Torchwood Recruits Former 'Ghostbuster' Ernie Hudson For "Miracle Day"!

The team at Torchwood (Dr Who spin-off) have already gone up against ghosts, but that isn't stopping them recruiting their own Ghostbuster...

According to The Doctor Who News page, "Ghostbusters" actor Ernie Hudson has signed on for a role in "Torchwood: Miracle Day." No details have been confirmed as to how long he will appear in the show but the actor is said to be appearing in at least one episode of the 10-part series.

Also appearing int he series is C. Thomas Howell, who previously appeared in "ET: The Extra Terrestrial" and former "Dollhouse" actress Dichen Lachman.

In addition to the guest casting, "Torchwood" will introduce more American-based talent while production is taking place in the United States. Mekhi Phifer will be playing CIA agent Rex Matheson and Bill Pullman will take on the role of a diabolical killer.

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" will focus on a massive shift in society as the world wakes up to discover they do not age and are essentially immortal.

Despite reports to the contrary, BBC has not yet confirmed when "Torchwood: The New World" will premiere on BBC One. Although Starz, the American premium cable channel that picked up the show, has yet to confirm when the series will air in the United States, the broadcast dates are expected to be relatively close thanks to the joint production deal between both channels.

Add to that recent news of Wayne Knight joining up and you have quite a line-up.

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