STAR WARS: Natalie Portman Says She's Open To Playing Padmé Amidala Again In A Future Project

STAR WARS: Natalie Portman Says She's "Open" To Playing Padmé Amidala Again In A Future Project

STAR WARS: Casting News For Daisy Ridley's Upcoming REY Movie Is Expected To Drop Imminently
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STAR WARS: Casting News For Daisy Ridley's Upcoming REY Movie Is Expected To Drop Imminently

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Hawknaba - 7/16/2019, 5:32 AM
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 5:44 AM
Didn't this movie lose, like, an astronomical amount of money? Weird investment to make a $300 collectable based on a character who appeared for a handful of seconds in said film.
MetalPug - 7/16/2019, 2:27 PM
@tmp3 - it’s Star Wars, Its a previously established character, it’ll easily sell just fine. Had it been some minor, one-off side character from the movie i may have agreed with you.. but being a Maul figure, the hot toys and Star Wars collectors will eat it up. Not to mention it looks like an awesome Hot Toys figure. What the Solo film made has very little effect on how this will sell honestly. But hey, that’s just my non-expert opinion.
fadersdream - 7/18/2019, 7:58 AM
@tmp3 - Yeah, but after twenty years he's the only thing salvageable that has been made.

It's this or Porgs.
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 6:20 AM
Speaking of Solo, it's pretty interesting that Disney killed all of the spin-offs that were in development after this one bombed; the Obi Wan film even had a director attached. Sounds like those stories will be relegated to Disney+? Though I feel like Obi Wan's one of those projects that'll never get off the ground, idk.
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 6:37 AM
@PeterCipher - Half finished? They reshot the whole film! It should feel twice finished!
Obi Wan probs won't factor in D&D/Johnson's trilogies, so it sounds like it'll be a Disney+ show at best, and even then... I don't know. They're doing a Cassian Andor show, so anything's possible I guess.
santoanderson - 7/16/2019, 6:37 AM
@tmp3 - I’d still get excited for a Ewan McGregor led solo Obi Wan film or a Boba Fett sequel.

I think there’s still potential for standalone Star Wars films. Disney just has to pick the right movies. I got excited when Disney announced that they were doing a heist film about the Death Star plans. It’s a fun concept for a movie.

I did not get excited when Disney announced a young Han Solo prequel, and the only thing that got me interested in the film were the directors… who they promptly fired. Solo just felt like a movie very few people wanted to see, and I was not surprised when it bombed.
IronGenesis - 7/16/2019, 6:37 AM
@tmp3 - on the plus side...Ewan McGregor is looking really youthful still. So it’s not like he would age out of playing Obi-Wan anytime soon.
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 6:40 AM
@santoanderson - Ewan is the only part of the prequels I ever liked. Great actor, really happy to see him in such a high demand nowadays. Excited to see him as grown up Danny in Doctor Sleep
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 6:41 AM
@PeterCipher - Trilogy? I said Trilogies. That's like 6 movies between the two of them.
tmp3 - 7/16/2019, 6:49 AM
@PeterCipher - On the plus side, LucasFilm isn't HBO - they'll micro-manage D&D a lot more so I doubt we'll get their GoT S8 [frick]ery again.
Reeds2Much - 7/16/2019, 6:50 AM
FireandBlood - 7/16/2019, 7:16 AM
Need this skin for Battlefront II already.
Omegacron - 7/17/2019, 10:05 AM
Beautiful figure - the detail on the head & horns is just amazing. Also, I don't see how his death in Rebels wasn't epic enough. He obsessed over killing Obi-Wan Kenobi for 20 years, then ended up dying in his arms with a mutual respect for each other. That's pretty epic character development if you ask me.
fadersdream - 7/18/2019, 8:04 AM
I'm hating when people get excited for the Rise of Skywalker trailers, nothing happens, it's just edited to make you react even though there isn't anything there.

It is a video of a woman in the desert jumping over something while someone laughs.
That's it.

The music makes it seem epic, but it's just a space ninja flipping over a little rocket ship.
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