica Chastain

Character Bio : She is known as the Goddess of Springtime and new life but also the Queen of the Dead as she is married to her uncle Hades Lord of the Underworld. She is the daughter of Zeus and the Harvest Goddess Demeter.

Jessica Chastain: (Age: 35/Height: 5' 4") Jessica Chastain has been one of the most popular actresses around these days. Great oscar talent who was amazing in Zero Dark Thirty and The Help.

Apollo/Idris Elba

Character Bio : He is the son of Zeus and the Titan Leto who he seduced. Zeus wife, Hera, discovered Zeus' infidelity and cursed Leto, decrying that she must give birth to her child in a land where the sun never shone. Zeus used his power to raise an underworld island named Delos a land untouched by the light of the sun. There, Leto gave birth to twin children. Apollo's has a twin sister is Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon.

Idris Elba : (Age: 40/Height: 6' 3") Wanted to cast someone who was suave and intimidating and be able to beat the crap out of Wonder Woman. I have loved Idris Elba ever since watching him as Stringer Bell on HBO's The Wire. He's just an amazing actor an no doubt will excel in this role.

Artemis/Emily Blunt

Character Bio : Artemis is the daughter of Zeus, Ruler of the Olympian gods, and Leto, a minor Titaness. His wife, Hera, discovered Zeus' infidelity and cursed Leto, decrying that she must give birth to her child in a land where the sun never shone. Zeus used his power to raise an underworld island named Delos - a land untouched by the light of the sun. There, Leto gave birth to twin children, Apollo and Artemis.

Emily Blunt : (Age: 29/Height: 5' 7") She's quite popular with the fanboys, and with good reason. She was fantastic in Looper and The Adjustment Bureau. Great actress who has the perfect physique and look for the role.

Demeter/Rachel Weisz

Character Bio : Demeter is the goddess of the Harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth. Demeter is one of the Olympians imprisoned by her father, Cronus, in Tartarus in fear of a prophecy that he would be overthrown by one of his children. She was freed from Tartarus by Zeus who took her as his wife and she conceived him a daughter, Persephone.

Rachel Weisz: (Age: 42/Height: 5' 7") In my opinion one of the most beautiful actresses around. I just wanted to cast someone who was a good actor and wouldn't look out of place in a movie like this. She was fantastic in The Mummy and also The Bourne Legacy.

Ares/Jonathan Banks

Character Bio : Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and a villainous cosmic entity who acts as antagonist to Wonder Woman. Dedicated to forwarding the cause of war, he acts as a corrupting influence to manipulate others and spread violence.

Jonathan Banks : (Age: 65/Height: ? ) Great actor who was born to play Ares. For anyone who hasn't seen Breaking Bad its's def worth a check out, because the guy just kills it as Mike.

Steve Trevor/Chris Pine

Character Bio : Steve Trevor is a colonel in the United States Air Force. He is a skilled pilot and a long time romantic interest to Wonder Woman.

Chris Pine : (Age: 32/Height: 6' 1") One of the great young actors currently in Hollywood right now. Was amazing as Kirk in Star Trek and Smokin' Aces. I believe he will be a great choice.

Etta Candy/Kerry Washington

Character Bio : Etta Candy is Steve Trevor's new secretary and Wonder Woman's mortal best friend.

Kerry Washington: (Age: 35/Height: 5' 4") Great actress who was recently in Django Unchained and currently stars in the hit drama Scandal.

Cheetah/Rebecca Hall

Character Bio :Born as the heiress of a vast fortune in the ancient family site in Nottinghamshire. Ambitious, selfish, and severely neurotic, Barbara develops a passion for archaeology that eventually led her to search out a tribe in Africa who utilizes a female guardian with the powers of a cheetah.

Rebecca Hall: (Age: 30/Height: 5'9") Great actress who's been in alot of great movies. Cheetah is a hard character to cast, but i'm happy with my pick of her. I think she has the right look for the character and would be set up as the villain for the next film.


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kong - 1/15/2013, 3:34 AM
Cool, I like them all except Wonder Woman
Oarsis - 1/15/2013, 3:47 AM
Damn. This was pretty great! The work you put into this, along with some originality, is fantastic.

It took me a second to think about Mary as Wonder Woman, but I think I could see it. She could easily get into proper shape for the role.
I really like the fact you went into casting the newer, or not as popular characters, like Eros. It's really great. Sadly, even though you pick is great, I can't see Olivia shaving her head for Strife. But she does look exactly like the character!

Fantastic work!
MiZeatWizad - 1/15/2013, 4:28 AM
I would totally go see this...unfortunately WB and Hollywood would probably take an idea like this and take a big crap on it and try to put it out, cause that's what they do.
123Avengers123 - 1/15/2013, 5:57 AM
How Ares can be older than Zeus !?
CavEl - 1/15/2013, 8:15 AM
Mary Elizabeth Winstead has to be the second worst Wonder Woman cast ever. No one will ever top Olivia Wilde though.

Tonkin is a great pick, but too young. Great cast though.
LEEE777 - 1/15/2013, 9:45 AM
Very original @ Dumble

Ya got my vote, can see u put a lot of effort in this dude

Can't see Bradley Cooper for nothing but DC character GUY GARDNER (all time #1 fav DC hero of mine) : D

But apart from that thumbs up, GR8 work!

FlixMentallo21 - 1/15/2013, 9:57 AM
One thing very fitting about you casting Rosario Dawson--she's actually played an Amazon. She voiced Artemis in the Wonder Woman animated film.
FirstAvenger - 1/15/2013, 10:26 AM
Great stuff!
DumbledoreCalrissian - 1/15/2013, 10:46 AM
Wonder Woman is a such a tough cast. My pick is constantly changing i wouldn't mind at all if they went the Thor route and just cast a complete unknown.
RR51 - 1/15/2013, 12:38 PM
So basically all the leading ladies of Hollywood would be in this movie.
TheSoulEater - 1/16/2013, 4:39 PM
...I could see her as Dianna...maybe more of Donna Troy but i won't argue
aresww3 - 1/16/2013, 5:20 PM
Good cast but I hate WW New 52. They need to make a wonder woman film based on her original origin.
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