CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: Beth Broderick & Caroline Rhea To Return As The Original Aunts Zelda & Hilda

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: Beth Broderick & Caroline Rhea To Return As The Original Aunts Zelda & Hilda

THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: New Trailer Points To The Netflix Series Going Out With One Hell Of A Bang
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THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: New Trailer Points To The Netflix Series Going Out With One Hell Of A Bang

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Kyos - 3/13/2019, 3:20 PM
Some day I'll have to finish S1. Just didn't like it anywhere near as much as I'd hoped.
Dart - 3/13/2019, 4:19 PM
@Kyos - same. I'm a massive Riverdale fan, watched every episode at least twice with different people, and I was expecting Sabrina to ensnare me from the jump but it was a struggle to make it through the first 3 episodes and I've just never gone back. I feel like I will eventually... but idk.
Kyos - 3/13/2019, 4:38 PM
@Dart - I watched Riverdale S1 and enjoyed it more than I did not, and then I just stopped watching, and never really looked back. Sabrina looked so much more like my thing, but some spark is missing between me and those shows.
Dart - 3/13/2019, 5:14 PM
@Kyos - I feel you. Riverdale is one of those kinda shows, IF it kinda hits you just right you are sunk in deep, hooked in... but if it doesn't I totally get it. I fully 100% excepted to loathe Riverdale, to dislike it so much the very sight of a commercial would bug me... the concept of a dark and noirish teen drama take on the Archie comics sounds like it should be burning hot trash.... but I watched the first episode and I was like oh... oh wait... this is kinda good. Then I watched the next episode and the story and characters and the hyper stylistic elements just hooked me. Been a fan ever since. Riverdale is a way better show than it has any right to be lol

That's why I fully expected to enjoy Sabrina... same creators, no restrictions because it's on Netflix, I love Supernatural stuff... but it just hasn't hooked me.

WakandanQueen - 3/13/2019, 3:23 PM

Kumkani - 3/13/2019, 3:37 PM
@WakandanQueen - Cats that are not really cats
Dart - 3/13/2019, 4:20 PM
@DnA - you win.
Jayman627 - 3/13/2019, 3:32 PM
Very excited for this, my sisters and I really enjoyed the first season! Hopefully it doesn't jump the shark like Riverdale's second season did LOL

Dart - 3/13/2019, 4:25 PM
@Jayman627 -
Dart - 3/13/2019, 4:30 PM
@Jayman627 - but just out of curiosity, how did the second season jump the shark in your opinion? The Black Hood mystery was great. I've thought Riverdale has been consistently great and some of the best character arcs and character development out of any show I've seen in a long time. You look at who these characters start off season 1 as compared to who they are now in season 3 and they are all completely different and it was all due to trauma and events grinding them down and forcing them to turn I to these completely different people, merely shadows of their former selves and watching the transformations season to season has been awesome in my opinion. One of my favorite shows.
Jayman627 - 3/13/2019, 5:15 PM
@Dart - My apologies, for some reason when writing this I thought the floating babies and Archie in jail were part of season 2! I totally forgot about the whole Black Hood plot line LOL my bad!

That being said while I still liked the characters and there's overall enjoyment factor from what I remember for season 2, the biggest problem that I had was the fact that they dragged it out to 22 episodes where I think it works better as a 13 episode storyline, lot's of the time it felt like people having the same conversations especially Betty and her mom over that Chic guy it got a bit boring for me! Now I found most episodes fun but lot's felt like filler and that made it seemed a bit unfocused unlike the shorter first season! From what your saying the character arcs are lot's of the things you liked and I think the show benefits from good arcs and a likeable cast but for me it's the stories they put them in that are a bit sloppy!
That being said I'm glad your enjoying the show, what have been your thoughts on season 3? :)
Chaos200 - 3/13/2019, 3:34 PM
Despite the SJW first couple of episodes, the rest of the season was pretty good, she's so cheating on Harvey in season 2.
Kumkani - 3/13/2019, 3:38 PM
@Chaos200 - "Despite the SJW first couple of episodes"

Chaos200 - 3/13/2019, 3:43 PM
@DnA - Why is it people have an aneurysm when SJW is mentioned? Like being an SJW is not a good thing. It's being overly political about trivial white people problems that over privileged kids cry about.
MexCowboyNation - 3/13/2019, 4:10 PM
@Chaos200 - Becuase people will call anything sjw if it doesn't fit their usually bigoted conservative beliefs.
NinnesMBC - 3/13/2019, 3:42 PM
Great poster.
NinnesMBC - 3/13/2019, 3:43 PM
Off-topic: cute Funko promo for Captain Marvel.

MexCowboyNation - 3/13/2019, 4:11 PM
Best CBTV on Netflix.
JosephCronos92 - 3/13/2019, 4:21 PM
Awesome, loved season 01.

Shit's gonna get awful and kinky by how S1 ended, bring it.
Floke - 3/13/2019, 10:32 PM
Burn her!
TheArlington - 3/14/2019, 2:50 AM
Why is this on here? No one cares about this lame ass, CW teeinie bopper shite
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