THE BOYS Announces Official Season 4 Premiere Date With New Poster

THE BOYS Announces Official Season 4 Premiere Date With New Poster THE BOYS Announces Official Season 4 Premiere Date With New Poster

Prime Video has announced the official premiere date for the fourth season of The Boys, and we also have a new poster featuring the lethal combination of Homelander and Victoria Newman...

By MarkCassidy - Feb 22, 2024 12:02 PM EST
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"Break out the f*ckin' confetti!"

We've all been dying to find out when The Boys would be back on our screens, and Prime Video has finally announced that the ultra-violent comic book adaptation will return for its fourth season on June 13.

The first three episodes will be available from the 13th, with new installments dropping weekly through to the season finale on July 18.

The streamer has also released a new poster featuring an alliance between two characters that is certain to cause major headaches (or head-explosions) for Billy Butcher and his team: Homelander and the potentially even more ruthless Victoria Newman.

Though the trailer (see below) did give us some idea of what to expect, specific season 4 plot details are still under wraps. We do know that the premiere will pick up almost immediately after the events of the Gen V finale, with Homelander (Antony Starr) joining vice presidential candidate Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) and her running-mate, presidential candidate Robert Singer's (Jim Beaver), campaign.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), meanwhile, doesn't have long to live after overdosing on Temp V in the season 3 finale. Thankfully, he knows about a certain Supe virus that was created in Gen V's "Woods."

"For Butcher, by the time they were making the finale, we were pretty deep into breaking Season 4," said showrunner Eric Kripke in a recent interview with Variety. "We knew that we wanted that virus to be a pretty big part of Season 4, and we knew that we wanted Butcher to be aware of it. It seems crazy that he wouldn’t be aware of it. It became kind of tricky, because how do we show that he knows about it without it just being dialogue? This idea came up that it probably shouldn’t even happen in The Boys, it should happen in Gen V.”

"The value of having the [two shows’ writers] rooms be in coordination is, our room took it to Michele and her room and said, ‘Can we put Butcher in the end, so we can show that he’s really hot on the tail of the virus?’ It was really cool, because it does a nice little preamble to what’s coming next. And Karl and Ant both were willing to come in on their days off to go work on the other show. But the Homelander part was Michele’s team."

"The world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power," reads the official season 4 synopsis. "Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca’s son as well as his job as The Boys’ leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they have to find a way to work together and save the world before it’s too late."

Returning cast members include Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Colby Minifie, Claudia Doumit, and Cameron Crovetti, along with new recruits Susan Heyward, Valorie Curry, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

No exact premiere date has been announced, but The Boys will return at some point this year.

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TheVisionary25 - 2/22/2024, 12:36 PM
Cool , looking forward to it (though have to see Gen V before this still)!!.

Interested to see the character JDM is playing in this (seems like an old friend of Butchers).

Anyway , I have a feeling this is nearing its end potentially with S5 possibly being the last so hope it wraps up well if so!!.
l0rdleg0las - 2/22/2024, 12:39 PM
@TheVisionary25 - a rumor I read awhile back was that Morgan is playing a figment of Butcher's temp-v damaged brain.
TheVisionary25 - 2/22/2024, 12:46 PM
@l0rdleg0las - huh

I would assume it has then be someone from his past or maybe he just likes JDM lol
Nomis929 - 2/22/2024, 12:39 PM
lazlodaytona - 2/23/2024, 1:05 AM
@Nomis929 - man it's time to see Butcher kick his Pompas A$$!
EZBeast - 2/22/2024, 12:52 PM
S1 amazing
S2 eh...
S3 better but not great
S4 ?
TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 1:06 PM
@EZBeast - Season 3 was stellar what are you talking about? lol
EZBeast - 2/22/2024, 1:26 PM
@TheLobster - It had great aspects like Homelander, Butcher, and soldier boy and I'll even throw in Hughie with powers and the deep getting [frick]ed over.

However the plot was all over the place, the other boys are obnoxious like starfire or frenchie or don't do anything like Marvin, Queen Mave and Black Noir had terrible character arcs with poor endings, and the shock value has worn off, at least for me.
AmazingFILMporg - 2/22/2024, 1:33 PM
@TheLobster -

Season 3 was the best season🔥🦸💪
GameOn - 2/22/2024, 1:49 PM
@TheLobster - Season 3 had the worst finale by far. There was good stuff throughout but I can't praise something that had such a shitty ending.
TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 2:46 PM
@GameOn - I can respect that stance. I don’t think it was a shitty finale but I do see how aspects of it became frustrating (mostly the Ryan shit - I’m hoping that kid bites the dust tbh lmao) but it still beat most finales in a comic book series in my opinion. I think the best thing it did was set up a killer season 4.
TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 2:50 PM
@EZBeast - I can agree on some characters having poor arcs but I loved Black Noir’s arc and I really dug Queen Maeve but wish she did stay dead because that sacrifice would have been *chef’s kiss*

TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 2:54 PM
@AmazingFILMporg - I hope Soldier Boy returns and I can’t wait to see Newman’s downfall!
EZBeast - 2/22/2024, 3:51 PM
@TheLobster - for me they were the actual worst part. Noir was built up to be this crazy badass with what I would've assumed to be this great story and with the lack of character development only giving him a nut allergy they needed to stick the landing. Instead the first character development we get and he turns out not only to be pathetic but run away only to return and get killed immediately. No pay off and that isn't even including even more hate for it now that there is a replacement for him this season...

And then Mave, one of the weakest written characters they eliminated because they didn't know what to do with her and instead of giving the epic pay off of a redemption arc they don't have the balls to kill her off and give her the happy ending she absolutely didn't deserve.

Tbh the other issues I had were minor I feel compared to them. It was just rushed and highly unsatisfying.
lazlodaytona - 2/23/2024, 1:09 AM
@EZBeast - and wasn't there a musical or musical numbers in an episode during season 3? That I remember not liking so much.
EZBeast - 2/23/2024, 8:04 AM
@lazlodaytona - yes, and that episode continues to portray fenchie as nothing more than a love sick puppy. In the first season he was a fun character and not to be taken lightly but now I feel I could whoop his ass.
NinnesMBC - 2/22/2024, 12:53 PM
According to the Vought Twitter account, it's actually Homelander's birthday and why it's a celebratory poster and not much a political one.
NightBoyWonder - 2/22/2024, 2:04 PM
@NinnesMBC - Are you unironically believing Vought's twitter?
MotherGooseUPus - 2/22/2024, 12:53 PM
ModHaterSLADE - 2/22/2024, 12:57 PM
More Homelander antics can't come soon enough.
TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 1:07 PM
Bring on the trailer!!! Super hyped for this.
SATW42 - 2/22/2024, 1:09 PM
oh man, are they making Gen V necessary because I have ZERO interest.
TheVisionary25 - 2/22/2024, 1:11 PM
@SATW42 - yes it is

You could probably watch or read a recap if you aren’t interested in the show itself
GameOn - 2/22/2024, 1:50 PM
@SATW42 - Same. The first episode did nothing for me so I gave up pretty quick.
bkmeijer1 - 2/22/2024, 4:46 PM
@SATW42 @TheVisionary25 @GaneOn - wouldn't be surprised if they do an episode from Butcher's perspective in The Boys. Think that could work
lazlodaytona - 2/23/2024, 1:14 AM
@SATW42 - Dude, I went into GenV expecting to hate it. I didn't mind the first episode so much, but the show picked up some serious steam as it went along. By the season finale I can say I surprisingly really liked it.

If you still don't watch it, click on the last ep and either watch it, or ff to 10 min.s left and then you'll be some-what caught up.
Forthas - 2/22/2024, 1:12 PM
JFerguson - 2/22/2024, 1:24 PM
Maybe I’m just a shmuck, but newman’s motivations still seem vague and unclear to me
GhostDog - 2/22/2024, 1:35 PM
@JFerguson - agreed. Maybe its on purpose and we will get more context this season. Idk, maybe I missed something.
bkmeijer1 - 2/22/2024, 2:37 PM
@JFerguson @GhostDog - I don't really get it either, but I that is part of why I like the character so much. Pretty intriguing imo
TheLobster - 2/22/2024, 2:55 PM
@JFerguson - her motives are definitely unclear by design. I’m sure we will get more insight in Season 4.
TheVisionary25 - 2/22/2024, 2:45 PM
I just realized rewatching the S4 teaser that around the 1:08 mark , the guy MM apparently sees “splintering” himself is Rob Benedict…

He’s known mostly to me from Supernatural as “Chuck”/God.

Kripke continuing to bring in more alum from that show , love to see it !!.
QuietStorm - 2/22/2024, 4:13 PM
Can't wait
lazlodaytona - 2/23/2024, 1:16 AM
@QuietStorm - where's the 7th dude?
QuietStorm - 2/23/2024, 6:02 PM
@lazlodaytona - You mean this Guy? He's next to Starlight.
lazlodaytona - 2/24/2024, 2:07 AM
@QuietStorm - I thought they blew that guy up in season 1....
JobinJ - 2/22/2024, 6:25 PM
I hope they tighten up home landers suit. It has always looked sort of sloppy and ill fitting to me. Maybe they can give him a new modified suit soon.

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