Game of Thrones

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: A Despicable New Villain Emerges In The Form Of... Larys Strong? SPOILERS
This week's episode of House of the Dragon saw the emergence of arguably the most ruthless, despicable villain in the history of Westeros. Worse than Joffrey? Well, find out what Larys Strong did...
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: True Colors Are Revealed In The New Preview For Episode 7, Driftmark
Following a ten-year time jump, things are really starting to heat up on House of the Dragon, especially with the King's death swiftly approaching and setting the stage for the Targaryen Civil War!
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: Emma D'Arcy Debuts As Rhaenyra Targaryen In Clip From Sunday's New Episode
HBO has released a clip from this coming Sunday's new episode of House of the Dragon, and it features Emma D'Arcy making their debut as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. Check it out...
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Star Milly Alcock Says Goodbye To Rhaenyra Targaryen With New BTS Photos
As Milly Alcock's stint on House of the Dragon comes to an end, the young actress has taken to Instagram to share a series of fun behind-the-scenes photos from her time working on the show...
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Composer Explains Why The Prequel Series Uses GAME OF THRONES' Theme Song
House of the Dragon begins each episode with the same theme once used by Game of Thrones...the question is, why? Well, composer Ramin Djawadi has now explained why both shows share that piece of music.
GAME OF THRONES Star Emilia Clarke On Daenerys' Fate: It's Not Fair That Jon Gets To Live
Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has spoken about Daenerys' grim fate in the past, and the actress has now admitted that she wished her fan-favorite character had a happier ending...
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Intimacy Coordinator On Moving On From Gratuitous Sex And Nudity In GAME OF THRONES
House of the Dragon has definitely dialled back on the level of sex and nudity we were used to seeing in Game of Thrones, and the show's intimacy coordinator has now explained that process. Check it out!
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: A Major Character May Have Just Been Killed Off Ahead Of Upcoming Time Jump - SPOILERS
The latest episode of House of the Dragon seemingly brought one key character's story to an end right before the HBO series jumps into the future and replaces many of its cast members. Read on for details!
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: The Situation Worsens In New Preview For Episode 6, The Princess And The Queen
The cast has finally aged up, and next week, the battle for the Iron Throne intensifies. With the King ailing, Rhaenyra maintains her stake while Alicent makes her own moves on Aegon II's behalf.
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Star Milly Alcock Explains Why She Was Comfortable Filming Controversial Incest Scene
This past Sunday's episode of House of the Dragon featured a controversial scene with Daemon Targaryen and his niece Rhaenyra, but actress Milly Alcock didn't find it too uncomfortable to shoot.

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