The Sparkly Avenger Reviews Thor!

Thor has just been released in cinemas across North America. Here's a (hopefully) spoiler-free review. Hit the jump...

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Yesterday, on May 6th, Marvel's Thor has been released throughout North America. It has grossed $25.5 million in the box office, and the numbers are multiplying as we speak.

I was saving up my free admit one ticket from January for Thor. And was it worth it? I give you a big, giant, gargantuan YES. It has surpassed my expectations supremely. I entered the theater expecting a good, fan-pleasing movie, but I got so much more. I got a visually stunning, fantastic, beautiful movie.

Now, on to the details. The beginning gave me quite the goosebumps, and that's a good thing. The realm of Asgard was beautiful, full of originality and stunning architecture, which will hopefully start a stream of brand-new architecture designs based on Asgard's. Sir Anthony Hopkins nails the role of Odin. I'm pretty sure that he was riding Sleipnir (in Norse mythology, Odin's eight-legged horse) in one of the scenes, which pleased me very well. His chemistry between Thor and Loki is vivid and heartfelt, especially in certain scenes where Odin is conversing with Loki.

Chris Hemsworth did an astounding job as Thor. He was indeed Hemsworthy (pun intended) for the role. His arrogant and selfish personality stood out very well in the beginning. The chemistry between him and his companions, especially Loki and Jane Foster, were very relevant. However, the chem between him and Jane was kind of awkward at some times, but cute at the same point.

Tom goodness. Where can I start? His character of Loki was absolutely magnificent. It was terrifically astounding. I walked into the cinema thinking that Hiddleston would do a good job as Loki, but I walked out being totally in love with him. He acted - no, he BECAME Loki so well, it was just like he was born into the role. His sympathetic persona was touching and beautiful, plus the mischief of Loki just made me giddy because Hiddleston just played it like that. I'm in love with his Loki. I'm in love with LOKI.

The Warriors Three were a cute group. I noticed from other reviews of Thor that the guy who played Hogun wasn't the best. However, I didn't mind. I simply ignored his part, since he really didn't do anything but say additional lines that didn't really need to do anything with the plot. The other two warriors were likable and lovely.

Jaimie Alexander plays the beautiful Sif, and I tell you, her character is fabulous. She portrays the sisterly love she has of Thor and the Warriors Three. There's not really much I can add to it, but she was an ornament to the movie.
Now, onto the movie. Chemistry was great, especially between Odin, Loki, and Thor. The character development is extremely prominent in Thor, as he turns from an arrogant, selfish warrior into the humble and wise Norse god of thunder. Agent Coulson was a nasty bitch because...well...the character made me think he was. But that doesn't make me hate him. Stan Lee's cameo is damn hilarious, wish it could've been longer. Hawkeye's cameo was..was...I was [frick]ing giddy about it. I was smiling the whole time, since...well godammit. It's fricken Hawkeye, for Christ's sake! It would've been nice to see his whole face a bit more, since the scene was in a dark atmosphere.

The comic reliefs were hilarious, and didn't divert the attention of the movie. They were rather understandable since Thor is obviously new to the "realm" of Earth.

The easter eggs in the movie were rather hidden, but I could see them thanks to CBM's frantically posted spoilers. I caught about two, maybe three references. Very pleased, I was.

Ah, now, the flaws of the movie. I do have to say, this movie isn't perfect. First of all, the camera motion during the fight scenes were rather very shaky and annoying. My eyes became tired of the 2 second frame snaps from one to another. I would very much liked to see a fight scene in Thor's sequel that does NOT include choppy frames. What would work is a clear view of the fight from the side instead of going close-up on every move.

The fight scene of Thor and Destroyer was rather short. It just seemed that Thor could have easily beheaded the Destroyer if he just had his hammer at the beginning of the fight. The battle between Thor and Loki was enjoyable, but yet again, the choppy frames dominated the screen. Half the time I didn't know who was fighting who. It was also quite short. A little 5 minutes more of fighting and some epic one-liners would have sufficed.

Overall, this movie gets a 9.4 out of ten from me. I highly recommend's totally worth your money. But don't watch it in 3D. I've heard bad things about the 3D.

On a rather off-topic my Marvel reality (I create realities...I'm Scarlet Witch trololol), Loki is my love interest.

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