GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3: 8 Huge Reveals And Easter Eggs In The Emotional New Trailer

The first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 took us on quite a ride, and we're now taking a deep dive into that to bring you an in-depth breakdown of all the biggest moments, reveals, and more.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be James Gunn's final story in the MCU for some time as the filmmaker is making the leap to the Distinguished Competition to take charge of DC Studios for Warner Bros. That's exciting, but it also means he's ending this current era of storytelling for the cosmic team of superheroes. 

We can't help but think that means saying a permanent goodbye to some of these characters, and if the emotional trailer was any indication, the threequel will be a real tear-jerker. 

The teaser included plenty of big hints about what's to come, and we're now taking a deep dive into the first footage from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to bring you an in-depth trailer breakdown. As well as exploring the biggest moments and reveals, we also share our thoughts on how this story is likely to play out. 

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8. Welcome To Counter-Earth


Counter-Earth has a complicated history in the comic books, but was created by The High Evolutionary as a purer version of the original Earth. Inhabited by no superheroes, the villain - played by Peacemaker star Chukwudi Iwuji here - eventually enlisted Adam Warlock to help him bring his artificial planet under control. 

Later, it was inhabited by the New Men an artificial race of mutagenically altered, Human-size animals created by the High Evolutionary to possess human-equivalent minds and consciousness. 

We seem to be getting a bit of a mashup of all that in the MCU, with the planet seemingly based on the 1970s. The inhabitants don't appear to speak English, and we're still not sure what Counter-Earth's creator is up to. We can safely say that these New Men are not fans of the Guardians, though. 

7. Nice Costumes!


When Marvel Studios unveiled the first piece of concept art for 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy many Comic-Cons ago, the team was decked out in comic-accurate costumes like the ones you see above. 

Of course, when they did eventually debut, it was in updated threads that emphasised their individual personalities. That made sense seeing as they weren't a team at that point, but it's great to see the Guardians now wearing matching costumes that really drive home the fact they're a cohesive unit. 

It's a small, but very important, touch. While James Gunn has repeatedly said he's unsure what the future holds in store for these heroes once he finishes his trilogy, we hope these are a permanent addition to whatever form the team next takes. 

6. Rocket's Origin Story


Rocket's origin has always been a tad convoluted, and while recent retcons appear to be lining up his comic book history with the movies, Gunn clearly has his own ideas for the character in the MCU. 

We've known from the start that this Rocket was the result of pretty horrible-sounding experiments, and the trailer offers a glimpse at a baby Rocket when he was a simple raccoon. We have to believe the adorable critter was probably one of the High Evolutionary's early experiments before his animal subjects took on fully humanoid appearances. 

Either way, Rocket appears ready to confront his past, and that could mean putting an end to his creator once and for all...assuming he survives long enough to do so (we'll get to that). 

5. Gamora Returns


Gamora was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War when the Mad Titan sacrificed his daughter in exchange for the Soul Stone. Time travel later saw her past self arrive in the present-day MCU, with the Variant eventually making her escape after assisting in Thanos' defeat (we're not sure how she avoided the TVA). 

While not explicitly revealed in this trailer, footage shown at D23 confirmed that Gamora is now the leader of the Ravagers, but something clearly leads to her reuniting with the Guardians in this movie. 

She's shown looking wistfully at a photo we reckon probably shows her other self with Star-Lord and company, and also assisting in a prison break...which Drax clearly comes out of in a bad way. Will Gamora and Peter finally reunite once all is said and done? We sure hope so. 

4. Lady Lylla


Who is the character Rocket hugs in the trailer? This is quite a deep dive into the comics, but that's Lady Lylla, a sapient otter and Rocket Raccoon's soulmate. 

This scene appears to show them being reunited, though poor Lylla seems to have really been put through the wringer. Her entire arm looks robotic, and we wouldn't be shocked if she's one of the High Evolutionary's many discarded experiments. The question is, could she be Rocket's shot at a happy ending? 

We'd like to think so, and it would be a lot of fun seeing her join this team and take on a more active role in the Guardians than her comic book counterpart. However, as we alluded to earlier, we're definitely concerned for Rocket...

3. The End For Rocket? 


Did you also walk away from this Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer convinced that Rocket isn't making it to the credits alive? Well, you weren't alone, but something tells us Marvel Studios might be trying too hard to make us think that's the case!

Whether it's showing him bathed in white light or that haunting line - "We'll all fly away together one last time into the forever and beautiful sky" - things don't currently look good for everyone's favourite talking raccoon. We actually have a feeling he might survive this adventure, though that doesn't mean the rest of the team is safe. 

Peter and Mantis both look devastated at points, while we can't ignore how badly injured Drax looks during that apparent prisonbreak. If nothing else, we can probably expect to bid a tearful farewell to at least a couple of these heroes next May.

2. Adam Warlock


It will have been six years since Adam Warlock was first teased in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 by the time this threequel is released. The character's debut looks to have been worth the wait, though, and we're very excited to see what he brings to the table. 

Aside from getting a quick glimpse at his comic-accurate appearance, Adam doesn't do much in the teaser beyond giving poor Nebula a nasty beating. As expected, the Sovereign look to have sent him after the Guardians, though we have no doubt the villain will soon see the error of his ways and become a hero. 

With The Infinity Saga over and done with (his comic book counterpart has close ties to the Infinity Stones and Thanos), we'd say the best use of Adam in the MCU is probably as a member of this team. 

1. The Meaning Behind That Song


For those of you wondering, the song in this Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 teaser is Spacehog's "In The Meantime." We know Gunn gives an awful lot of thought to his music choices, so what does its inclusion mean here? 

Well, as Screen Rant points out, lead singer Royston Langdon has previously explained that it's explained that "some kind of metaphor of a worldly or inner-worldly search for the end of isolation, and the acceptance of one's self is in there." He'd add that, "I think that's also me talking to myself, getting through my wan anxieties and fear of death."

Could the Guardians be facing a similar predicament? We can think of a number of ways the statements above might be relevant to most of this team and hope that, even with some casualties, these characters emerge from this battle closer than ever and all-around better, happier people. 

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