GLASS: Bruce Willis' David Dunn And James McAvoy's The Beast Come Face To Face In New Set Video

GLASS: Bruce Willis' David Dunn And James McAvoy's The Beast Come Face To Face In New Set Video

James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb and his 23 personalities make their return to take on Bruce Willis' heroic David Dunn in these new set videos and photos from M. Night Shyamalan's Glass. Take a look!

By Kr08 - Nov 10, 2017 06:11 PM EST
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Filming for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is officially underway, and a few days ago, we received our first glimpse at Samuel L. Jackson's Elijah Price, aka Mr. Glass, making his return. Now, we have our first look at the return of James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb and his many personalities, but this time, he comes to blows with Bruce Willis' David Dunn in a new set video.

The video features our first look at David Dunn and The Beast battling for the first time outside of a mental facility in Allentown, Penssylvania. During the struggle, we see the Beast hold his own against Dunn, with Joseph Dunn (Spencer Treat Clark), David's son, throwing himself into the mix to help out his father.

Meanwhile, Anya Taylor-Joy's Casey Cooke also makes her return in new set photos, not only buying comic books for what appears to be for research purposes, but she also seems to be involved in the action sequence taking place outside of the mental facility with David Dunn, Kevin and his personalities, Mr. Glass, and Joseph Dunn.

M. Night Shyamalan's Glass hits theaters January 18th, 2019.

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GhostDog - 11/10/2017, 6:08 PM

Best comic shop in Philly. Shopping there every other week.
NotoriousWolf23 - 11/10/2017, 6:11 PM
Rewatched Unbreakable yesterday. Damn good movie. Also looks like James bulked up. Looks yolked!
TheRealMandarin - 11/10/2017, 6:12 PM
How david dunn gonna be old when in the post credit scene of split (which takes place a few seconds after the movie) he's his regular age
GhostDog - 11/10/2017, 6:14 PM
The one day I'm not at Brave New Worlds...and they're filming right there

Kr08 - 11/10/2017, 6:21 PM
@BlackBeltJones - My heart broke reading that. I would've done anything to be there.

GhostDog - 11/10/2017, 6:28 PM
@Kr08 - this was my one Friday off too. I try to stop in on my Fridays off, every second Friday of the month...

But I decided to be lazy today and lounge around the crib

Kr08 - 11/10/2017, 6:43 PM
@BlackBeltJones - That is some of the worst set of circumstances for an Unbreakable/Split fan. I live in Florida, so I would never think of that happening, but you live in Philly and go to the same comic shop.. Damn.

Think of it this way: out in the multiverse, you actually went and got to be an extra in Glass. The multiverse provides us the possibilities of our choices.

GhostDog - 11/10/2017, 7:47 PM
@Kr08 -

Write your own history

Kr08 - 11/10/2017, 6:15 PM
I'm guessing the reason why Robin Wright didn't come back is because now is when she would be filming the new season of House of Cards, but since that's dead, may be she can make an appearance!

BloodyBed - 11/10/2017, 6:18 PM
oooooo anya. fine wine and stuff.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/10/2017, 6:34 PM
We'll see how this is. Still don't know if I can trust M. Night though his last two movies were pretty good.
Kr08 - 11/10/2017, 6:36 PM
It's all coming true!

Slayer (David) vs Jaguaro (The Beast).

Shyamalan originally had Kevin and his personalities in Unbreakabale but replaced him with the Orange Man because it would've detracted from David's story. He planned this since 2000!

Repian - 11/10/2017, 6:45 PM
I hope that the character of Anya Taylor-Joy finally accepts that she is a hunter and goes after the beast as if it were her prey.
chewie - 11/10/2017, 7:00 PM
Haven’t seen Split but enjoyed Unbreakable. WTF is this movie about? A sequel to Unbreakable or Split? Or both?
MUTO123 - 11/10/2017, 7:01 PM
@chewie - Both.
chewie - 11/10/2017, 7:25 PM
@MUTO123 - thanks! Split worth watching? They seem like completely different movies if this is a sequel to both...
Kr08 - 11/10/2017, 7:29 PM
@chewie - The thing is Split was a secret sequel. Actually, it really isn't a sequel. Think of it as Captain America with Unbreakable being Iron Man. Both are in the same universe, but you don't find out til the end.

And yes! It is worth watching. One of the best performances from McAvoy and a great film overall.
MUTO123 - 11/10/2017, 7:29 PM
@chewie - It is. And it makes sense how they're in the same universe by the end.
chewie - 11/10/2017, 7:42 PM
@Kr08 -so is McAvoy a hero or villain? If the answer spoils it, don’t answer haha
chewie - 11/10/2017, 7:42 PM
@MUTO123 - thanks again! Will watch this weekend
Kitschy - 11/10/2017, 7:09 PM
NICE! Can't wait! Well, I will have to wait, unfortunately.
ElJefe - 11/10/2017, 7:10 PM
Let’s hope nobody in this movie sexually harasses anyone!!

M. Night seems a little creepy to me...
Kitschy - 11/10/2017, 7:23 PM
Skrull - 11/10/2017, 8:13 PM
@Kitschy - Man, his dancing! McAvoy freaked me out in Split. I'm not sure it was in a good way. lol
Kitschy - 11/10/2017, 9:40 PM
@Skrull - it was wicked for sure. Et cetera. 😆
MUTO123 - 11/10/2017, 7:23 PM

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