Worlds Collide Wallpaper

Worlds Collide Wallpaper

Wallpaper of DC and Marvel Comic Book Movie Superheroes

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By ACCESS - Sep 27, 2009 06:09 PM EST
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CBMer SKMASTER requested a Wallpaper of Superheroes of DC and Marvel Movie Heroes:

...give me a link to tht super hero poster or make it bigger it looks pretty cool to me!

Actually this is an old wallpaper I made but will be the first time I'll post here.

This wallpaper contains 88 Heroes namely:
MARVEL (Right - Left)
1. Spider-man(Tobey Maguire)*
2. Captain America (Matt Salinger)**
3. Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr)*
4. Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson)*
5. Wolverine(Hugh Jackman)*
6. Professor X(Patrick Stewart) *
7. Mr. Fantastic(Ioan Gruffud)*
8. Dr. Strange (Peter Hooten)**
9. Thor(Eric Allan Kramer)**
10. Hulk/Bruce Banner(CGI/Edward Norton)*
11. Beast(Kelsey Grammer)*
12. Angel(Ben Foster)*
13. Cyclops(James Marsden)*
14. Thing(Michael Chiklis)*
15. Emma Frost(Finola Hughes)**
16. Storm(Halle Berry)*
17. Shadowcat(Ellen Page)*
18. Rogue(Anna Paquin)*
19. Jean Grey(Famke Janssen)*
20. Invisible Woman(Jessica Alba)*
21. Howard the Duck(Chip Zien (voice))*
22. Julie Power/Light Speed (Margot Finley)**
23. Katie Power/Energizer (Jacelyn Holmes)**
24. Jack Power/Mass Master(Bradley Machry)**
25. Alex Power/Zero-G(Nathaniel Moreau)**
26. Skin(Agustin Rodriguez)**
27. Banshee(Jeremy Ratchford)**
28. Jubilee(Heather McComb)**
29. M(Amarilis)**
30. Nightcrawler(Alan Cumming)*
31. Colossus(Daniel Cudmore)* -photoedit by ~sonLUC
32. Iceman(Shawn Ashmore)*
33. Human Torch(Chris Evan)*
34. Silver Surfer(Doug Jones/CGI)*
35. Daredevil(Ben Affleck)*
36. Elektra(Jennifer Garner)*
37. Punisher(Ray Stevenson)*
38. Gambit(Taylor Kitsch)*
39. Hannibal King(Ryan Reynolds)*
40. Blade(Wesley Snipes)*
41. Ghost Rider(Nicolas Cage)*
42. Nick Fury(Samuel Jackson)**
43. Man-Thing*
1. Superman(Brandon Routh)*
2. Atom(John Kassir)**
3. Batman(Christian Bale)*
4. Wonder Woman(Lynda Carter)**
5. Flash(John Wesley Shipp)**
6. Green Lantern/Guy Gardner(Matthew Settle)**
7. Aquaman(Alan Ritchson)**
8. Martian Manhunter (David Ogden Stiers)**
9. Quasi-Superboy(Tom Welling)**
10. Robin(Chris O'donnel)*
11. Wonder Girl(Debra Winger)**
12. Impulse(Kyle Gallner)**
13. Cyborg(Lee Thompson Young)**
14. Green Arrow(Justin Hartley)**
15. Andrea Rojas(Denise Quiñones) - Angel of Vengeance in Smallville but her identity was based on the comic character Acrata
16. Supergirl(Helen Slater)*
17. Batgirl(Alicia Silverstone)*
18. Huntress/Helena Kyle(Ashley Scott)**
19. Oracle(Dina Meyer)**
20. Black Canary/Carolyn Lance(Lori Loughlin)**
21. Quasi-Black Canary - Dinah Redmond(Rachel Skarsten)**
22. Black Canary/Dinah Lance(Alaina Huffman)**
23. Fire(Michelle Hurd)**
24. Ice(Kimberly Oja)**
25. Steel(Shaquille O'neal)*
26. Lightning Lad(Calum Worthy)*
27. Saturn Girl(Alexz Johnson)*
28. Cosmic Boy(Ryan Kennedy)*
29. Catwoman(Halle Berry)*
30. Huntress/Helena Wayne(Barbara Joyce)**
31. Christopher Chance/Human Target(Mark Valley)**
32. Hawkman(Bill Nuckols)**
33. Green Lantern/Hal Jordan(Howard Murphy)**
34. Captain Marvel(Jackson Bostwick)**
35. Isis(Joanna Cameron)**
36. Blackhawk(Kirk Allyn)**
37. Spy Smasher/Alan Armstrong(Kane Richmond)**
38. Nightshade/Quasi-Sandman(Jason Bernard)** -Doesn’t resemble the DC character with the same name but resembles DC’s Golden Age Sandman.
39. Hop Harrigan(William Bakewell)**
40. Congo Bill(Don Mcguire)**
41. Vigilante(Ralph Byrd)**
42. Jonah Hex(Josh Brolin)*
43. Zatanna(Serinda Swan)**
44. John Constantine(Keanu Reeves)*
45. Swamp Thing(Dick Durock)**

**TV Movie, TV Shows, Direct to Video, Early movie serials ca. 1930-50s
-Not included in this collage are characters though heroes in the comics but were portrayed as villains in the movies. Ex. Psylocke and Multiple Man in X-3.
-Characters that were created only in the movie but not part of the comic book universe. Ex. Abigail Whistler.
-Characters though publish by DC/Marvel but not really part of their respective universe. Ex. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
-Peripheral characters who were not really integral part of the story. Ex. The X-Kids in the X-Men movies.
-Some characters whose images are just really hard to come by. Ex. Superheroes from the early serials. (This one if anyone can send me some good quality pics I’d like to include it on the collage.)
* I did not include Mondo from Generation-X here because technically he was never a part of the team in the comics.
*I included Tom Welling as sort of Superboy, because I’m a big fan of "Smallville" and I don’t feel right not to include him here in any capacity. Though logically speaking it is safe to assume that if ever there was a Connor Kent/Kon El he would definitely look like this.
*I did not include David Banner’s Hulk (Bixby/Ferigno) because I feel that this is the same character as the Bruce Banner Hulk.
*In the case of WATCHMEN characters, I still don’t believe they are part of DC Universe as a whole.

Tell me what you think... Any comment on how to improve this image or if you want to send better quality pictures/ or other pictures of heroes to be included , post it in the Comment Box below.

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DDD - 9/27/2009, 9:29 PM
Way Cool!!!
supermarioworldE - 9/28/2009, 12:50 AM
It's funny that brandon routh and tobey maguire were put together. It makes sense. They are both equally terrible for their parts.

Spiderman = Funny
Superman = unEmo-like

Clearly, both have failed on their interpretations
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 9/28/2009, 1:38 PM
Looks cool but.....where's Hellboy?
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