Linda Hamilton to do voice over work for Terminator Salvation

Linda Hamilton to do voice over work for Terminator Salvation

This would be the link that the studio needs to recreate the success of T2. Not only would this create a sense of nostalgia from the fans of the first 2 Terminator films but it also bridges the gap between the old and now new franchise.

By jman1977 - Feb 20, 2009 12:02 AM EST
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Speaking to MTV news Linda Hamilton recently revealed that she is in talks to do some voice over work for the upcoming film Terminator Salvation. Linda goes on to say “We are talking, “I haven't read it yet. I don’t know what direction they will go in.” My contribution would be voiceover,” she said. “I would probably be very happy to loan my voice depending on what the material is. Wait and see. They're already writing it. We've been negotiating it.”

This would be the link that the studio needs to recreate the success of T2. Not only would this create a sense of nostalgia from the fans of the first 2 Terminator films but it also bridges the gap between the old and now new franchise. If fans get the jest that certain creative aspects have changed the feeling of a new film in a current franchise be it Terminator, LOTR, or The Batman, then studios brace themselves and hope that the fans approve of the change. If not, then the film is not successful ex T3. Their acting like that one never happened.

In fact when I heard that they were doing another Terminator, my initial reaction was "meh, but then add that the story will be set in the future (Sweet, we have been waiting for that since the opening scene in T2), and then add Bale as John Conner (great casting pick). Now put Linda Hamilton's voice in the beginning and hopefully end of the movie to tie all the loose ends up, and make it feel like a continuation of the successful arm of the franchise (I have to say perfect choice of actions), that move has just bumped up Terminator Salvation on my must see list of 2009 instead of waiting to see what some washed up critic has to say about the film.

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vonstallin - 2/20/2009, 9:16 AM
Sounds good!!!
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 2/20/2009, 10:15 AM
Bale should do the voice over, I think it would go something like this.

"A war, a war between man and machines. They we're built to help us but they aren't F*CKING PROFESSIONAL! IF THEY WONDER INTO MY LINE OF SIGHT AGAIN I'LL KICK THEIR F*CKING ASS!"
CrookedJaw - 2/20/2009, 10:27 AM
Sweet...That's actually going to bring that sense of nostalgia to the film...sweet
loganoneil - 2/20/2009, 11:04 AM
Soooo, does this mean that the third film never happened (I hope, I pray...)? Will this tie-in with the TV series somehow?
Betty - 2/20/2009, 11:29 AM
Cool, best way to skip T3! Suck-ass movie. Also, i havent read any plot previews but does anyone know if it is going to be based on the burning earth series done years ago with alex ross?
KsAoC - 2/20/2009, 11:57 AM
man why are people so hestiant about this movie. i loved T1 & T2. I put T2 as my top three childhood films and am extremely excited for this. i think they did a good job of showing what the future could be like and that trailer with the score from the first two films just made it an absolute must see for me. i think they are making a concentrated effor to pay they're respects to the first two films.

my anticipation is on-par with that of watchmen and even greater than wolverine. and i love everything x-men. in my comic collection, i def. have a lot more x-books than any other title. just reading about what McG has said about the film has disspelled any reservations i had about him being the director.
DarkAvengers - 2/20/2009, 1:19 PM
Great idea.
loganoneil - 2/20/2009, 2:22 PM
KsAoC - I'll tell you why... six words - "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"... that's why!
Crusader - 2/20/2009, 3:37 PM
Even though the movie suck I think T3 was needed. T2 ended as if they stopped judgement day. So in T3 the message was judgement day was inevitable. They could of made a better story, or just a better cast. T4 should tie up any loose ends, but if they make T5 I will protest til my throat hurts.
loganoneil - 2/20/2009, 3:48 PM
Crusader, I would disagree - I thought it would be better to leave it open-ended, that way you have no clue if Judgement Day was really going to happen or not. Of course, IF they HAD succeeded in twarthing the big 'JD', then TECHINCALLY wouldn't a whole new time line be created? Think about it, if there's no Judgement Day, there's no war. No war, no time travel. No time travel, no way to send Kyle back in the past to hook up with Sarah. No hookup, no John.

On the other hand - no John, no way to stop Skynet and the rise of the machines... and the whole thing starts all over again (which means Judgement Day IS inevitable!). Dude, this is what's refered to as a 'temporal loop'. I'm a science geek (can you tell?)...

In any case, if they were going to let it go, they should have left it at T2 (kinda' like the 'Matrix' - did we REALLY need to see 2 & 3...?)
slimybug - 2/20/2009, 4:09 PM
Why, Linda? Why?

