SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY - The Millennium Falcon Looks Like A Hot Rod In These Crazy Alternate Designs

Solo: A Star Wars Story introduced us to a very different Millennium Falcon and in these crazy alternate designs, we see just how unique the iconic ship could have ended up looking in the spinoff movie...

One of the coolest things about Solo: A Star Wars Story was seeing Han first step foot on the Millennium Falcon and then learning just how much the iconic ship differed when it was owned by Lando Calrissian. While Lucasfilm could have very easily left it looking the same as in the original trilogy, that would have been pretty unimaginative and it also wouldn't have helped them shift toys.

Now, we've rounded up some amazing artwork from Ron Howard's spinoff movie showing just how different the Millenium Falcon could have looked had Lucasfilm's team of concept artists got their way! 

Some of these are bizarre and others are actually really cool but we think you'll have something to say about all of them. So, to take a look at the full list, simply click on the "View List" button below. Once you've done that, make sure to head to the comments section to let us know your thoughts on them.

Was the Falcon originally supposed to fly on its side? Well, it certainly appears that way based on this concept art which makes it look like it was actually once part of a considerably larger ship.

The cockpit and back of the Falcon is obviously very similar to the one we all know and love but the front of the ship is unrecognisable. The reason for the change obviously isn't clear, though.

Well, this is...unique. The gold decal here is definitely flashy enough for Lando's tastes and it's surprisingly easy imagining the finished product looking like this before Han later removed it all.

So, yeah, this is definitely a stretch. Had Lucasfilm moved forward with this design, the backlash (in terms of ridiculing the Falcon) would have no doubt been huge as this looks like a Hot Wheels toy!

Solo revealed that Lando installed an escape pod in the front of the Millennium Falcon, and this piece of artwork shows a very different take on that and actually points to it being another cockpit.

This artwork reveals the thought which went into how that front part of the Falcon could be removed in order to reveal a far more familiar design we were used to seeing in the original trilogy.

While the main part of the Falcon is instantly familiar, it's actually unrecognisable as a while as it has an entirely new front, back, and sides which may remind you somewhat of a TIE Fighter's wings.

Toys for the movie pointed to that escape pod potentially playing a key role in Solo and while it definitely helped our heroes out of a tricky situation, we never actually got to see its interior.

The Falcon looks a lot different here both in terms of the back and that pointed front. The orange decal looks fantastic and seeing as that colour has factored into the marketing, it would have worked nicely.

A very basic take on the Falcon here, this piece of artwork offers an interesting look at how the prequel's version of the ship was brought to life on the big screen and work which went into that.

A less flamboyant take on the iconic ship, this arguably looks a little basic and while it would have explained its origins, an argument could be made that the version we got was significantly better.


Here, we see nearly thirty alternate designs for the Millennium Falcon and we're sure you'll have something to say about each of them. Can you guys see the TIE Fighter and Y-Wing influences here? 

And here it is, the final design! Making the Millennium Falcon white and blue was definitely a smart move and it not only makes the ship stand out but you can also see how it became the way it did.

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