GREEN LANTERN CORPS Rumored To Focus On John Stewart After The Hero's GREEN LANTERN Snub

GREEN LANTERN CORPS Rumored To Focus On John Stewart After The Hero's GREEN LANTERN Snub

Many fans were shocked to learn that the Green Lantern TV series coming to HBO Max will focus on Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, but there's hope for John Stewart in the planned Green Lantern Corps movie...

By JoshWilding - May 03, 2021 12:05 AM EST
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Source: Heroic Hollywood

Last week, we learned that Finn Wittrock will play Guy Gardner in the Green Lantern TV series coming to HBO Max. Despite being far from the most popular human Lantern, it's a stellar casting decision, while the plan to explore Alan Scott's story in a period setting is also undeniably intriguing. 

However, many fans were disappointed by the fact that John Stewart is being overlooked in the show. Most of us expected him to be the lead, especially after Zack Snyder was forced to remove his version of the fan-favourite hero from the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Well, if a new report from Heroic Hollywood is to be believed, it's because there are big screen plans for John. 

"An insider with knowledge on the project tells Heroic Hollywood that a Green Lantern Corps film is still in development with John Stewart as the lead," the site reports. "Hal Jordan will also appear in the film in a mentor capacity. The film was initially being developed and written by Geoff Johns but it is unclear if he’s still attached."

We still don't know how Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern will link up, but it's entirely possible they won't based on how Warner Bros. have handled their DC TV shows in the past. 

Then again, with Peacemaker tying into The Suicide Squad and a spinoff for The Batman in the works for HBO Max, Green Lantern could reveal our first look at how the world of the Corps will be portrayed on screen moving forward. We just have to hope they don't end up in CGI costumes...

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Saga - 5/3/2021, 12:43 AM

Sorry, not sorry
RageDriver2401 - 5/3/2021, 12:46 AM
@Saga - no need to be sorry, it's okay to have a bad take.
ElricReturns - 5/3/2021, 2:18 AM
@Saga - Kyle has a better history of arcs, but I have to admit I prefer John.
RageDriver2401 - 5/3/2021, 12:46 AM
I'm down for a John Stewart movie.

I can already see Ray Fisher coming up with conspiracy theories to trigger his favourite cult.
Origame - 5/3/2021, 5:21 AM
@RageDriver2401 - well the only reason they're putting John Stewart in a project is to distract from Hamada obvious racism.
DetBullock - 5/3/2021, 5:54 PM
@Origame - And also because they've already tried Hal and failed. John Stewart is also the Lantern everyone remembers because he was in the main cast of the Justice League cartoon which means he was the next obvious chocie after Hal, I still remember so many people asking in the comments under the GL movie trailer why GL was white (mostly in a confounded "wasn't he supposed to be black?" way).
DetBullock - 5/3/2021, 5:55 PM
@Origame - Also it's HBOmax which means a lot of concerns about black characters and protagonists won't apply because a lot of it comes from the kind of "truism" higher-up movie people believe in.
Origame - 5/3/2021, 6:22 PM
@DetBullock - I think you're missing the joke in my comment. Read what ragedriver said before I made my comment. It's not what I feel it's done for. It's what I think fisher would say about the news.
DetBullock - 5/3/2021, 8:17 PM
@Origame - Didn't you hear? There are no jokes on the internet. :P
dracula - 5/3/2021, 12:47 AM
Isnt it suppose to be a Hal Jordan/John Stewart buddy cop type thing.

No love for Kyle

If they do more seasons, they need Kyle
bkmeijer2 - 5/3/2021, 3:01 AM
@dracula - I guess it can work in the show. Its rumoured there are multiple time periods, so they can easily make Kyle the modern day GL
Battabing - 5/3/2021, 12:54 AM
The HBO Max GL show will do the world building for the eventual films.
According to Hamada, every DC film will have an HBO Max spin-off option.
dracula - 5/3/2021, 12:58 AM
@Battabing - Well if they can pull that off, that will be one hell of a way to compete with Marvel.

For Black Adam, maybe an Isis series

For The Flash, maybe something set in the Batman 89 universe
dracula - 5/3/2021, 12:54 AM
Legends Of Tomorrow is off to a good start this season.

