SUPERMAN: LEGACY - Kurt Russell Responds To Rumors He'll Play Jor-El In James Gunn's Upcoming Reboot

SUPERMAN: LEGACY - Kurt Russell Responds To Rumors He'll Play Jor-El In James Gunn's Upcoming Reboot SUPERMAN: LEGACY - Kurt Russell Responds To Rumors He'll Play Jor-El In James Gunn's Upcoming Reboot

Following reports that James Gunn has tapped Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Kurt Russell as Jor-El in Superman: Legacy, the actor himself has now weighed in on possible playing the Man of Steel's dad.

By JoshWilding - Dec 08, 2023 06:12 AM EST
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For months, rumours have persisted that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Kurt Russell will reunite with filmmaker James Gunn for Superman: Legacy

The legendary actor will reportedly take on the role of Jor-El, the Man of Steel's Kryptonian father. We're assuming the movie won't deliver yet another depiction of Krypton's destruction, so we'll likely see the fallen warrior appear before Kal-El as a hologram in his son's Fortress of Solitude. 

Doing the rounds to promote Apple TV+'s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Russell was finally asked whether there's any truth to the rumours. While he stopped short of confirming anything, he certainly didn't deny it! 

"Yeah! Yeah, I'll take on Marlon Brando!" Russell said with a laugh, referencing Richard Donner's classic Superman: The Movie"I mean there was something awesome about the way he was just looking around - I don't care that he was looking at his lines - he's crazy-great to watch!" 

"You know what: we don't know a lot about Jor-El. Maybe there's a version..." he continued before trailing off. "I never heard this, so I don't know. James Gunn was a blast to work with, though, so you never know."

He's 100% playing Jor-El, right? 

It would be a perfect bit of casting if so, and with cameras set to begin rolling on Superman: Legacy early next year, we expect one final wave of casting announcements sometime in the next few weeks. 

David Corenswet is playing the Man of Steel, while Rachel Brosnahan has been tapped to star as Lois Lane. Other recent casting additions include Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho, Gabriela de Faría as The Engineer, Sara Sampaio as Eve Teschmacher, Skyler Gisondo as Jimmy Olsen, and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor. 

As noted, it's recently been reported that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Kurt Russell may be in the running for Jor-El (there's no word on Ma and Pa Kent or whether they're even alive in this iteration of Clark Kent's story). Brainiac, meanwhile, is expected to serve as the reboot's big bad. With production set to begin early next year, we're hoping the final few cast members will be revealed imminently.

Superman: Legacy is currently set to be released in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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FireandBlood - 12/8/2023, 6:06 AM
What we need is old man Snake Plissken
JohnPain - 12/8/2023, 6:12 AM
@FireandBlood -

IronSpider101 - 12/8/2023, 9:47 AM
@FireandBlood - I would love it if Carpenter and Russell teamed up for one last Plissken film. Even if it sucked, it would be a much better film for a legend to go out on than "The Ward".
TMW1987ProudProWrestlingFan - 12/11/2023, 7:56 AM
@FireandBlood - And if we can't have that, I'd happily take him going out on Big Trouble in Little China 2 or Tango & Cash 2, even if either of those ended up sucking also.
LiteraryJoe - 12/8/2023, 6:09 AM
Kurt Russell Crowe is Jor -El funny that both of them also played gods in Marvel and DC.
TheVisionary25 - 12/8/2023, 6:27 AM
I think Russell could work as Jor-El but I feel he would still make a better Johnathan Kent.

I think Jor El should be a younger and not an old man (more Russell Crowe than Marlon Brando) so my pick is Ioan Gruffudd honestly.

Se4M4NSt4ine - 12/8/2023, 7:08 AM
@TheVisionary25 - you’re so right, Jor-El should be cliche middle aged handsome - the peak male genetics.
Repian - 12/8/2023, 8:01 AM
@TheVisionary25 - He is Jonathan Kent.
Beer85 - 12/8/2023, 6:34 AM
I would prefer him as Jonathan Kent. But they will get get some no-name for that.
elgaz - 12/8/2023, 6:56 AM
Right!? Jor-El has often been presented as a more mature man or grey haired man, which seems normal given that Clark is usually in his 30s - but if anything, it's more likely that Jor-El himself would have been in his 30s/40s when he died, and thus any hologram of him would visually be around that age. That's assuming he wasn't significantly older than Lara when Kal-El was born.
HulkisHoly - 12/8/2023, 9:42 AM
@elgaz -

I also think it would be more entertaining if Jor El was also in his 30s. It would be more like back to the future when Clark sees the holograms and I think that would be more interesting…seeing your father at your age.
Repian - 12/8/2023, 7:09 AM
Downey Jr to play Perry White.

LeonNova - 12/8/2023, 7:16 AM
@Repian - That would be brilliant actually
emeraldtaurus - 12/8/2023, 8:50 AM
@Repian - should've been lex Luther!
Lokiwasright - 12/8/2023, 7:17 AM
This needs to stop.

Gunn is just recycling his guardians of the galaxy buddies.

TheLight - 12/8/2023, 5:05 PM
@Lokiwasright - Are you really surprised??
GhostDog - 12/8/2023, 7:39 AM
He’s a little too old. Jor-El should be more middle aged this time around. And no need to recycle every old Guardians casting. With that being said…I will now recycle an old Guardians casting lol

My two Jor-El picks

Lee Pace

Eric Bana
rychlec - 12/8/2023, 7:47 AM
@GhostDog - There's Reed Richards right there!
Nomis929 - 12/8/2023, 8:21 AM
@Repian - GREAT CEASAR"S GHOST...That's actually a really good call.
The1st - 12/8/2023, 1:23 PM
@GhostDog - Pace is agood pick. He does those roles well and it would be a nice change instead of villainy in that kind of role.
GhostDog - 12/8/2023, 4:10 PM
@The1st - exactly. And his height would lend to the part. Jor-El as this imposing figure not just mentally but physically. He has this grand stature like his son.
Forthas - 12/8/2023, 7:55 AM
"It would be a perfect bit of casting"

No he would not! Jor-El is supposed to be a scientific genius and leader on Krypton. Nothing about Kurt Russel screams that.

Timerider - 12/8/2023, 7:59 AM
What’s funny is a lot of fans want Kurt Russell to play Jor-El, and Kurt sounds like some trucker from Memphis Tennessee.
Forthas - 12/8/2023, 8:40 AM
@Timerider - He is pretty much never cast as an intellectual, which is something Jor El is supposed to be.
Nomis929 - 12/8/2023, 8:27 AM
Kurt Russell one of my all time favorites so I'm down with this!

Deckacards - 12/8/2023, 9:20 AM
Although I'd love him as Jor-el, I'd love him even more as Johnathon Kent in a Superman movie where both he and Martha are still alive and someone Clark can visit, especially for holidays.
HulkisHoly - 12/8/2023, 9:45 AM
Because of his age, he’d be a better Jonathan Kent. Jor El should be in his 30s.
DocSpock - 12/8/2023, 10:34 AM

All right!!!

Star Lord is gonna have another sibling in the Guardian of the Superman Legacy galaxy movie!!

jst5 - 12/8/2023, 11:54 AM
Kurt is da man!
Imprtracr1 - 12/8/2023, 12:53 PM
Kurt Russell is one of my all time favorite actors and his films are first tier. He's also one of my favorite humans in the general sense as well.

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