How CW Should Make Flash Season 5 and its More Epic Than the first 4 Seasons

While Godspeed is yet to be confirmed for Flash season 5, here are some interesting ideas on what Greg Berlanti and the other CW officials should include in that season next year and 2019.

Editorial Opinion
Now when Godspeed arrives in season 5 of the Flash, not only should we make sure Greg Berlanti maintains his identity as August Heart, with Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville cast as the villain and refrain from submitting to genderbending the guy, but also we should convince him to give Godspeed a team of his own to rival Team Flash with and make sure they are speedsters helping him clean the streets of Central City of criminals and metahuman supervillains by any means necessary in their own way. They are;
Team Godspeed

Mayfly Mr. Sprynt Pollox and Speed Demon

While Godspeed is known for his capacity of stealing the speedforce from other speedsters in the comics, these other four speedsters who he should team up along with Barry, Wally, Jesse, Jay Garrick and Meena Dhawan will be the only ones he won't steal it from because other than needing to have Team Flash explore other ways to help people while dealing with Team Godspeed, they should also have Barry and his friends for the first time take on a team of speedster supervillains in the upcoming 5th season and make sure that they along with August Heart/Godspeed are people who hold a grudge against Allen for bringing Zoom into their world and getting their relatives who were cops and reporters inside Jitters in S2 E20 killed and have been exposed to the lightning brought down during the speed force storm. After all, Berlanti acted sucky when he didn't have Savitar's acolytes on the show speedsters like they were in the comics so having Godspeed appear on the CW series with a speedster team of his own in the 5th season's second half in 2019 should be a grand epic idea for the end of the first half of the series to feature! Of course Godspeed's associates will have names and their roles from the comics and previous shows will be different.

Flash Season 5

and while we are expecting CW to have Godspeed kill Joe West in the end of the season 4 finale or sometime before the season 5 finale since he is a parent and Barry can't be the only person with a burden of growing up without parents, we also want Barry teaming up with the Green Arrow, Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm from another Earth and Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee against his next speedster big bad since the fifth season will mark the end of the first half of the series as well as having other heroes help Team Flash out on subding Godspeed's allies.

Actors to be cast for Team Godspeed Superspeedster Villains

So how about it? Let's contact Berlanti and the other show producers to feature Godspeed teaming up with these guys as an 'Anti-Team Flash' team and make sure they team up against team Flash in the 5th season finale in 2019 so that this show will have an epic conclusion to its first half along with the actors we want to portray these guys on set.

The Season 5 Flash Finale Poster
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