SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Review; "A Verdict Has Been Reached And It’s A Mighty Marvel Masterpiece"

We're weighing in with our verdict on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's first four episodes, and those of you who have been patiently waiting to see this sensational superhero on screen will be very happy...

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It’s a little hard to believe we’ve been waiting this long for She-Hulk to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, but like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and Kate Bishop, Disney+ has now proven itself the perfect launching platform for Jennifer Walters. Four episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law were provided to critics in advance of the show’s debut on August 18, and they offer up a compelling origin story, fun courtroom action, and the must-see story of an unwilling superhero who finds herself thrown into a world she never wanted to be part of. The result is Marvel’s most sensational series yet, and this fresh approach to telling stories in the MCU is welcomed. 

Like WandaVision’s unique premise, Ms. Marvel’s stylised visuals, and Loki’s mind-bending take on the Multiverse, She-Hulk immediately separates itself from the expected Marvel Studios style of storytelling with a lead that breaks the fourth wall. Anyone who has watched Deadpool will be familiar with the concept, of course, but it’s used to great effect here, enhancing what we’re seeing throughout the series rather than simply serving as a cheap method of delivering an extra gag or two. Even more exciting for viewers is the fact that She-Hulk takes full advantage of its quirky tone, answering questions like whether Steve Rogers ever lost his virginity and what TV shows the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong, watches during his downtime. It never takes itself too seriously, but also avoids becoming too silly (like Thor: Love and Thunder) by not overindulging in those crazier moments and making sure we care about the characters involved. 

There will be those who deem She-Hulk too "woke" or too wrapped up in its feminist messages; the less said about those people, the better. Amidst the laughs, the show makes some poignant observations about what it means to be a woman in today’s world, whether it’s as simple as a guy thinking it's okay to harass women at a bar after being told "no" or Jen’s dating mishaps. None of that is new, of course, but with She-Hulk’s perspective thrown into the mix (why should she worry about walking back to her car in the dark?), it makes it all the more richer and fascinating to explore. With a female lead, her perspective on the world should be at the forefront of the stories being told, and it's hard to understand why anyone would take issue with that. Primarily, She-Hulk is a comedy, and there’s fun to be had even in the dramatic elements, whether it be the titular hero outsmarting her cousin as she attempts to "Hulk-splain" her newfound powers or the identity crisis that ensues when Jen realises she’s not wanted at her new job in a Superhuman Law Division, She-Hulk is. 

Tatiana Maslany wastes no time in putting her stamp on this character, and is incredibly likeable in the role. If you weren’t a fan before, you will be after watching this show because her take on She-Hulk is sensational (there’s that word again). Each episode clocks in at around 30 minutes, and even Jen’s origin plays out within the space of a single episode. The fast pace works, though, and Maslany makes the most of the time she has to establish this character as one we’re excited to see become a major player throughout the wider MCU. It’s always fun to spend time with Mark Ruffalo’s Green Goliath, of course, and this series answers some big unanswered questions about his past and future. Tim Roth, meanwhile, is on top form as the returning Emil Blonsky, and the show finds a humorous and unexpected way to revisit The Incredible Hulk villain as he looks to move on from Abomination. Elsewhere, Ginger Gonzaga, Jameela Jamil, and Josh Segarra all impress in supporting roles, though we do hope to see much more of Renée Elise Goldsberry in future episodes. 

Visually, She-Hulk looks perfect on screen a good 95% of the time. There are a handful of moments where something doesn’t quite click, but that’s easily forgiven when we’re getting movie visuals on a television budget. When you look at CG characters in many superhero TV shows (we’ll use The Flash as an example), the results aren’t great, forcing you to suspend your disbelief for minutes at a time. That’s never an issue in She-Hulk as the character looks and feels real. Much of the credit should go to Maslany for her amazing performance, but the visuals that came under fire in that first teaser are vastly improved and hard to find fault with, so kudos to those hard-working VFX teams. 

Seeing She-Hulk on the big screen will be a delight, but she also feels like a character who can really benefit from Disney+, especially as watching Jen head into the courtroom and get herself embroiled in various "freak of the week"-style misadventures has, thus far, proven to be a highlight. There’s some much-needed consistency from episode to episode too (unlike, say, the decline we saw from Ms. Marvel in its middle chapters), leaving us keen to see not just the next five instalments, but She-Hulk as a weekly presence on Disney+ for many years to come. 

Overall, the show makes for easy viewing, and like a lot of comedies, it might be enjoyed best in a couple of binge-viewing sessions. However, it still looks set to be appointment television each week and there are a lot of big things happening here that could turn the MCU on its head. Four episodes in and we’ve yet to meet Daredevil or fully establish where the series is going, but this has all the makings of being the best Marvel series ever.

A verdict has been reached on She-Hulk, and it’s a mighty Marvel masterpiece! Tatiana Maslany is sensational as the lawyer-turned-superhero, while the show’s quirky, offbeat tone perfectly encapsulates the weirder side of the MCU in a way you’ve never seen before. 


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