Casting Calls Reveal Spider-Man Freshman Year Character Descriptions

Spider-Man Freshman Year character descriptions have been uncovered by the folks at illuminerdi. Check out the characters who this variant of MCU Peter Parker will interact with!

   Fans have been very curious abut Spider-Man Freshman Year. What was initially thought to be the origin of 616´s own MCU Peter Parker, portrayed in live action by english actor Tom Holland, turned out to be the origin of a variant Peter Parker in the multiverse of the MCU. This was first discovered when in it´s San Diego Comic Con panel, the heads of Spider-Man Freshman Year unveiled concept art that included previously unseen characters like the 616 versions of Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Amadeus Cho, Chameleon, Rhino and Doctor Octopus. Fans were left perplexed as to why (if this show was indeed canon) Tom Holland´s Peter Parker didn´t say anything in No Way Home about his own Norman Osborn and  Otto Octavious. Another head scratcher was the fact that Mac Gargan appears in Spider-Man Homecoming (although he isn´t Scorpion yet), and yet, despite all this, Scorpion will appear in Spider-Man Frashman Year (a show that was initially sold as a prequel to Spider-Man Homecoming). 

Despite all of this, the confusion was laid to rest when a producer of the show confirmed that this show would follow a variant of our 616 Peter. It will start just like when Peter picked up the blu-ray from Captain America: Civil War, but there will be one big difference. Instead of Tony Stark being the one who waits for him with Aunt May, it will be Norman Osborn. So to summarize, this show won´t be a MCU 616 prequel as initially promised, but more a "What If Norman Osborn Was Peter Parker´s Mentor Instead of Tony Stark".

Following Marvel Enternatinment´s San Diego Comic Con panel, the folks at The Illuminerdi managed to find the character descriptions of some of the new character that this variant of Peter Parker will interact with. Here are the character descriptions:

For Aunt May Marvel is looking to cast a Caucasian woman in her 40s who sounds Marisa Tomei-esque. She is a loving aunt to Peter and is described as a fun loving jokester who is able to bring a smile to the face of everyone she meets, but with wisdom beyond her years.

Marvel is looking to cast a Caucasian man in his late 40s. He is described as an enigmatic and confident, but sometimes humorous mentor. He wants the best for those around him, but can be intense. Now, during the Marvel Studios Animation panel they announced that Norman Osborn was going to be a part of Spider-Man Freshman Year as a mentor for Peter, taking on the role Tony Stark did in the MCU films.

This could be Norman Osborn.

Marvel is also looking to cast a Japanese teenage girl who is described as the snarky, but caring best friend. Her apathetic and goth aesthetic allows her to divert attention when things get too personal. She keeps things close to the vest when it comes to her past and doesn’t trust superheroes. It was announced during the Marvel Studios Animation panel that Peter Parker’s best friend in Spider-Man Freshman Year would be Nico Minoru which seems to fit this description perfectly. 

Marvel is also looking to cast a Korean male in his late teens. The character is described as the epitome of a “tech bro,” usually the smartest person in the room and never misses an opportunity to let everyone know it. Constantly showing off his intellect he loves being the center of attention to boost up his ego.

This could be the announced Amadeus Cho.

Marvel is looking to cast an African-American male in his teens to play the Captain of the Bales High School Football team. Described as hardworking, charming, humble, and impossible to hate. Mike has a kind heart and a good head on his shoulders, but a morally challenging journey ahead of him. 

Marvel is also looking to cast a Filipina girl in her teens to play a character named “Shin.” She is a Junior at Bales High School and Varsity Swim team star. She is described as smart, comedic, and kind while also being very popular. She knows exactly who she is and has the confidence to match it.

Marvel is looking to cast African-American/Korean male in his teens to play a character named “Mel.” Described as an affluent and fashionable teenager who seems to have it all, but in reality lives an isolated and secluded lifestyle. A bit of a hipster and eager to find friends although he tries to play it cool in front of people.

Spider-Man Freshman Year is looking to cast an African girl in her teens, will speak with a South African accent, named “Liza.” Liza is not only a genius science prodigy exchange student she is the most cheerful and optimistic person one could ever meet. Usually one of the most intelligent people in any room she is still able to maintain a childlike wonder.

Could this be Shuri?

Spider-Man Freshman Year is also looking to cast a Caucasian teenage girl to play a character named “Raven.” A teenage genius who would rather be on her own than be surrounded by people. She’d rather sit silently on hew own than engage in meaningless small talk, but when she does speak up she comes off as blunt and straight forward. While not rude she does get straight to the point.

Spider-Man Freshman Year is also looking to cast a man in his early 20s of any ethnicity. An impulsive criminal whose biggest weakness is his own incompetence. With the energy of a social media influencer he believes himself to be the star of his own show. 

Spider-Man: Freshman Year follows Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, with a journey unlike we've ever seen and a style that celebrates the character's early comic book roots.

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