DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN - 8 New And Existing Marvel Characters We Need To See In The Disney+ Series

Daredevil: Born Again hits Disney+ in 2024, but which characters should join Matt Murdock over the course of those 18 episodes? We have some ideas, and among those are new and existing Marvel characters...

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Daredevil: Born Again won't arrive on Disney+ until 2024, but the show was among those being hyped up by Marvel Studios during this past weekend's D23. 

Charlie Cox will return as the Man Without Fear, while Vincent D'Onofrio will also be back as The Kingpin. WIth the promise of eighteen episodes, fans are understandably excited to see where the MCU's take on Daredevil will take the hero...and which characters he'll be interacting with. 

It seems inevitable that we'll see some familiar faces from his Netflix series, along with various other characters from 'ol Hornhead's comic book adventures. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of new and familiar heroes, villains, and supporting players it would be great to see make their presence felt in Daredevil: Born Again a couple of years from now. 

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8. White Tiger


Angela Del Toro was an FBI agent assigned to investigate Matt Murdock after his identity was revealed in the press. She'd later become obsessed with finding out what made the blind lawyer choose to become a hero, and inheriting her uncle's White Tiger Amulet meant she'd soon find out first-hand.

Suiting up as the new White Tiger, it was actually during one of her first adventures with her newfound abilities that Angela grew to understand why Daredevil does what he does.

Before Angela's uncle died, Matt defended him in the courtroom, and Charlie Cox has previously said this is one of his favourite Daredevil stories. Across the course of 18 episodes, Angela could be introduced as an FBI agent investigating The Kingpin who, along the way, becomes a superhero in her own right (setting the stage for her own Disney+ TV series, no doubt).

7. Spider-Man


Despite Tom Holland's comments during last December's press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the belief is that the actor will return to the MCU as Peter Parker in the not too distant future. 

We're not sure whether that could extend to Disney+, especially as Sony Pictures wouldn't necessarily benefit from that financially. A deal of some sort could be made, of course, and we'd love for them to return the favour after Marvel Studios allowed Charlie Cox to appear as Matt Murdock in the wall-crawler's latest big screen adventure.

Simply put, a team-up between these two is a must. Watching Daredevil and Spider-Man interact on screen would be a dream come true for fans, and if Spidey is brought to life solely through VFX and motion-capture, Holland might only need to lend his voice to Daredevil: Born Again

6. Mr. Fear


It's obvious that Wilson Fisk will be the main villain in Daredevil: Born Again, but that doesn't mean we won't see other bad guys who have targeted Hell's Kitchen over the years. 

When it comes to Mr. Fear, there have been a few different versions of the character, though they all utilise a fear gas to take down Daredevil. While he is a little similar to Scarecrow, there are ways this villain could be reinvented for the MCU, and we'd put the twisted Lawrence Cranston behind the mask. 

He was in law school with Matt Murdock and hated him ever since his fellow lawyer in the making defeated him in a mock trial in college. It's hard to say exactly how Mr. Fear would factor into this series, but The Kingpin unleashing him on Hell's Kitchen would make sense. 

5. Typhoid Mary


We've already met a version of Typhoid Mary in Iron Fist, though Alice Eve's take on the character had little to nothing in common with her comic book counterpart. 

On the page, young telepath Mary had a very traumatic upbringing and ended up working as a prostitute in Hell's Kitchen. She first came into contact with Daredevil when he inadvertently knocked her out of a window when she attacked him in a bid to protect their pimp. It was then that her split personality – Typhoid – took over, and vowed never to be hurt by a man again.

Matt was at one point involved in a relationship with Mary while battling Typhoid as Daredevil, but that's not how we'd like to see things play out in the MCU. More recently, she's been romantically involved with The Kingpin, going so far as to become his wife. Now that could be interesting. 

4. Stilt-Man


Pretty much everyone involved with Daredevil once said that they would like to introduce Stilt-Man in the Netflix series, and while his legs could be seen in Melvin Potter’s workshop, that was as far as that promise ever went. 

How do you convincingly portray a man who walks around on legs which make him nearly as tall as a skyscraper? It's a tough sell, but Marvel Studios could quite easily pull that off on Disney+ based on what we've seen from them so far. Charlie Cox has said there's room in Daredevil: Born Again to explore all manner of stories, and making Stilt-Man a minor antagonist could work.

That would be better than making him a large presence in the show, anyway, and there's no reason one of these episodes can't kick off with a fight between the Man Without Fear and one of his sillier antagonists!

3. The Punisher


This one is a little tricky. On the one hand, there's no way Marvel Studios should be wasting an immensely talented actor like Jon Bernthal when he's clearly ready and willing to return as The Punisher. The character's Netflix series was a little underwhelming, but the potential for Frank Castle in the MCU is huge. 

It's just unfortunate that the vigilante's symbol has been co-opted by certain, uh, groups. It also seems somewhat inevitable that The Punisher would have to be watered down somewhat as his mission to murder criminals...well, it doesn't scream Disney, does it? 

If there's a way to make this work, though, we'd love to see it happen. There are heroes in the MCU who have killed and we have seen guns used by various characters; with that in mind, Frank could find a home in this world. For us, Daredevil: Born Again is the best possible place to reintroduce him. 

2. Elektra


Simply put, Marvel Television majorly f***ed up Elektra.  There were elements of her story that worked, though making her a bad influence on Matt Murdock just took the assassin's story down some boring and predictable routes. 

Her death came far too soon, though The Defenders at least hinted that Elektra managed to survive and break free of The Hand's programming. That gives Marvel Studios a fresh slate in some ways as the character can return to Daredevil's life, with little to no need to do any more than hint at their shared history.

We'd like to see Elektra show up as a love interest and ally to Matt during his war with The Kingpin. She's a character deserving of her own series or movie, so Marvel Studios would be wise to use this as a shot at redemption for the anti-hero. We'd be happy to see Elodie Yung back, but would probably recast the role.

1. Bullseye


Bullseye is a great villain and, outside of The Kingpin, easily Daredevil’s most famous and formidable foe. He received an extended origin story in the Netflix series' final season, and with this show serving as very much its own thing, we'd now like to skip ahead and have Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter show up as this costumed supervillain. 

Making him part of Daredevil: Born Again opens the door to untold possibilities and will give the Man Without Fear a true adversary who can plague him throughout the entire season.

There's no real need to get into that backstory; all we need is for Bullseye to show up on The Kingpin's payroll as someone who wants the Man Without Fear dead. Should Wilson Bethel return? Perhaps, though we wouldn't be against a new actor stepping in to play this villain. 

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