Adam McKay Says He's Been Approached For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 And That Marvel Is Working On NOVA

Adam McKay very nearly took the helm of Ant-Man after Edgar Wright's departure and the filmmaker has now revealed some intel on a number of conversations he's had with Marvel Studios. Check it out...

When Edgar Wright decided to walk away from Ant-Man, Marvel Studios attempted to bring Adam McKay on board. He refused but did take a look at the script for them. However, the filmmaker has now revealed that Kevin Feige not only approached him for Inhumans but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (which recently lost director James Gunn) as well. 

"We've talked a little bit. Yeah," he said in regards to Vol. 3. "We were kicking around the idea of the Inhumans at one point. We're always kind of talking. I think Feige is just the greatest and what they're doing is amazing."

It's not clear why Marvel has been unable to get him to agree to work on a movie for them but after expressing an interest in bringing the Silver Surfer to the big screen, McKay said that he believes something Nova related could be happening. "When I was in the fourth or 5th grade I got into Nova of all people, and I think they're kicking around a Nova idea now too," he revealed. 

Gunn has admitted to not being a Nova fan but now that he's no longer overseeing the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the chances of the hero coming to the big screen have increased. 
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James Gunn has made no secret of the fact he would like to take the helm of a Thunderbolts movie and there would be something rather ironic about the filmmaker directing a movie about a group of villains becoming superheroes given how his Tweets have resulted in him being perceived by many people. 

This team has unlimited potential on the big screen and Marvel's own Task Force X could easily top what we see in Suicide Squad. The only issue here is that Marvel will need to spend the next few years introducing some bad guys and not killing them off as we'd need to see some established bad guys! 



I was wracking my brains for a Sony movie Gunn could take the helm of and not that many came to mind. After all, we know the studio is looking for female directors to work with characters like Black Cat, Silk, and Silver Sable and I can't see him being overly keen on directing a Kraven the Hunter movie!

Carnage, however, would be right in his wheelhouse. James Gunn is no stranger to horror after Slither and delivered some great R-Rated action scenes in Super so I could see him having a lot of fun with a character like Cletus Kasady as he goes on some sort of murderous, bloody rampage in the Big Apple. 


Man Of Steel 2

On the surface, Gunn and Superman seem like an odd fit but if Warner Bros. is looking for a bold new take on the Man of Steel, I can't think of anyone better to take the iconic DC Comics superhero in a new direction. It would be a Superman movie like no other and that's actually not a bad thing. 

What would be really cool is seeing Gunn take Superman into outer space, especially as many of his greatest adventures have taken place there. I'm not talking about a Guardians of the Galaxy rip off by any means but I would love to see what the filmmaker could bring to the table with this character.


Green Lantern Corps

This feels like an obvious suggestion but there's no denying that if anyone can save Green Lantern on the big screen after that disastrous 2011 effort, it's Gunn. The differences between Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel are massive and so I don't think he would end up recycling ideas from the MCU. 

The only potential pitfall here is whether or not he'd be happy working with Geoff Johns' screenplay without doing any work on it but I'm sure a compromise could be found and Gunn's involvement would massively increase interest in this movie. We can only hope Warner Bros. is seriously considering it!


Fantastic Four

We've heard from numerous sources that Disney and Marvel may be open to rehiring Gunn for another movie somewhere down the line so what about Fantastic Four? This reboot will have to be nothing short of great after THREE disastrous efforts so a capable filmmaker being at the helm is a must. 

I honestly can't think of anyone better to reboot the franchise than Gunn and doing these characters justice after a hiatus of sorts from the MCU could be just what he needs. Plus, you don't need me to tell you that he would do a great job with the cosmic villains the team so often faces in their travels. 



In the past, Gunn hasn't expressed a whole lot of interest in bringing Nova to the big screen but we know Kevin Feige wanted him to expand the cosmic side of the MCU, so could exploring the Nova Corps (or what remains of them after Thanos' attack in Avengers: Infinity War) be of interest to him?

Quite possibly and there's no denying that Nova is a character who has a huge amount of potential. Returning to Marvel for a cosmic adventure which is smaller in scale wouldn't be a bad thing and is probably more likely than him being allowed to take charge of a much larger, bigger name franchise. 


Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark is a movie which Warner Bros. has been trying to make a reality for years now but after losing a number of directors, it appears to have completely stalled (the critical and commercial response to Justice League can't have helped as the team's name has obviously been tarnished now). 

A team full of weird and wonderful characters is something Gunn is all too familiar with and if Warner Bros. were to allow the filmmaker to play with an R-Rating and a lower budget, I think he could do something really inventive which would finally give this team the movie they definitely deserve. 


Howard The Duck

If I'm being honest, I don't think a Howard the Duck movie is anywhere close to being a priority for Marvel Studios. However, with the right script and supporting characters (we know Gunn is a fan of Hit-Monkey...), a spinoff revolving around the feathered fan-favourite could work really well in the MCU. 

If Gunn could find a way to include the original Guardians - the Ravagers who we met in Vol. 2 - then that would be even better because he could use Howard to expand the cosmic side of the MCU in ways which we might not expect and there's no denying that that would be a lot of fun to see play out.


Moon Knight

Kevin Feige has teased the possibility of Marvel Studios having plans for Moon Knight and considering the fact the small screen already has the likes of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Punisher, it's about time the MCU gets to introduce a vigilante who often deals with much smaller scale threats and villains. 

Marc Spector is a strange character with a very unique origin story and that's something I think could Gunn could do a lot with, especially if he were to write the screenplay as well. Of all the Marvel movies listed here, I honestly think this movie would show the director's skills even better than the rest.


Silver Surfer

Saying that, though, I can't help but wonder how much Gunn would love to get his hands on some of those Fox-owned Marvel characters and Silver Surfer would no doubt be right at the top of the list. Just imagine the sort of zany adventures he could come up with for Galactus' Herald on the big screen! 

Regardless of whether or not this movie is set before or after the first time The Avengers meet him and Galactus, Silver Surfer is someone who is definitely well-suited to a solo outing, hence why Fox has been trying to make it happen for years now. In Marvel and Gunn's hands, though, it would rock.

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