THUNDERBOLTS Star Florence Pugh Shares Update On Movie: "It Kind Of Feels Like It Still Might Not Happen"

THUNDERBOLTS Star Florence Pugh Shares Update On Movie: "It Kind Of Feels Like It Still Might Not Happen" THUNDERBOLTS Star Florence Pugh Shares Update On Movie: "It Kind Of Feels Like It Still Might Not Happen"

Thunderbolts star Florence Pugh has shared an update on the long-delayed Marvel movie, admitting that while it still doesn't feel like it's really happening, work is indeed about to finally commence...

By JoshWilding - Feb 08, 2024 04:02 AM EST
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Will Thunderbolts ever happen? The movie is gearing up to begin production and still adding actors to its cast, but yesterday evening, Disney CEO Bob Iger only mentioned Captain America: Brave New World and Fantastic Four while discussing Marvel Studios' 2025 offerings. 

Talking to Entertainment Tonight about her role in Dune: Part Two, Black Widow and Hawkeye star Florence Pugh confirmed that she's heading to Atlanta imminently to begin shooting her role as Yelena Belova (who we know has some sort of past relationship with "Val"). 

"It kind of feels like it still might not happen because of the amount of times it has been paused, which is just a natural feeling," the actress admitted. "But I’m going straight after this. When we’re done with press, I’m going to Atlanta and start doing some prep and do a bit more press with you guys, and then I’m off - I’m shooting."

As far as we're aware, Thunderbolts isn't in trouble; instead, it was one of those movies which got caught up in last year's WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes at the worst possible time, resulting in it being pushed back from this December well into next summer. 

Despite a little uncertainty, Pugh admitted she's excited to suit up as the MCU's new Black Widow again.

"[It's] wonderful. When we shot Black Widow, we thought we were going to shoot the next movie relatively sooner than we did, and it’s just been this thing that’s been looming, that we’ve been waiting to shoot at some point in the future, and now it’s finally happening, so it feels surreal, but it's coming back. Yelena's coming back."

Thunderbolts' confirmed cast members include Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Florence Pugh as Yelena Boleva, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, David Harbour as Red Guardian, Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent, Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost, and Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster.

Recently, Geraldine Viswanathan replaced Ayo Edebiri in an undisclosed role, while Lewis Pullman has taken over as The Sentry following Steve Yeun's shock departure from the movie. Both he and Edebiri are said to have left due to scheduling issues caused by the delays Pugh is referring to above.

Written by Eric Pearson and Lee Sung Jin, and directed by Jake Schreier, Thunderbolts is currently set to be released in theaters on July 25, 2025. 

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vectorsigma - 2/8/2024, 5:08 AM
Maybe aside from additional post production touches, Cap 4 is already done and Marvel wants to push DP3 this year instead.

This says much about how desperate Disney is right now.
vegetaray - 2/8/2024, 6:06 AM
@vectorsigma - Additional post production on Cap 4? “Reshoots” started last month and are running to June. 5 months.

To put that in context, the original shoot ran from March to June of last year. 3 months.

If the “reshoot” is taking a whole two months longer than the original shoot took, well, for all intents and purposes they’re essentially re-filming the movie.
vectorsigma - 2/8/2024, 7:13 AM
@vegetaray - reshooting the whole of it is even more desperate i guess
TheUnworthyThor - 2/8/2024, 5:15 AM
Well that was a deceptive headline. Kudos.
ObserverIO - 2/8/2024, 9:43 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - got my hopes up there for a second, lol.
MadThanos - 2/8/2024, 5:22 AM
This woman have my respect.

Not because she's talented, which she is.

Not because she's super hot, which she is.

It's because of what she have done on the set of Don't Worry Darling. Took the reins from a crazy director and wrote scenes, helped Matthew Libatique directing some scenes. She stepped up to help saving a sinking ship.

That thing she did got my attention.
ObserverIO - 2/8/2024, 9:44 AM
@MadThanos - Sounds like she wants to be a writer director.
MadThanos - 2/8/2024, 2:55 PM
@ObserverIO - sounds like that.
KennKathleen - 2/8/2024, 5:32 AM
Multiverse Thunder⚡ Bolts:

Matchesz - 2/8/2024, 6:24 AM
@KennKathleen - Crossbones looks like how Shocker should have been portrayed. Now if they try to give us a comic accurate Shocker they'll have to find a way to make him different than Crossbones lol..
KennKathleen - 2/8/2024, 6:44 AM
@Matchesz - true! Lol. Heck, Shocker should just steal the technology and call it a day.

