SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW Will Fly Into Theaters On June 26, 2026

SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW Will Fly Into Theaters On June 26, 2026

The DCU's SUPERGIRL Movie Eyes Craig Gillespie To Direct; Here's When It Will Start Filming
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The DCU's SUPERGIRL Movie Eyes Craig Gillespie To Direct; Here's When It Will Start Filming

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MikeyL - 5/28/2024, 5:04 AM
Fan art isn’t news.
ProfessorWhy - 5/28/2024, 5:13 AM
I don't read DC. someone tell me why a Kryptonian needs a sword please
TheMetaMan - 5/28/2024, 5:22 AM
@ProfessorWhy - it’s just fan art.
DeadClunge - 5/28/2024, 5:24 AM
@ProfessorWhy - some people like to get stabby. Are you asking because she's a woman? Women get stabby too.....In future its best not to discriminate 😒
Doomsday8888 - 5/28/2024, 5:49 AM
Kryptonians have their powers under a yellow (or even blue) sun.

Take one away from that and suddenly having a sword ain't really a bad idea.
ProfessorWhy - 5/28/2024, 6:03 AM
@TheMetaMan - the article states its inspired by a comics run, hence my comment
ProfessorWhy - 5/28/2024, 6:03 AM
@Doomsday8888 - sounds right, thanks
TheMetaMan - 5/28/2024, 6:19 AM
@ProfessorWhy - The article also states this: “Now, some new fan art by @jaxsonderr showcases what Alcock's version of the character could look like with that suit in the DCU.” Hence my comment.
ProfessorWhy - 5/28/2024, 6:30 AM
@TheMetaMan - " it's just fan art " implies that it was not inspired from the comics. You read the article after commenting, because you come here to " just" comment
lazlodaytona - 5/28/2024, 6:44 AM
@ProfessorWhy - I was thinking the same thing. She completely looks the part (and is a total babe) and I like the fan art, but...

What's with the sword?
lazlodaytona - 5/28/2024, 6:46 AM
@Doomsday8888 - I thought blue kryptonite makes their powers dormant but doesn't physically hurt them. When the blue goes away, their powers return.
Doomsday8888 - 5/28/2024, 6:50 AM
That's in Smallville, my brother, love you for that. :P
IvanBadski - 5/28/2024, 6:51 AM
@ProfessorWhy - i was wondering the same thing. Turns out they gave her a sword in the woman of tomorrow run.

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ProfessorWhy - 5/28/2024, 7:12 AM
@IvanBadski - yes, it says this in the article
dragon316 - 5/28/2024, 7:58 AM
@ProfessorWhy - ?feature=shared depends on book and time frame they crash to earth
TheMetaMan - 5/28/2024, 8:44 AM
@ProfessorWhy - sorry govnor, are you still writing? I fell asleep reading your comments. I’ll tell you what, wake me up when you are finished trying to argue with me and you actually have something useful to say. Until then I’m going back to sleep. Night night sweetheart. 🥱
Fares - 5/28/2024, 9:21 AM
@ProfessorWhy - I haven't read this particular story either, but:
A) it looks hard af
B) If a Human-made sword gives a human an advantage against another human, perhaps a Kryptonian-made sword (or a sword of a similar nature) can give a Kryptonian an advantage against another kryptonian (or someone of a similar nature)
lazlodaytona - 5/28/2024, 9:36 AM
@Doomsday8888 - odd thing is, I hated smallville until seasons 9 and 10 :D
SwingsetKnight - 5/28/2024, 6:23 PM
@ProfessorWhy - In the run Gunn's drawing from, Supergirl goes through a variety of planets and is powered up and down depending on where she is. Iirc, it's really her girl friday who uses the sword predominately, but Kara picks it up occasionally depending on context. I think it's become associated with that version of Supergirl because the graphic novel cover has her posing with the sword (presumably because the artist correctly assumed it'd look cool and get people wondering "why does Supergirl have a sword? I should read and find out" etc).
VISIONaryNPa1 - 5/28/2024, 5:24 AM
Fan art isn't news
grouch - 5/28/2024, 5:34 AM
NuComics are not the comic accurate looks.
dragon316 - 5/28/2024, 8:03 AM
@grouch - depends on book Superman and Batman went back to stupid trunks and in Batman leave it to Batman be hero make use of trunks no one else does

Doomsday8888 - 5/28/2024, 5:43 AM
There's a serious possibility that her costume ends up being better than Superman's since Gunn isn't directing this shit.

You love to see it.
Origame - 5/28/2024, 5:48 AM
@Doomsday8888 - in fairness, that was an unflattering pose for the costume. I'm hoping we see him standing up in the classic superman pose to get a better look at the fit of the suit.
Doomsday8888 - 5/28/2024, 5:51 AM
True (you can blame Gunn's lack of style there) but even then, from what we can see, the suit really ain't worth much tbh...
grouch - 5/28/2024, 6:16 AM
@Doomsday8888 - guarantee the first official image of her will be a properly done one too, funny how that disastrous first look has completely been forgotten about 🤣
lazlodaytona - 5/28/2024, 6:48 AM
@Doomsday8888 - As long as it's better than Sasha's costume I'm good. Loved her in the role but, damn....
Origame - 5/28/2024, 5:46 AM
What's with the skirt like thing when she already has pants? Just makes it look too busy.
dragon316 - 5/28/2024, 8:07 AM
@Origame - don’t know it’s fan art it’s always different to movie versions looks like she’s in dark ages
CaptainFlapjaks - 5/28/2024, 1:30 PM
@Origame - its to create colour separation between the shirt and pants so it doesnt look like an awkward one-piece.
Origame - 5/28/2024, 2:54 PM
@CaptainFlapjaks - it doesn't give much more separation than the cape itself.

If that were the case, just commit to a full skirt. This is just awkward.
CaptainFlapjaks - 5/28/2024, 8:04 PM
@Origame - also it is cause its inspiration from the comic the movie will be based on which was written by tom king. Supergirl woman of tomorrow. So the costume will probably be a one to one of thst costume pr heavily influenced by it
Origame - 5/28/2024, 8:18 PM
@CaptainFlapjaks - ...but supergirl world of tomorrow used the skirt I suggested.
CaptainFlapjaks - 5/28/2024, 8:32 PM
@Origame - yes. Im just saying they also used the gold belt. Oh wait by skirt like thing are you referring to the red cape things coming off the belt at her sides? I do agree its kinda awkward looking but i think that is cause she also has a cape. Either lose the cape, give her a jacket and keep the waist capes or lose the waist capes and go traditional skirt. I agree on that
nerdygeek12 - 5/28/2024, 6:00 AM
Why is fan art being posted on a news website?
DrSmoonk - 5/28/2024, 6:02 AM
fan art isn't news. Also, seeing as you're using this artist's work to make ad revenue under the guise o a news article, how much of a cut is the artist getting?

And don't play the old 'it's exposure for the artist" crap.

You are making money from this artist with ad revenue on the page and article.

The article wouldn't exist, were it not for the artist. Pay them a cut.
VISIONaryNPa1 - 5/28/2024, 6:09 AM
@DrSmoonk - Josh will do anything for a quick buck.
lazlodaytona - 5/28/2024, 6:49 AM
@VISIONaryNPa1 - who wouldn't?!
KennKathleen - 5/28/2024, 6:27 AM
Show the McFarlane inspired MARVEL action figure collection.
bkmeijer1 - 5/28/2024, 6:33 AM
Doesn't really look like Alcock, but I like the look regardless. Nice change from the other more simple looks
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