DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn Responds To Rumors Margot Robbie Is Returning In HARLEY QUINN Prequel Series

DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn Responds To Rumors Margot Robbie Is Returning In HARLEY QUINN Prequel Series

Despite a huge number of actors from the DCEU being recast for the DCU, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is expected to stick around under DC Studios' watch. Now, James Gunn has responded to one big rumour...

By JoshWilding - Apr 11, 2023 04:04 AM EST
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Since being appointed co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, James Gunn has wasted no time in reshaping the DCU. A whole new slate of movies and TV shows has been announced, and we've already bid farewell to actors like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Dwayne Johnson.

Gal Gadot's time as Diana Prince is also believed to be over after Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped, but what about Harley Quinn? 

So far, we've seen Gunn bring a number of his actors from The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker into the DCU, and there have been rumblings for a while Margot Robbie will be among them. That's led to some backlash from fans upset about being forced to bid farewell to some of their other DCEU favourites, but what's next for Harley?

Over the weekend, a rumour started doing the rounds suggesting a prequel series is in the works, claiming it would tell "the story of how her need to save the Joker led to her mind being shattered."

We're not sure what the point of a show like that would be after 2016's Suicide Squad, but it's an intriguing enough premise. 

When Gunn was asked to chime in, he confirmed the rumoured series isn't in the works. Unfortunately, the filmmaker didn't clarify when and where we might see Harley again, hardly a surprise when none of the projects in "Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters" seem like a good fit for the anti-hero. 

She's bound to show up at some point, of course, and we'd be shocked if it isn't for a solo project of some sort. A long-overdue team-up with Poison Ivy would definitely be welcomed by fans. 

Would you like to see more of Robbie's Harley Quinn in the DCU?

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tmp3 - 4/11/2023, 5:09 AM
she'll survive the reboot, but it's kind of concerning that not even gunn could make her all that interesting and he even found a way to make rick flagg interesting.
GhostDog - 4/11/2023, 5:20 AM
@tmp3 - and the fact that it ft so obvious Gunn was trying to do something with her and it just wants clicking. That whole arc of hers felt like the movie kept stopping and switching over to another film.
GhostDog - 4/11/2023, 5:17 AM
Leave her on the shelf for a good while. Plenty of other characters to shine a light on
tmp3 - 4/11/2023, 5:24 AM
@GhostDog - lol knowing gunn that ain't gonna happen, watch her pop up somewhere a couple projects in
Repian - 4/11/2023, 5:32 AM
@GhostDog - I can imagine The Creeper in Gunn's DCU. Maybe he's a member of the New Suicide Squad. Although Gunn will surely make The Creeper have sex with the legs of the other members of the squad.

GhostDog - 4/11/2023, 5:33 AM
@Repian - loved the BTAS Creeper. This can be a great part for a character actor.
Repian - 4/11/2023, 5:42 AM
@GhostDog - You know that David Dastmalchian is going to be Gunn's new pretty boy. You know it, I know it and we all know it. So he will be The Creeper.
soupysales - 4/11/2023, 2:53 PM
@Repian - he's kind of pretty, but my opinion, too tall and thin...a short, gymnastic body would seem more in keeping with creeper...he needs to be hot, cute, and a lil bit crazy, preferably with spandex briefs...that are brief...lord only knows how they would do the red fur accents on his costume
FilmGuy7878 - 4/11/2023, 4:59 PM
@Repian - Personally, Jack Ryder is the DC role Evan Peters was BORN to play. He's cute, flexible, and has played crazy in the past.
FilmGuy7878 - 4/11/2023, 5:01 PM
@Repian - Maybe the reason Jack is in Belle Reeve is that he was smuggling amputated female legs across the Gotham-Bludhaven border to hump in his dingy studio apartment.

Weird idea but could get a laugh out of people with a really morbid sense of humor like myself.
ObserverIO - 4/11/2023, 5:19 AM
Would have been dope to have an origin based on the actual source material. Oh well, we'll probably get that in the Matt Reeves universe, but then it will go nowhere.
CoHost - 4/11/2023, 5:23 AM
I've seen the future. Lady Gaga's a better Quinn than Robbie ever was.
Super12 - 4/11/2023, 5:49 AM
It needs to be all or nothing. None of these half-reboots where we keep some actors but ditch others. You can't have your cake and eat it too. There were a lot of great things about the Snyderverse casting that we have to lose now...that's the price.

If we lose Cavill, Affleck, and Gadot then there's no justifying keeping Margot Robbie. Or Ezra Miller for that matter. All or nothing.
MartianManHuntr - 4/11/2023, 6:20 AM
@Super12 - Exactly. Why worry about backlash now, just reboot the whole thing and no need to even comment at all.

She is not even an important character, her while arc is "someone with joker" that's all.
dagenspear - 4/11/2023, 7:14 PM
@Super12 - I can live without Affleck, but I still think the dismissal of Cavill wasn't helpful for the overall brand. Give him a sendoff, in my opinion. Gadot, to me, I see no real strong reason to lose.
Godzilla2000Zer - 4/11/2023, 6:47 AM
A pleasant surprise for me was that there wasn't a Harley Quinn project announced at this point I'm unfortunately tired of the character. Still think Gaga's gonna kill it though.
Shivermetimbers - 4/11/2023, 9:14 AM
@Godzilla2000Zer - They definitely overdid it with Harley. She was so popular in the first suicide squad and they overplayed their hand from there.
Godzilla2000Zer - 4/11/2023, 2:26 PM
@Shivermetimbers - Yeah and forcing her into a Birds of Prey movie was definitely the last straw for me.
dragon316 - 4/11/2023, 7:36 AM
After seeing Barbie trailer hard believe she play Harley Quinn until I heard her speak
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