Didnt expect Gary to be an alien.

Spartacus was funny (too bad they didnt get Weather Wizard's actor)

Hope Jomah Hex is back this season, missed him in season 4 and 5 (would have love a chupacabra and Billy The Kid themed episodes of those seasons)
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/3/2021, 1:07 AM
I'd rather have a Season 2 of this than any of the live action announcements:

KWilly - 5/3/2021, 4:53 AM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - Such a good show. I can understand why it got canceled tho. The show was serialized, and wasn't episodic. Harder to do reruns from a show that is one long thread.

Also, the Green Lantern movie didn't help with its promotion lol.
Saga - 5/3/2021, 1:13 AM
@L0RDbuckethead - shit hes still around?? I vividly remember that time he got into a cringe inducing "argument" with good ol Josh Wilding
L0RDbuckethead - 5/3/2021, 1:25 AM
@Saga - He owns Heroic Hollywood, the site purporting this "rumor"
RageDriver2401 - 5/3/2021, 1:32 AM
Spock0Clock - 5/3/2021, 1:26 AM
Of the (relatively few) comics I've read, Guy and Jessica were the most interesting Lanterns to me. Hal seems to play kind of bland and/or pilot-jock stereotype, with maybe a dash of prickishness (which is a fine foundation for a character). Never read much of Kyle at all, but I've heard that he's the most boring (and comes up with cool ring constructs because he's an artist).

And the few appearances of John I've seen in comics are dwarfed for me by all of his appearances in the Justice League cartoon (where he was good, but mostly shined as a complement to a more interesting character like Hawkgirl or Flash).

But there's always room for an actor to take a character and crystalize their essence. Rather than just ranking or dismissing them, I'd love to hear a real Lantern fan gush about all of the juicy thematic and character potential for the different Lanterns.
Spock0Clock - 5/3/2021, 1:43 AM
I should say, I'm always concerned when WB is casting actors because their version of "crystalizing their essence" is sometimes wonky weird stunt casting or just chasing Oscar-winners.

Like, casting the Rock as Black Adam may totally work out great, but if he's just going to be doing his normal Rock schtick because it's a proven blockbuster formula, it won't really feel much like the overall grim and severe Black Adam I've read in the comics (at least as I remember him). Whereas if the Rock was playing a character like Gladiator, his natural big bombastic uber-charisma and ego would sell that character's powers perfectly.

I'd be concerned WB might just put Kaluuya, Stanfield, and Denzel's kid's names in a hat or think now is the time for Jussie Smollett's redemption tour or something. Not that I even hate all of those names for Stewart, but with WB you just never know. They don't have the magic of Sarah Finn.
Spock0Clock - 5/3/2021, 1:50 AM
Whoa... uh, so I just realized that Sarah Finn is weirdly close to Seraphin, which is basically a Semitic angelic being.

She is literally a divine being, guys, and I think her casting demonstrates it.
bkmeijer2 - 5/3/2021, 3:09 AM
@Spock0Clock - I think Green Lantern as a singular character (any incarnation) is kinda boring, but when in a team-up I always like him a lot. Maybe the same goes for a Green Lantern Corps movie (I did like Emerald Knights).

As for Marvel, they really hit the jackpot with having Sarah Finn as casting director and Kevin Feige as producer.
MadThanos - 5/3/2021, 2:27 AM
Every time in the comics or animation they want to create a sense of danger, they kill either Jordan or Stewart. lol
Jobling - 5/3/2021, 2:40 AM
written by Geoff Johns........ the movie is going to be horrible , this guy destroys everything ahaha
Repian - 5/3/2021, 2:42 AM
I expect a film similar to training day, but without space police corruption. XD
Se4M4NSt4ine - 5/3/2021, 2:46 AM
@Repian - Sinestro being kicked out the Corps

bkmeijer2 - 5/3/2021, 3:04 AM
Now thats a premise that I think works for a movie. Although I rather have a partnership type relation between Hal and John than a mentor-mentee one
GhostDog - 5/3/2021, 3:35 AM
My man
WakandanQueen - 5/3/2021, 4:00 AM
Why does this site refuse to talk about Invincible?
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