Why would you sell out like this? There Terminator duology was a perfectly self-contained, and beautiful story that James Cameron told. And it was real art. Everything else is nothing more than these other idiots trying to earn some bucks by cashing in on the name "Terminator." And now Linda's just encouraging it.

OH well. I guess no one in Hollywood's above selling their soul for a new Porsche.
Crusader - 2/20/2009, 4:23 PM
Loganoneil, and anyone else who didn't like T3 should know that we are not the only people who look at these movies. What about the people who don't have common sense. If they would of skip T3 some idiot in the audience of T4 would said " duh.....I thought they stop judgement in part 2". The producers don't make movies for us.....they make it for America(which isn't the sharpest tool in the shed).
loganoneil - 2/20/2009, 5:59 PM
Crusader - point well taken, BUT on the other hand, it was a crappy film overall. Recycled plot (was this 'Terminator' or 'Rocky XXIII'?), wooden performances (you know you're in trouble when the best performance was put out by 'Ah-nuld', and he was playing a MACHINE!), humdrum action sequences (seen it before - been there, done that...), and crappy special effects (did anyone REALLY believe that Ah-nuld was hanging from that crane as it was being driven though those buildings?) spell a BORING film (regardless of whether or not it was made for the fanboys and girls!).
YaBoyRD - 2/20/2009, 8:14 PM
T3: This movie would have been fine if once, JUST ONCE, the main characters would have simply RUN AWAY instead of just standing and staring at obvious threats... or if T3's John Conner seemed to have ANY of the common sense one would expect from a terminal off-the-grid survivor. The action, story, and fx were all pretty good. Too bad when good movies are ruined by bad dialogue and character portrayal.

I'm digging the TV series, though. I don't know what it'll mean for continuity but these situations and characters make for a fun TV playground.

Rock On, Superfans...!

Seth Asa
parascythe - 2/21/2009, 4:19 AM
i wanted to see how this movie will turn out if james cameron directed this too
crappybumbum - 2/21/2009, 10:00 AM
Linda Hamilton?!?! COOL MAN!
She played a great character man and it would be great to have her do voiceover. It's just PERFECT
Aiiwolf - 2/21/2009, 12:05 PM
PURE GENIUS. Totally see that VIBE being recreated....see the third gave us Arnold one last time...and that was awesome..even though linda hamilton wasnt in the movie....But to have her voice over...its like at least ONE PERSON we recognize will have some sort of a relationship with this film. Sweet!
HarrisonBergeron - 2/22/2009, 12:42 AM
I too have been waiting for a Terminator movie set in the future, BUT the movie we're getting aint the future I wanted a movie of. I wanted the future from T2 and SCC, not this "new" future with transformers and all kinds of other random robots running around during the day.

I think that the ultimate downfall of this movie will be its budget, it looks like they spent way more money on it than they needed too... are we sure Arnold isn't attached to this movie?
TaffetaDarling - 2/22/2009, 4:54 PM
I think it could be good. The dead mother voice over as the grown John Connor finally faces the much talked of battle. It could almost make me forget that this is part four of a film that should have stopped at one. But they're obviously going forward with it so i am glad there will be some familiarity. Plus come on man, it's Christian F*k*n Bale.
HarrisonBergeron - 2/22/2009, 7:29 PM
If there aren't skinless T-800s walking through fields of bleached skulls with drones flying around I am going to be angry.
Aiiwolf - 2/22/2009, 10:25 PM
I hope they make this movie go as far into the future as they can...and PART 5 if thats what they are trying to do with the franchise....have "CONNER send his dad back to the past" as an end to the series.

It woudl make more sense...that way if they ever decide to reboot it..or make another version....they can either prevent it from happening...or have it where it already happen as a side story.

I dunno where they are going with this....but I do hope it is good.
PhoenixLover - 3/6/2009, 12:14 AM
I'm still trying to figure out if I'm even excited about this movie coming out. I loved the whole "JD is inevitable" and all but I agree wholeheartedly with Loganoneil. It just didn't have the same spark and edge-of-my-seat moments like the first two. I found it ironic and amusing (i.e. he can bulldoze through concrete on a crane but is stopped by a fire truck) but I just didn't enjoy it as a "third" to the series.

And for the girls out there who are saying, "OMG, it's Christian Bale!" and squealing; PLEASE STOP. I'm a girl and I can't stand him. I put up with him in Batman because I love the Bat. It's like the people that caused me to miss out on tickets for opening night to the Dark Knight because of Heath Ledger. If you're not a true fan, please wait your turn.
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