THUNDERBOLTS: 5 MCU Heroes Who Should Break Bad And Join The Villainous Team

Marvel Studios has confirmed that a Thunderbolts movie is in the works, and while we have an idea of some villains who will join the group, there are a handful of heroes who could also be a good fit...

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During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios confirmed that Thunderbolts will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024. Jake Schreier is helming the movie that we're guessing will revolve around a team of "heroes" assembled by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. 

U.S. Agent, Yelena Belova, and Baron Zemo seem like obvious candidates for that group, but we have a feeling some familiar heroes might also be among the team's ranks. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has quite a few anti-heroes, and whether these characters descend into villainy, are misled into thinking they're doing the right thing, or simply believe they're there to keep an eye on the bad guys, all of the characters featured here could add a lot to this team (and we think they could be major players in this shared world moving forward).

To see which heroes we think should break bad and join the Thunderbolts, simply click on the "Next" button below!

5. Hawkeye


Clint Barton has yet to fully atone for his actions between the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and if anyone's got dirt on Hawkeye's time as Ronin, it's probably Val. 

The Avenger may have put those dark years behind him during last year's Hawkeye, but the archer's past could still catch up with him! Forcing a beloved Avenger to join her team would be a smart move on Val's part, and it would be a lot of fun seeing Clint forced to work alongside those he would normally be setting out to take down.

Along the way, the original Hawkeye can keep them in check and perhaps even teach his fellow Thunderbolts a few things. The fact Clint has a storied history with the team on the page is also a good indication this is where we'll next see Jeremy Renner in the MCU. 

4. Bucky Barnes


Bucky Barnes is clearly done with being manipulated, so something tells us Val won't be able to force him into joining her Thunderbolts. However, we can see him attempting to be part of their ranks for noble reasons, even if it's just to keep an eye on John Walker and Baron Zemo.

We're assuming the team will be made up villains posing as heroes, but if they are actually anti-heroes and those looking for a second chance, then this group would be a perfect fit for Bucky. He probably doesn't see himself as Avengers material, and we could quite easily picture him leading this team into battle...and butting heads with U.S. Agent, of course. 

There's always a chance there are plans for Bucky in Captain America: New World Order, but Thunderbolts actually feels like a better fit for the former Winter Soldier. 

4. The Vision


The Vision brought back from the dead by S.W.O.R.D. was clearly not the same Vision who died at Thanos' hands five years prior. While Westview's Vision restored his doppelganger's memories, the fact the synthezoid flew off without even checking on Wanda Maximoff indicates he's not himself.

Yes, Vision has his memories again, but with no Soul Stone, we have a feeling his emotions are gone. This would line up with comic books where an emotionless, colourless Vision ended up joining the West Coast Avengers. In the MCU, however, we think it's far more likely the hero joins the Thunderbolts. 

It would be fascinating seeing a Vision who believes he's doing the right thing and has no real response to the lack of morals some of his teammates have. This team-up could help restore who he once was or send him down a darker path...either way, we'd like to find out!

2. Moon Knight


When it comes to a hero who could quite easily be manipulated into joining the Thunderbolts, look no further than Moon Knight. While Marc Spector and Steven Grant may have made peace with each other, Jake Lockley is still out there and could be the personality who ends up kicking ass and taking names lives as part of Val's "superhero" team.

Marvel Studios still hasn't confirmed plans for Moon Knight season 2, and if the character is about to make the leap to the big screen, Thunderbolts may be the place to do it. 

Moon Knight has never been much of a team player, but this movie could serve as a fantastic platform to better explore who Jake is and what this hero's place in the MCU will be moving forward. Marc and Steven believe themselves powerless, remember, so that third personality does seem the most likely candidate. 

1. Daredevil


Between his appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it's clear Marvel Studios has big plans for Daredevil. Echo is believed to be next for the Man Without Fear, while it's already been confirmed that he'll take centre stage in the 19-episode Daredevil: Born Again

Given when that series is set to arrive on Disney+, we think it's probably unlikely that Matt Murdock will be part of this team. However, we do think he would be a fun addition to the group, especially as his morals are likely to be far stronger than many of the other members of this group.

It's the character interactions that would be the most fun, though we would love to see Daredevil brought back to the big screen as part of a team as important as this one. If not Thunderbolts, though, fingers crossed there are plans for 'ol Hornhead in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

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