What Should Be The Next ARROW Spinoff?

What Should Be The Next ARROW Spinoff? What Should Be The Next ARROW Spinoff?

It looks like The CW's Flash is poised for great success following Grant Gustin's introduction on Arrow. If being introduced on Arrow first is the blueprint The CW is using for its superhero dramas, who should spinoff next - Huntress, Birds of Prey, Deathstroke or Suicide Squad?

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By MarkJulian - Aug 17, 2014 05:08 PM EST
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Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, is The CW's most watched television program at 3.9 million viewers. With Grant Gustin, introduced in Season 2 as Barry Allen a.k.a.. The Flash, seemingly poised to become just as popular as Amell, it's probably fair to ask - What other superheroes and super villains introduced on Arrow are deserving of their own spinoff? Is a Huntress spinoff starring Jessica de Gouw a good idea? Would a Suicide Squad show, starring Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), Diggle (David Ramsey), Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson), Deadshot, (Michael Rowe), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and perhaps Harley Quinn find an audience? There's also appears to be a Birds of Prey team forming on Arrow  with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Huntress, Katana (Devon Aoki) and Black Canary (Caity Lotz or Katie Cassidy) all in play. And lastly, we have Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) cooling his heels in the makeshift Super Max prison setup by Oliver on Lian Yu. Which of these options would you like to see added to the budding DCTV universe being created on The CW.    
Jessica de Gouw Huntress CW spinoff
 It's no secret that Arrow executive producer and script writer Marc Guggenheim is interesting in exploring Helena Bertinelli's story further.  There's a whole year unaccounted for between Jessica de Gouw's Starling City departure in Season One and when she returned in Season Two.  This is the time span that Guggenheim would apparently like to explore.  Previously, Guggenheim told TV Line, "I’d love to do a Huntress series – I mentioned this to Jessica – where we cover the year that she spent between Episodes 117 and 217, from her perspective, traveling the world and hunting for her father. You never know, all things are possible, as long as we’ve got Jessica’s willing participation.”  Securing de Gouw's willing participation should no longer be a problem.  In theory, de Gouw could have commanded more air time during season 2 of Arrow but the actress was very busy, filming NBC's Dracula.  However, that show has been canceled, potentially freeing up de Gouw's schedule for more Arrow screentime. 
Suicide Squad Arrow spinoff The CW
 Michael Rowe owns the role of Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot on Arrow.  While a scene-stealer, it may still be too much of a stretch for a solo Deadshot show.  This is where the Suicide Squad factors in as supplemental story material beyond Lawton's backstory as a cutthroat marksman-for-hire who takes on high price missions to support the daughter he can never see.  Bronze Tiger also has an interesting back story and the A.R.G.U.S. connection in the form of Cynthia Addai-Robinson's Amanda Waller would provide some great symmetry with Arrow.  It's unlikely that David Ramsey's Diggle would be available for double duty on Arrow and Suicide Squad, at least on a consistent basis, but his ex-wife, Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) would be a nice addition to the team, as the "Rick Flag JR." of the group.  Or, Michaels and Waller could have their respective roles reversed, seeing as Lyla is the new head of A.R.G.U.S.  Throw in a nut-job like Harley Quinn, who has already had a brief cameo on Arrow and an interesting dynamic starts to form.  Waller could send the Squad on various missions around the globe, with mainstay members Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Lyla anchoring a team of 4-5, with one or two spots left open for rotating specialists, selected based on the parameters of the mission.  Given all of the bad guys Arrow locks up (and all the Flash Rogues that will soon be locked up), this rotating spot could see quite a few interesting names and faces - Robert Knepper's Clock King, Manu Bennett's Deathstroke, de Gouw's Huntress, the possibilities are quite endless.  Again, Ramsey is probably unlikely for a Suicide Squad spinoff, however, he did state at SDCC that the show's producers have discussed it.  "They're talking about spinning Suicide Squad off," said the fan favorite Arrow actor.  He continued, "I don't know if they're going to really do it, but they've been talking about it.  People really respond to the Suicide Squad, responded to Deadshot a lot and to Harley Quinn and Bronze Tiger.  The consensus is that the writers and producers see this stuff in social media, they see this stuff on the boards and they don't completely bend their will to it but they answer the questions and the curiosity leads the writing to a certain degree.  The talk has been kind of connecting the tissue of the last season to the beginning of the next season with maybe some Suicide Squad during the hiatus perhaps. That's been one option. The other option has been having two or three episodes during the season."
Arrow Birds of Prey spinoff CW
 If the Network is hesitant to greenlight a show, solely devoted to Jessica de Gouw's Huntress, a Birds of Prey series would be a nice alternative.  Caity Lotz has definitely developed a strong fan base, with many Arrow enthusiasts adamant that she remain the one and only Black Canary instead of Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance.  However, it's probably inevitable that Caity eventually needs to ride off into the sunset for good in order to make room for Cassidy's imminent fishnets and blonde wig.  Still, The CW would be smart to keep a strong asset like Lotz in play.  Emily Bett Rickard's Felicity Smoak is probably off limits for a Birds of Prey show, similar to how David Ramsey probably wouldn't be available for the Suicide Squad.  Still, Devon Aoki is set to make her debut as Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana in the new season of Arrow.  Also, there's the Arrow Season 3 episode titled Oracle, which will flashback to Felicity's time at MIT.  Given the title, many fans are hoping that flashback includes a run-in with Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle.  While a Birds of Prey spinoff series may not by in the works on The CW (yet), Guggenheim is interested in at least playing out that dynamic on Arrow.  "One of the things we would love to do at some point is an episode where you’ve got Black Canary, Felicity and The Huntress working together.  That’s on our show bucket list."
Deathstroke Manu Bennet Arrow spinoff
There's great casting and then there's brilliant ideas like casting Spartacus' Crixus as Deathstroke the Terminator.  Without going into too much detail and Arrow season 2 spoilers, it was made readily apparent that Mirakuru, the drug that gives super strength and health regeneration, also makes its users quite psychotic.  With Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson now cured, perhaps he can return to a somewhat saner mental slate? And perhaps the fact the he had Mirakuru coursing through his veins for so long means he retains just a touch of enhanced strength and healing abilities? While a reconciliation with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen is probably out of the question, maybe Slade can adopt more of his comic book persona as a mercenary for hire?  A Deathstroke TV show should take Wilson to many different DC cities and countries and lead to encounters with character yet to be introduced on Arrow.  If the showrunners wanted to paint the character as an anti-hero, perhaps he's contracted by one of DC Comics' seemingly endless, wealthy billionaires to serve as a bodyguard, or maybe a bodyguard for their hot, teenage kid (hey, this is still The CW)?  Or if you wanted to continue his portrayal as a villain, perhaps Wilson is depicted as a ruthless warrior looking for a worthy opponent.  This type of quest could easily lead him to track down and confront various superheroes and superhero teams (cough..Teen Titans...cough), as he looks for a challenge. 
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Sevairity - 8/17/2014, 5:45 PM
Birds of Prey would be awesome! I missed that OLD show with Oracle and Helena Kyle
Invictor - 8/17/2014, 5:47 PM
It's weird when you look at it. I'd expect a Green Arrow series to be a spin-off of a Flash series, but now it's vice versa.
Dingbat - 8/17/2014, 5:49 PM
No to huntress. I don't even want to see her in Arrow anymore. I'm open to any other spin off as long as it doesn't mean we won't see them in the DCCU. Flash is essential to the Justice League and I just hope that the show doesn't mean we wont get him in the movies.
acorsi11 - 8/17/2014, 5:51 PM
Suicide Squad with members:

