Kevin Feige Updates On GUARDIANS: VOL 2, ‘Thanos,’ SPIDER-MAN And THOR: RAGNAROK

Will Thor: Ragnarok be spending less screen time on Earth? And will Thanos really be the main villain of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel? Kevin Feige has those answers after the jump.

Marvel Studios’ third phase of movies will kick off next year with Captain America: Civil War and continue with Doctor Strange, but the following year will see Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok showcase the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as with the new Spider-Man film. And now Kevin Feige has offered Empire magazine some details on those 2017 comic book movies.

About the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, which starts shooting in February, Feige reassures that we can expect the roster to expand. “There've been many different incarnations of the Guardians over the years in the comics and we'll catch a glimpse of additions over the course of the movie,” he said. The Marvel producer failed to reveal the villain of Volume 2, but confirmed we won’t see a certain mad titan. “I wouldn't look too hard in that movie for Thanos,” he said, before reassuring that we’ll eventually see the supervillain get off his ass. “The next time we see Thanos he will not be messing around. It will be, 'Oh, that's why they've been teasing this villain for five years!”
Regarding the new Spider-Man reboot, which hits theaters just a couple months after Guardians, Kevin Feige explained that a “smaller scale is all relative.” He continued, “It's going to be as big and spectacular a Spider-Man film as has ever been made. But it's a Peter Parker story and has more opportunity to be focused on the story of a 15-year-old kid going to high school.”
Kevin Feige then touched on Thor: Ragnarok and implied that, despite its subtitle, fans shouldn’t just assume the threequel will be about the Norse apocalyptic end of the world. “I don't think people will read into that title alone [regarding] what the movie's going to be,” he said. “It's going to be, perhaps, as totally different from the two prior Thor movies as Winter Soldier was from the first Captain America. We want to take it to new places, we've got new characters that will show how big we're swinging on this. And we have a Hulk.” Speaking of new places, the Marvel Studios head honcho then confirmed something that Thor fans have long desired: “The film takes place within the cosmos primarily which is to say, frankly, very little Earth.” What do you think?

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