STAR WARS: THE ACOLYTE Details May Shed Some Light On How Sith Factor Into The High Republic Era Series

More details on Star Wars: The Acolyte have been revealed, and they reveal new intel on both the show's lead character and how the Sith will factor into the High Republic Era. Read on for details...

Disney+'s Star Wars: The Acolyte will be set during The High Republic Era, a time that's so far been explored primarily in comic books and novels. Taking place hundreds of years before The Phantom Menace, it's a period that's ripe with storytelling potential, and it now appears as if we can expect to learn a lot more about the origins of the Sith. 

Bespin Bulletin (via has compiled some recent reports, explaining that the action primarily takes place on a planet called Sanshiro. It's a world mostly made up of marshlands and snowy mountains, and the show's lead, Amandla Stenberg's Aura, will call it home. We'll also be visiting Fether, though no further details were shared about what that location will look like. 

Apparently, Aura's village is frequently attacked by "primitive" and "tribal" beings who are eventually fought off by the Jedi. They take children from the camp to train, but leave Aura behind after leaving with her sister, Miri. The next time the Sanshiro camp comes under attack, the Jedi are too late. 

Aura's grandparents die and the Jedi refuse to take the girl to her sister. All of this contributes to Aura being sent down a dark path that sees her join the Acolytes. It sounds like they must all compete in trials, with the "winner" (or sole survivor) allowed to become a Sith apprentice. We're not sure who holds this contest, but it sounds like a fascinating exploration of the villainous cabal. 

While this hasn't been reported, we'd be shocked if Darth Plagueis doesn't somehow come into play. If not Emperor Palpatine's eventual Master, then we'd certainly anticipate another familiar name is used in order to better explore the Dark Side and history of the Sith. 

Making the Jedi the "antagonists" to an extent is also interesting, and there's every chance we'll get to see the Sith from a totally different point of view. We're not saying they'll necessarily be portrayed in a heroic light, but it could be we come to understand their motivations a little better.

Stay tuned to for updates on The Acolyte as we have them. 

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