Bronze Tiger
Harley Quinn
Someone from The Flash
yonny616 - 8/17/2014, 5:52 PM
Suicide Squad with DeathStroke as the teams leader.
TheGalahad - 8/17/2014, 5:52 PM
Hawkman or Hawkgirl would be interesting.
Gquinn - 8/17/2014, 5:52 PM
NightBoyWonder - 8/17/2014, 5:56 PM
Somehow find a way for Static Shock.
thewonderer - 8/17/2014, 5:56 PM
Holy shit would a Suicide Squad show with Deathstroke as the leader be fan [frick]ing tastic. Manu Bennett's Deathstroke must be the lead though.
Gquinn - 8/17/2014, 5:56 PM
And by that i mean A nightwing series
captquirk - 8/17/2014, 5:57 PM
Didn't they already ruin Birds of Prey once? The best part of that show, was the opening credits with Batman, and the whole Killing Joke theme.
ALegendaryPanda - 8/17/2014, 5:58 PM
Deathstroke/Suicide Squad would be amazing!
SwanRonson - 8/17/2014, 5:59 PM
Suicide Squad easy.
Ranger14 - 8/17/2014, 5:59 PM
I would have to say no spinoff. The options just wouldn't be that appealing to mainstream, in my opinion. If they had cast someone else as The Atom, I would have personally liked to see how that develops, but can't stomach Routh, so that doesn't appeal to me. The listed options really don't appeal to me either, I'm fine with them as part of the existing show, but not as stand alone series.
KiddSoul - 8/17/2014, 6:02 PM
Checkmate would be interesting, if it ever gets to that point. They already got Amanda Waller so...
BlackIceJoe - 8/17/2014, 6:03 PM
I know Virgil Hawkins hasn't been brought up yet in the universe, but I'd like to see a Static Shock show. I could see Static being really cool in the Arrow universe. I also think an Outsiders tv show could be fun to see also. If not that getting to see Jefferson Pierce as the Black Lightning would work. It could be about him raising his daughters Anissa and Jennifer Pierce. Then having to deal with his daughters having powers too.

