MOVIE REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (NO SPOILERS)

Are you not hearing good things on the web? Is it a tangle of villains? Does it get stuck in its own web? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released here in the UK on April 16th. Click the jump to find out whether the critics were right in my review for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Marc Webb spins an electrifying sequel that sends our friendly neighbourhood hero swinging into his most 'amazing' appearance yet with the theme of time; as he tries to keep his life together. Emma Stone reprises her role as Gwen Stacy and reminds us how great both Andrew Garfield and Emma's chemistry are in the film.

The main grip people had with the first one that it didn't feel like a Spider-Man film because of the dark scenes and less Spidey swinging. It's not dark anymore; Spidey swinging in daylight. With a sinister web of Spider Slayers in the form of Electro, Green Goblin and the Rhino sticking Peter in his stickiest situation yet, you'll be crawling up the wall, surging with excitement as the visuals on screen charge through all expectations. For an ultimate experience that tingles the senses. This film "hits the jackpot" and the web-slinging first person perspective shots are worth a 3D ticket price.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) had problems such as showing too much in the trailers, but when you go to see the film's the story has been altered and many scenes were cut. Well it's the same case with its sequel, lines such as: 'I do some web design...not everyone has a happy know what it is that I love about being Spider-Man. Everything" This problem also is a positive because the creates surprises. For people like me who watched all the trailers, clips and TV spots it was still surprising how much was new and fresh; scenes we hadn't seen which most people say we saw the whole film. The scenes with Aleksei Sytsevich (Rhino) were very short and 75% of the scenes with him had already been seen in the trailers therefore they weren't intense as the 'Captain America The Winter Solider' car chases.

In the film we also get gaps filled in for the plots that were left hanging for the audience in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) such as: Why Peters parents really left? We discover who the 'Man in the Shadows' is, from the frequently discussed post credits scene.

Music is composed by Hans Zimmer who also worked on Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. The score is satisfying but doesn't live up to his work on Man of Steel which was sensational. The film contains a number of and references from Spider-Man comics, including: Doc Ock, Vulture and many more I will let you discover the rest yourself.

The main negative is there are many subplots in the film such as Max Dillon not developed enough. The fight scenes ended too quickly. Goblin's laugh wasn't menacing like Willem Dafoe's or maybe they are saving that for 'The Future?' The storyline for Uncle Ben looks to be forgotten; including the famous quote 'with great power comes great responsibility' Uncle Ben's character is essential to Spider-Man's origin but is forgotten in this film which is really bad. This last one is not really a negative; no post credits scene in the middle or end which is disappointing since the first one no one had a clue who the Man in the Shadows was until the nearer the release of this sequel. This shows they could have made the fans do some solid homework after the movie again. However X-Men fans can have a 2 minute scene just after the mid-credit scene (I don't why it was their just really odd?)

The Verdict:
Overall, it's a film to have a spectacular and electrifying time with some plots getting their knot tied together from the previous film as well as bridging subplots for future instalments, giving you a satisfying but complex plots throughout the film. Swing down to a local theatre near you. Just don't get stuck by the webs.


I should have held onto it for much longer...the threads cut loose now.

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