STAR WARS: Every Live-Action And Animated TV Show Ranked From Worst To Best According To Rotten Tomatoes

Disney and Lucasfilm have put together an impressive slate of live-action and animated TV shows, but how do they all compare when those all-important Rotten Tomatoes scores come into play? Find out here!

Love it or hate it, Rotten Tomatoes is now more important than ever when it comes to whether moviegoers decide to check out the latest releases in theaters, and it's not uncommon for studios to tout scores as proudly as star ratings. However, in recent years, it's become every bit as important for TV shows, especially when there are so many options out there. 

In the case of the Star Wars franchise, the past few years have seen Lucasfilm shift focus to prioritising exploring that Galaxy out on the small screen rather than the big one. 

They've found great success on Disney+ in the wake of what proved to be a disappointing end to the Skywalker Saga, and there hasn't been a single "Rotten" outing among them. However, from The Clone Wars to Andor, each of these shows - whether it be in animation or live-action - ends up comparing vastly differently when those all-important scores are placed side-by-side.

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8. The Book Of Boba Fett


Score: 66%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: The Book of Boba Fett could never match the adventures that existed in fans' imaginations for decades, but it earns its commission with spectacular set pieces and Temuera Morrison's commanding presence.

Boba Fett's return in The Mandalorian was welcomed by fans, as was a post-credits scene at the end of season 2 revealing that the bounty hunter had decided to take over Tatooine. Unfortunately, his solo series was a mess, with the time he spent alongside the Tusken Raiders proving to be thoroughly underwhelming.

The scenes set in the present day were a little better, but The Book of Boba Fett was at its best when it basically became The Mandalorian season 2.5.

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi


Score: 82%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: This won't be the Obi-Wan Kenobi some viewers are looking for, but Ewan McGregor's soulful performance and some refreshing twists make this a satisfying -- if circuitous -- addition to the Star Wars saga.

Yeah, we don't get this one at all. Obi-Wan Kenobi was a Star Wars fan's dream come true, with heaps of epic moments and one of the franchise's greatest lightsaber duels of all time. 

Admittedly, there were some low points, and the production values occasionally fell short due to an overreliance on The Volume. This series still worked as an "inbetweenquel," however, and Hayden Christensen's phenomenal return as Darth Vader alone should mean this show places much higher on this list. 

6. The Bad Batch


Score: 86%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: The Bad Batch's beautifully animated adventure may be too lore heavy for casual viewers, but fans will enjoy diving deeper into this dastardly cast of characters.

Ever since George Lucas confirmed the original Star Wars trilogy's Stormtroopers weren't clones, fans have wondered how the Empire transitioned from them to recruiting soldiers for the cause. The Bad Batch has offered some insight into that, though this is definitely one for the more hardcore fans. 

Yes, it's been fun to follow the adventures of the title characters, but this has never really felt like the most essential story to tell despite featuring some memorable moments. Fingers crossed season 2 ups the ante. 

5. Star Wars Resistance


Score: 92%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: Star Wars: Resistance's streamlined story sets the stage for exciting adventures -- and seems poised to explore a canvas stocked with immediately relatable characters and plenty of potential.

Star Wars Resistance doesn't have that many reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, an indication perhaps that there was always a lack of interest in the animated series. Fans never got too into either, in fairness, likely because it was basically a wholly unnecessary prequel to The Force Awakens

An uninspired animation style didn't help matters, and while the voice cast was solid - as were many of the characters we spent time with - we think this score would have been quite a bit lower had more critics decided to share their thoughts. 

4. The Clone Wars (TIE)


Score: 93%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: Thanks to its beautifully animated action-sequences and its impressively layered storytelling, The Clone Wars' final chapter affirms its place as one of Star Wars' greatest entries.

Arguably one of the greatest animated TV shows of all time, The Clone Wars expanded this Galaxy Far, Far Away in ways that had, and continue to have, far-reaching consequences. Dave Filoni deepened the lore in an unimaginable manner, with Ahsoka Tano's introduction arguably the biggest thing to come out of this one. 

Whether you've never seen the series or have simply been meaning to revisit it, we'd strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible, especially with Ahsoka on the horizon. 



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