I could even see an Aquaman show working, CW tried to bring one out in the past, but it just wasn't the right time and maybe now it is. Grifter and the WildC.A.T.s could be fun too. Plus even the Doom Patrol would be great, DC has no shortage of awesome properties they could make into kick butt shows. So I for one can't wait to see what they bring out next.
Gnoxorm - 8/17/2014, 6:03 PM


Bread - 8/17/2014, 6:03 PM
Suicide Squad would be amazing!
Abary - 8/17/2014, 6:05 PM
How about... NONE. Two is plenty, and expanding it too big will just be too pointless. Keep it simple of focus on a certain master-story to connect the two. Nothing more.
nibs - 8/17/2014, 6:06 PM
Birds of Prey could be cool I suppose, but with or without the Bat-verse, would it feel that much different than Arrow and Flash? Do we need another team of heroes gathered around the computer at home base? Let's try something different first, I'd think.
We already have lots of Deathstroke on Arrow, and IMO Huntress was the one of the worst characters on the show. Maybe that's just me, but I thought I read a lot of comments on here that agreed with that sentiment.
I think of these choices, Suicide Squad sounds the most interesting. It has the potential to offer something very different than Flash and Arrow within the same universe.
As for something else? It's hard to pick the right property that can be done with a TV budget. Teen Titans could work with Roy. Throw in Cyborg, Raven, Wondergirl, something like that. That could be awesome actually.
ekrolo2 - 8/17/2014, 6:06 PM

A bad name? Have you seen any BvS news these days? Its always a [frick]ing shit storm and not in a good way, if anything more people are happy about DC on TV than the films.
TheAmericanPatriot - 8/17/2014, 6:09 PM
Black Canary...but in the Arrow-verse she becomes a Cat burglar who has an off-again on-again relationship with Arrow. It fits right in with the Batman Knock-Off material that this show heavily relies on.
rabid - 8/17/2014, 6:10 PM
The next one will be Titans, I'm sure of it. Arrow already set up all the villains for them. They just have to wait and let us see Batman's story so they know how loose they can play with Robin, if at all.
But the last rumor I heard was that a pilot was being scripted out of the remains of their Raven treatment.
Cyborg might be off the table, but Red Robin, Beast Boy, Artemis, Raven, and Red Arrow should be good to go and all very easy to introduce with the work Arrow has done.
koolaidbag - 8/17/2014, 6:11 PM
If they would just give deadshot a mask he would look great.
DrVenkman - 8/17/2014, 6:16 PM
UltimateHunt - 8/17/2014, 6:17 PM
TheFox - 8/17/2014, 6:20 PM

Make it a detective series, rather than an action series, and it won't overlap with Arrow. Work in villains every once in a while, of course, and build up a big conspiracy that the Question is trying to get to the bottom of.

Seriously, this character NEEDS to show up on Arrow... and he'd be the only other spin-off I'd be interested in seeing!

kong - 8/17/2014, 6:23 PM
Young Justice
Chupathingy66 - 8/17/2014, 6:26 PM
@ The Fox

Totally agree about The Question. They've already established Nanda Parbat so it should work out very easily
Lemons - 8/17/2014, 6:32 PM
Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey PLEASE
TheFox - 8/17/2014, 6:37 PM
@typicalfanboy: Uhhh... wouldn't that make a lot more sense as a Constantine spin-off? 'Cause honestly, that's where I'd rather see Boston Brand show up...

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