THE SUICIDE SQUAD Star Daniela Melchior On Ratcatcher's DCU Future: I Can't Wait To Wake Her Up

THE SUICIDE SQUAD Star Daniela Melchior On Ratcatcher's DCU Future: "I Can't Wait To Wake Her Up"

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And FAST & FURIOUS Star Vin Diesel Sued For Alleged Sexual Battery Of Former Assistant
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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And FAST & FURIOUS Star Vin Diesel Sued For Alleged Sexual Battery Of Former Assistant

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Franshu - 10/20/2019, 5:04 PM
They both gave perfect responses, but Gun certainly has a VERY valid point there. Heck, even Hitchock's films were considered sort of monor enterntainment back in the day until the Cartiers du CInema sort of gave a new outlook of them as true pieces of cinematic art.
Franshu - 10/20/2019, 5:04 PM
@Franshu - MINOR entertainment. Heck, woke up as a living typo today.
Se4M4NSt4ine - 10/20/2019, 5:16 PM
These guys are some of the greatest film makers do shape current cinema. However, if I was sat in whatever nursing home these old boys are getting bored in, I’d slap the heck outta those old nasty wrinkly ass faces for being Filmist.

Yeah, I just called them filmists... next they’re gonna hit out with damn Marvel coming into their sets to steal their jobs!
Matador - 10/20/2019, 8:06 PM
@Se4M4NSt4ine -

Darkknight2149 - 10/20/2019, 5:16 PM
Francis Ford Coppola: "Comic book movies aren't my type of movie. THEY'RE NOT REAL CINEMA, THEY'RE DISPICABLE!!"

So The Dark Knight, Logan, JokerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Deadpool, A History of Violence, Watchmen, Civil War, ETC, are not "real cinema"... But The Godfather Part III: My Lucky Coat!!! is?
AbidNaga - 10/20/2019, 5:39 PM
@Darkknight2149 - I mean, the guy also made Parts I and II, Apocalypse Now, Lost in translation and more. I definitely don't agree with what he's saying, but there's no need to shit on his filmography if you disagree with him.
Darkknight2149 - 10/20/2019, 6:14 PM
@AbidNaga -
Yeah, but look moreso at his filmography in the last two decades. It's a bit like Frank Miller trying to say that Grant Morrison isn't a "real comic book writer" when he hasn't been himself since the 1990s.
TanukiTrooper - 10/20/2019, 11:18 PM
@AbidNaga - "Lost in Translation" Umm... maybe don't give him credit for the movie his daughter wrote and directed. I mean, he was a producer for the film, but saying he made it is a bit much.
AbidNaga - 10/21/2019, 9:20 AM
@TanukiTrooper - Oh shoot my bad, always thought he made it but its been a while. Sorry.
KWilly - 10/20/2019, 5:21 PM
@dethpillow - Let's remember... She doesn't like these movies either, lol. Just in it for the paycheck.
bthumudo - 10/20/2019, 5:24 PM
@KWilly - Don't forget Francis also directed Captain EO...Wonder what he learned making that movie...
Dredd97 - 10/20/2019, 8:03 PM
@bthumudo - He learned what Neverland Ranch was REALLY about

TheUnworthyThor - 10/20/2019, 5:20 PM
You would expect supposed film historians to actually like know film history. But no they make the same complaints other filmmakers have made for a hundred years with only small updates for the current “problem” with movies.
FleischerSupes - 10/20/2019, 5:22 PM
Gunn is a smart guy with a broader perspective than most and a longer view of history. Probably why both Guardians movies have more soul than any of Scorsese's also perfectly good movies.
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