SHE-HULK Smashes Second Biggest Trailer Debut For MCU Disney+ Series Behind TFATW
The first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law smashed its way online on Tuesday, and had already amassed 78 million views after 24 hours, giving it the second highest MCU series teaser debut...
SHE-HULK: HBO Max Brasil Seemingly Makes Fun Of Recent Trailer With She-Rek Post
Disney+ debuted the first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law earlier this week, and the official HBO Max Brasil Twitter account has now shared a post which is clearly taking the piss out of the CGI.
SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW - Breaking Down The Biggest Moments And Reveals In The Sensational First Trailer
Following the release of She-Hulk's first trailer, we're taking a closer look at that footage to break down all the biggest moments and reveals, including some surprise cameos and teases about the story...
SHE-HULK Stills Spotlight Jennifer Walters' Transformation, Emil Blonsky, Smart Hulk, And More
Following last night's trailer, Disney+ has released some official promo stills for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, spotlighting Jennifer Walters' (Tatiana Maslany) transformation, Smart Hulk, and more.
SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Trailer Gives Us A First Look At Jennifer Walters In Action
Marvel Studios has debuted the first teaser trailer and a new poster for Disney+'s She-Hulk, giving us a first proper look at a fully transformed Jennifer Walters in action! Check it out...
SHE-HULK Reportedly A Mess; Details On Mark Ruffalo's Role Possibly Leaked
While much has been speculated about She-Hulk, another troubling note has surfaced. Plus, we also have some info on the scope of Mark Ruffalo's role and a possible premiere date.
SHE-HULK's Official Synopsis Seemingly Leaked By Disney+ UK Along With Possible Premiere Date
Someone is getting fired, because a recent blog post from Disney+ in the UK has revealed both She-Hulk's premiere date and an official synopsis for the highly anticipated series. Read on for details...
More SHE-HULK Promo Art Revealed As Rumor Points To Significant Release Date Delay
A new rumor doing the rounds online suggests that Marvel's She-Hulk could be looking at a potentially significant release date delay. We also have a much clearer look at some promo art featuring the hero.
SHE-HULK Supposedly Not Shaping Up To Be Very Good Due To Potential Creative Issues
We're taking these claims with a pinch of salt, but a new report claims there are rumblings in Marvel Studios that She-Hulk "could be a problem" based on how it's shaping up so far. Read on for details!
SHE-HULK Promo Art Reveals First Look At Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters In Hulk Form
The She-Hulk teaser only revealed the titular hero from the legs down, but thanks to some promo art, we have a first look at star Tatiana Maslany fully "Hulked-up" as the other Green Goliath.