STAR WARS Star Daisy Ridley Says She "Would Love" To Play SPIDER-WOMAN In A Marvel Movie

STAR WARS Star Daisy Ridley Says She "Would Love" To Play SPIDER-WOMAN In A Marvel Movie STAR WARS Star Daisy Ridley Says She "Would Love" To Play SPIDER-WOMAN In A Marvel Movie

Daisy Ridley is best known for playing Rey in the Star Wars sequels, but has she already set her sights on a Marvel role? In a new interview, the actress admits that Spider-Woman is a definite possibility.

By JoshWilding - Feb 23, 2021 04:02 AM EST
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Olivia Wilde has been tasked by Sony Pictures with directing a Spider-Woman movie, and there's a lot of speculation about which actress will end up taking on the role of Jessica Drew (assuming that's who ultimately ends up beneath the mask). One name we've heard mentioned quite a bit is Daisy Ridley. 

The Star Wars and Chaos Walking star is arguably well-suited for another big franchise, and after working with Tom Holland, she likely knows a lot about his positive experiences in a Marvel role. 

Well, as you can see below, Ridley has expressed interest in potentially suiting up as Spider-Woman. In fact, she seems fully on board with the idea of joining the Marvel Universe, though admits that she hasn't heard anything official about playing this character when she makes her big screen debut. 

It's still early days for Spider-Woman, of course, and Wilde is currently busy shooting something else entirely. As a result, it could be a while before we get any solid casting news from the trades.

Check out Ridley's take on the possibility of playing Spider-Woman below:

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our top 10 picks for Spider-Woman!

10. Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander deserved better than Tomb Raider, a movie that proved to be an underwhelming adaptation of the hit video game series. The talented actress did a great job as Lara Croft, though, and established herself as being someone more than capable of playing a legitimate badass warrior. 

That's a description that perfectly suits Jessica Drew, and Vikander definitely has the right look to play Spider-Woman. Bear in mind that she's an Academy Award winner too, so people would no doubt take this project a whole lot more seriously with someone as talented as her on screen. 

Spider-Woman has plenty of impressive powers, but she needs to be formidable from a physical standpoint, and that's why Vikander's name is one that instantly leaps off the page. 

9. Natalia Reyes


Terminator: Dark Fate disappointed at the box office when it was released last October despite being perhaps the best instalment of the franchise since Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Natalia Reyes deserves a lot of credit for that, though, because she proved to be a compelling and exciting presence in the long-running series who definitely left us wanting more. 

That probably won't happen, of course, but there's nothing to say she can't lend her skills to another big budget blockbuster. Reyes is another exciting possibility for Jessica Drew and it's not at all hard to imagine her portraying the tough as nails spy. 

She could also bring a vulnerability to Spider-Woman which may be needed, especially if she ends up going on the run from whatever organisation she was working for before suiting up (in the comics, she was a double agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA but that likely won't be touched on in the SUMC). 

8. Olivia Wilde


Why not? 

While the actress is making waves as a director, there's really no reason she couldn't also step in front of the camera to play Jessica Drew as well. Bear in mind that the character has been portrayed as a seasoned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the comic books, not to mention the mother of a young child. 

That makes Wilde the perfect age for a slightly more mature version of Spider-Woman, and the beautiful actress most definitely looks the part of the webbed warrior. 

The chances of this happening are slim, but directors have been known to also perform in the projects they take charge of, so it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility. We'll just have to wait and see, but someone Wilde has collaborated with in the past is someone we'll get to a little later here.

7. Katherine Langford


Katherine Langford ended up being cut from Avengers: Endgame, but she's made an impact in 13 Reasons Why and Knives Out, so we know that the actress is a talent worth watching. In terms of appearance, she looks like a Jessica Drew who has just been torn straight from the pages of the comics, but a role like this requires more than just the right look.

In Langford's case, it's just a bonus, as she's one heck of a talent and the right age to make a team-up of sorts with Tom Holland's Spider-Man a very real and exciting possibility. 

The actress has some serious dramatic chops, and could make Jessica both a character who people fall in love with and someone they soon realise is a legitimate badass. If Sony is looking for someone to play Spider-Woman they can turn into a star, Langford is a downright excellent choice. 

6. Ana de Armas


Ana de Armas first came to our attention in Blade Runner 2049, but it was Knives Out that really put the actress on the map. She delivered a phenomenal performance in the Rian Johnson helmed murder mystery, and there's now a huge amount of excitement to see her in action in No Time to Die

A James Bond movie will be the perfect place for de Armas to get used to the spy world, and the Cuban-Spanish actress would undoubtedly be a superb addition to Sony's Spider-Man Universe. 

If Sony Pictures is hoping to launch a whole new franchise with Spider-Woman, de Armas would definitely fit the bill, and at 31, she's the right age to play Jessica Drew over an entire series of movies. 

