MADAME WEB Has (Somehow) Reached #1 In Netflix's Top 10 Movies List Since Debuting On Tuesday

MADAME WEB Has (Somehow) Reached #1 In Netflix's Top 10 Movies List Since Debuting On Tuesday

MADAME WEB Is Now Streaming On Netflix - Was The Movie Really That Bad?
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MADAME WEB Is Now Streaming On Netflix - Was The Movie Really That Bad?

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bkmeijer2 - 6/16/2020, 3:50 AM
They really should just throw characters like Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter (and maybe even Cindy Moon too) in that female Spider-Verse spin-off to see if there really is a demand for these characters first
eagc1995 - 6/16/2020, 7:27 AM
@MalseMarcel - As far i know it does seem we will see Jessica and Cindy in the spin off, though i could be wrong/misremembering it.
JustALurker - 6/16/2020, 7:10 PM
@MalseMarcel - it would be another, Ocean's 8, Ghostbusters 2016 situation. Where the movie is bad and men are blamed for hating it due to sexism.
JDL - 6/16/2020, 4:10 AM
If these films don't make money look to Sony to get out of the biz. Spidey is their only tentpole IP remaining since they lost Bond.
Saintsinnister - 6/16/2020, 4:13 AM
Nobody wants this do they? Maybe a Spider-woman movie, although general audiences have never embraced her as a good character. I’m willing to bet these eventually get scrapped along with all the other lame spin offs that have been put to sleep in the past. Venom was a success because people know that character and love it. A spiderverse with mere Easter eggs of actual Spider-Man is lame.
JustALurker - 6/16/2020, 7:14 PM
@Saintsinnister - I think the only "female version of a popular character" that succeeded as it's own was BatGirl. Hopefully she-hulk too. spider-Women never felt like a B-lister, a C-lister even.
AC1 - 6/16/2020, 4:43 AM
I don't see why they won't extend their deal with Marvel Studios to other properties. Look how successful the two Spidey movies have been with Marvel Studios working on them - then compare that to Venom which was pretty much just carried by Tom Hardy's star power.

Especially with Spider-Woman, who I'm pretty sure has ties to SHIELD and was a pretty big part of the Avengers comics for a while (I may be wrong there) it'd make sense to do a joint deal with the character guaranteeing connectivity with the MCU and pretty much ensuring a higher quality movie too. And they should do that with the rest of the Spider-Centric characters too.
WeaponXCII - 6/16/2020, 4:47 AM
Just like how that Silver and Black movie ended up, right?

L0RDbuckethead - 6/16/2020, 6:27 AM
@WeaponXCII - This was my exact thought lol
Chewtoy - 6/16/2020, 6:36 AM
“ there's been a lot of chatter online that the Madame Web movie Sony Pictures is developing will revolve around Julia Carpenter...”

“ remain confused as to why Sony Pictures' Universe of Marvel Characters is prioritising an elderly psychic over so many other heroes and villains they hold the rights to.”

...what? Did Julia have a sudden age spurt like Cap now?
JustALurker - 6/16/2020, 7:20 PM
@Chewtoy - we are talking about obscure Spiderman side-characters. Madame webs biggest appearances both had her as an elderly woman. Prolly aunt may of her universe.

KrazyForKomix - 6/16/2020, 6:48 AM
I'm sure this is old news but how is it that Sony has the rights to Spider-Woman? I could POSSIBLY see how they have access to Julia Carpenter. But Jessica Drew?!?
eagc1995 - 6/16/2020, 7:31 AM
@KrazyForKomix - Obiously because of the name Spider-Woman, they own the rights to every version of Spider-Woman regardless if she's tied to Peter or not.

Its the same case as how it was with Fox before the buyout, they had the rights to every single mutant, even if the character has nothing to do with X-Men (Heck back when Perlmutter was throwing tanturms over not having the rights, they put a ban on creating new mutants characters cause they wouldn't own the rights)
Tonic24k - 6/16/2020, 8:28 AM
OMG.....stop. Sony, stick to animation. Y'all are killing it with the Miles stuff. Leave the live action to Marvel Studios. That just ain't your lane.
thepowerofseven - 6/16/2020, 1:35 PM
@Tonic24k - haha holy$#!t, I didn't read your entry until just now and wrote almost exactly the same thing! haha well, it's good to know someone agrees!
Tonic24k - 6/18/2020, 6:21 AM
@thepowerofseven - Yeah dude. It only makes sense and everyone gets some of that Marvel pie.
itzayaboy - 6/16/2020, 9:02 AM
Why do they think people actually want this? No one wants this.
TheWarThor - 6/16/2020, 3:04 PM
@zachman2013 - This is what I cannot understand! Nobody asked for this movie. I hope they learn their lesson when the movie bombs.
JustALurker - 6/16/2020, 7:32 PM
@Kiwiavenger - @zachman2013 - the value of the company will be gradually increase with a bigger announced catalogue of movies, this is just a ploy for the investors, I don't recall silver and black being releaced.
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