They could go all out and show his steps to "almost supervillain" status, in a Scarface-like ascension.

He gets caught by mentors, police, then Spider-Man, but he keeps a stash of goodies for the next move.
mountainman - 2/8/2024, 6:53 AM
@KennKathleen - As long as Skurge is written better this time. What a waste of a great character and actor.
KennKathleen - 2/8/2024, 7:46 AM
@mountainman - agreed
TheVisionary25 - 2/8/2024, 5:57 AM
Cool , looking forward to it!!.

I have liked Pugh’s performance and this version of Yelena so far so im interested to see how she develops moving forward and interacts with the cast & characters…

However , I do hope we see her & Kate meet up again one day because they had a fun chemistry & dynamic in Hawkeye.

KWilly - 2/8/2024, 6:23 AM
Maybe it should do a reverse Armor Wars, and turn into a TV show.
bl0odwerk - 2/8/2024, 6:41 AM
I feel like the majority of people no longer care.
CaptainCheese - 2/8/2024, 6:45 AM
@bl0odwerk - And they agree.
bobevanz - 2/8/2024, 8:27 AM
@bl0odwerk - the majority of movie fans haven't seen the shows so how is this even going to make money lol you're right
bl0odwerk - 2/8/2024, 12:09 PM
@bobevanz - I should be more specific, I guess. I just don't hear anybody I know irl talking about superhero movies in general, or the MCU specifically, like I used to. Now that I think about it, I don't hear anybody talking about movies, period. Most of the water cooler chatter is about whatever series Netflix has going on or the latest season of whatever.
mountainman - 2/8/2024, 6:56 AM
Florence Pugh is too good for the MCU. She’s got a great career going and is a great actress. She plays Yelena well, despite some wonkiness with the accent, but it is written horribly. Yelena should be like early MCU Widow. Stoic, deadly, mysterious. But no, like every other MCU character there days, she has to be quippy and tries to be funny but isn’t. She put on an amazing performance in Oppenheimer and I can’t wait to see her in Dune 2. Irulan is such an interesting role in that universe.
GeneralZod - 2/8/2024, 7:23 AM
More evidence that Feige is rethinking every confirmed project after the lackluster-to-disasteous results of Phase 4 and 5.
TheFinestSmack - 2/8/2024, 8:14 AM
Nothing at all clickbaity and deceptive about that headline at all
MotherGooseUPus - 2/8/2024, 8:21 AM
When i saw this lineup for the Thunderbolts:

unfortunately they arent... this is actually the lineup and happening. Woooof
bobevanz - 2/8/2024, 8:26 AM
A movie about a bunch of Villains that are more anti-heroes, without Zemo... and they're still moving forward with this lmao
SheepishOne - 2/8/2024, 8:47 AM
I still think this movie should be Justin Hammer trying to assemble his own Avengers team after finally getting some form of an Iron Man suit. The world hasn't seen The Avengers in a while, so he takes his shot. The crux of the movie would be him looking for a Hulk (finding one in General Ross) and a Thor, either through Sentry or pulling his resources to try and communicate with Hercules after learning about him in New Asgard. But then Sentry turns on him.

And then Armor Wars deals with the fallout of Hammer funding a knock off IM suit and War Machine stepping up to do something about it.
ObserverIO - 2/8/2024, 9:54 AM
A real Thunderbolts movie would be these guys:

They shouldn't reveal who they actually are, but they should be set up as the new Avengers, even in the promotional campaigns for the movie.

Then at the end you reveal that they are actually the greatest villains of the MCU.
Zemo would still be Citizen V of course but the rest would be other classic MCU villains, like Vulture, Osborn, Bullseye, Loki, etc.

Kozmik - 2/8/2024, 10:51 AM
This is exactly why I spend less and less time with Superherohype.

Florence Pugh didn't say "It kind of feels like this might not happen."

She said, "It kind of feels like it still might not happen because of the amount of times it has been paused, which is just a natural feeling,"

As usual Josh Wilding distorts what people are saying for clicks.
TheNewYorker - 2/8/2024, 11:52 AM
She really should run from this. Way too big of a star for this type of project.
marvel72 - 2/8/2024, 7:37 PM
It Kind Of Feels Like It Still Might Not Happen"

Fingers crossed.

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