5. Florence Pugh


Yes, Florence Pugh is about to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, but if Yelena Belova is only going to be in Black Widow, then there's no reason Sony Pictures can't be next to add her to a major superhero franchise. Her star is on the rise in a big way, and Pugh would add some legitimacy to the project as well. 

That could be necessary for a movie many moviegoers will probably dismiss as "Spider-Man...but a girl!" and if you've seen Fighting With My Family, you'll know how tough Pugh comes across.

She also has an extremely likeable side, and that's essential for a hero who has a murky past and is no stranger to being a double agent. In some ways, this could be too similar to her role in the MCU as another Black Widow, but depending on what route Sony takes Spider-Woman in, there's no reason this couldn't work.

4. Jessica Henwick


Jessica Henwick recently revealed that she came close to playing Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and that's something a lot of fans would have liked to see, especially after her work in Iron Fist

The Netflix series won the actress a lot of fans, but with her unlikely to get the opportunity to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be great to see her instead suit up in the SUMC.

She could be a truly badass version of Spider-Woman, and has the fighting skills to make Jessica Drew feel like a true force to be reckoned with on the big screen. That's a must for this hero! 

3. Rosa Salazar


Rosa Salazar is another up and comer who won't get the opportunity to return to the role that put her on the map. Alita: Battle Angel boasted a huge budget (making it impossible for it to turn a decent profit), but Salazar's performance - which was heavily enhanced with CGI - stood out.

She's a likeable, talented presence who is no stranger to action, and she could bring a human quality to Jessica Drew which Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, for example, was lacking. 

He wasn't a character it was fun to spend time with until he transformed into Venom but Spider-Woman needs to be more than that, and we're confident Salazar has all the necessary qualities to make it work. 

2. Lana Condor


Lana Condor had a bit part in X-Men: Apocalypse as Jubilee, but she's since gone on to do much more than that. She's excelled in To All the Boys I've Loved Before and its various sequels, while it was recently revealed that the actress also came close to landing the role of Rey in Star Wars

That aside, and Condor is another fresh face whose big break is surely on the horizon and it's not hard to see why she would make a good choice for a character such as this.

Yet again, she's not necessarily someone fans would suggest for the role, but if you can't picture her playing a badass superspy, we're not sure what to say! This would be something different, but that's no bad thing, and it would add a diverse and exciting talent to the planned movie. 

1. Kaitlyn Dever


Kaitlyn Dever may not seem like the most obvious choice to play Spider-Woman, but she's an incredible actress who has delivered amazing performances in the likes of Unbelievable and Booksmart. The latter was obviously directed by Wilde, so a reunion with Spider-Woman makes sense!

Remember, in the Ultimate Universe, Jessica Drew is a female clone of Peter Parker's, and with Sony not having access to S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, Sony could easily choose to take things in that direction.

In that case, Dever could be a perfect fit, and she would bring a youthful energy to the webbed warrior which helps her stand out as a vibrant and unique new addition to Sony's own shared world. 
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SPIDER-WOMAN Director Olivia Wilde Offers Cryptic Response When Asked About Her Marvel Movie

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BritishMonkey - 2/23/2021, 4:24 AM
Jessica has no relation with Spider-man other than name though, so.
She'd more likely appear in something like Falcon and Winter Soldier.
Spock0Clock - 2/23/2021, 4:40 AM
@BritishMonkey - It doesn't matter what the comics say, the deal with Sony has (almost certainly) given them the full gamut of Spider-Characters. And while we may see more Sony/Marvel cooperation in future, it's likely that a Spider-Woman franchise would operate like Venom and Morbius (i.e. maybe Sony puts stuff in from the MCU Spider-Man movies, but only Spidey and his supporting cast will be showing up in Feige's projects).

To be clear, there's a lot we don't know, but it's probably best to treat the adaptation of Spider-Woman like one of Spidey's rogues who is getting their own solo movies.
NolanMarek - 2/23/2021, 4:28 AM
I’m all for it. Daisy FTW!
WakandanQueen - 2/23/2021, 4:31 AM
Give all the sequel trilogy stars MCU roles. Show them how it's done, Feige.
Spock0Clock - 2/23/2021, 4:35 AM
I know I'm going to lose this fight, but I keep hoping for a very British (and theoretically white) take on Psylocke, at least at first, like the original Betsy. Ridley would be ace casting for her.

But I genuinely don't know how Feige would square the circle on the Braddock family. If you play them as siblings, then either you make Captain Britain Asian (which would be entirely legitimate, I think, except insofar as Psylocke goes full ninja for some reason despite a super-British upbringing), or you go down the problematic rabbithole of cross-racial body-swapping (and the eager cultural appropriation Betsy engaged in after).

And if I'm going out on a limb, may as well give it a bounce: what if they just made Betsy Captain Britain to begin with (or had her and Brian essentially share the mantle in a loose multiversey kind of way, maybe Brian takes the Necklace and Betsy takes the Sword)?
Spock0Clock - 2/23/2021, 4:46 AM
Although I am now keenly aware that I may be typecasting her as a telepathic wielder of a glowing colored blade.
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