JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Shares Hi-Res Wonder Woman Crimean War Photo And Original Story Idea

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Shares Hi-Res Wonder Woman Crimean War Photo And Original Story Idea JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Shares Hi-Res Wonder Woman Crimean War Photo And Original Story Idea

Earlier today, we shared an unused image from Batman v Superman showing Diana Prince fighting in the Crimean War, and Zack Snyder has now shared a hi-res version along with his original plan for the hero.

By JoshWilding - Jan 05, 2021 12:01 PM EST
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During a recent interview, Zack Snyder shared an unused image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showing Gal Gadot's Diana Prince fighting in the Crimean War. That seemed to be the original plan for the character before Patty Jenkins boarded the Wonder Woman movie and decided that Wonder Woman wouldn't leave Themyscira until World War I.

Now, Snyder has shared a hi-res shot of this flashback to the mid-1800s along with some details on his original vision for this character in the DC Extended Universe, and it turns out the Wonder Woman in the photo is actually an Elseworlds version of the character. 

"This amazing image shot by Stephen Berkman of an else-world, war weary Diana, who had chased [Ares] across the battlefields of the world and had yet to meet Steve, who would help her restore her faith in mankind and love itself," Snyder says.

It's a pretty amazing shot, though it's hard to imagine Jenkins being on board with a Wonder Woman who made trophies of severed heads!

In an interview shared earlier today, the Wonder Woman 1984 helmer lambasted Warner Bros. for wanting to depict the hero as "being harsh and tough and cutting people’s heads off."

Take a look at Snyder's Tweet below:

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10. Filling In The Gaps


Joss Whedon's Justice League was a mashup of two conflicting visions, so it's no wonder it was received as something of a mess back in 2017. 

Everything from Superman's resurrection to the way these heroes met felt half-a**ed, so the Snyder Cut can fill in some gaps in logic, better explain the motivations of key characters, and help Steppenwolf's mission make sense. Addressing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's confusing time-travel is an absolute must.

Nearly five years on, the Flash's message to Batman still makes no sense, so at the very least, we could get an explanation about that and Knightmare that's more than just a Vero post.

Here's hoping Snyder actually explained it in this cut, though. 

9. Darkseid's Debut


Darkseid played a forgettable role in Smallville's later seasons, but has never been lucky enough to receive a true, live-action debut. Now, it's long overdue. 

The iconic baddie is likely to receive the spotlight in Ava DuVernay's long-delayed film featuring The New Gods, but who knows if that will ever happen. Thankfully, Snyder has big plans for Darkseid in his Snyder Cut of Justice League

He will appear as Uxas in the flashbacks revisiting the first time the Mother Boxes were almost united, and again in the present day if some rumors are to be believed.

We just hope he gets at least one scene with the League.

8. New Scenes


The original plan for this cut of Justice League was for the visual effects to be finished. Somewhere along the line, Snyder managed to convinced WarnerMedia executives to let him shoot additional scenes (bringing back actors like Ben Affleck and Amber Heard, not to mention a surprise addition in Jared Leto). 

Even if you feel like you know how this cut will play out - and it's easy enough to guess when Snyder has shared so much on Vero - there are bound to be some surprises.

Along with more Joker, that could include Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter cameos.

We may not ever know exactly how much Snyder added to his cut, but the scenes we've alluded to above should be more than enough to make this a rewarding viewing experience.

7. Black Suit Superman


We kinda, sorta got this in Man of Steel, but the biggest request for Superman's inevitable return from the dead was that he rise from the grave in his classic black super suit.

Snyder has shared a clip confirming that's the plan for this cut, though admitted that the costume has been changed in post. Perhaps that's a sign he never planned to move away from the classic red and blue, though his explanation was that he was unsure Warner Bros. execs would be on board with the color change he knew could be made later on.

It's doubtful this will have a significant impact on the story, but it sure will be cool to see. 

Unfortunately, we're not banking on the famous Superman mullet also debuting in this film.

6. Zack Snyder Finally Gets To Share His Vision


How can you not be happy about this? 

It shouldn't matter how you feel about Snyder's work in the DC Universe. A filmmaker, whose vision was trampled on by a film studio, getting to share his own, unedited cut is a rarity. 

In the aftermath of his daughter's death, Warner Bros. wrestled Justice League away from the director, and hired a completely different filmmaker to write and direct scenes which undid nearly everything Snyder had planned. That's got to hurt, so this move by WarnerMedia deserves to be praised.

We'll soon find out whether the gamble pays off, but good on Zack for getting this rare opportunity.

5. What Does It Add To The DCEU?


Warner Bros. execs have described the Snyder Cut of Justice League as a road that leads nowhere, so whatever happens here won't be canon no matter how hard fans on social media campaign.

The DCEU is still struggling; hits like Aquaman and Shazam! helped, but Birds of Prey underperformed and Wonder Woman 1984 has taken something of a critical drubbing in recent weeks. Focusing on the past by retelling a familiar story isn't going to help this shared world in future. 

Ben Affleck may have returned for reshoots, but as far as we can tell, The Flash will serve as his farewell anyway. 

Ultimately, the Snyder Cut may fail to do much more than frustrate fans with open-ended moments that are never addressed or referenced in any future DC films.

4. It Could Be A Total Mess


Batman v Superman gets a lot of hate, but there are a lot of moments in there that work really well. The same can be said for Man of Steel as well.

However, the problem there is that Snyder's DC films often work better as individual scenes rather than as the sum of their parts. Batman's fight with Superman was epic, but when you add the Martha reveal and the Dark Knight's motivations for wanting to take the Man of Tomorrow down, it soon starts to fall apart. 

Snyder had a lot of very ambitious ideas for Justice League, but dare we ask what happens if they don't work? 

That could mean this film is a total mess, and one that makes even less sense than the Knightmare scenes! 

3. A Story Without An Ending


Snyder always had plans for another Justice League film. While Warner Bros. balked at the idea of shooting a sequel back-to-back with this first film after the negative response to Batman v Superman, the hope was that it could one day be shot. 

The filmmaker must realize now that a follow-up of any sort is unlikely, but it's sounding an awful lot like he's planning to leave the door open to one. 

There's no way the reshoots could encompass Deathstroke's plans to take down Batman, the Knightmare flashforwards, and Darkseid's battle with the team. It's no wonder when that there's been talk of a sequel being released in the form of a comic written by Snyder and pencilled by Jim Lee.

For the time being, however, Zack Snyder's Justice League could be a wholly unsatisfying experience.

2. It's Not Even A Film


Films don't bring subscribers to streaming platforms; TV shows do. 

Many of those who signed up to HBO Max for Wonder Woman 1984 will have already canceled their subscriptions because there's no compelling weekly content to keep them coming back. Taking that into account, it now makes sense why this cut of Justice League has been split into a four-part miniseries.

Now, it's not even a film, and it's hard to imagine that doing this any favours. A four-hour film would be a drag to sit through, but a disjointed four-part TV show is never what Snyder had planned.

Maybe we'd be better off waiting for the eventual film version the director has promised?

1. Will It Actually Be Better Than Joss Whedon's Justice League?


The hardcore #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fans on social media will burn you at the proverbial stake for daring to even suggest this, but who's to say this cut will be any better than Joss Whedon's?

As glaringly bad as his film was in places, it also got some things right. 

Superman was portrayed in a way fans had been hoping to see on screen for years, and while Batman cracking jokes was a huge blunder, at least we got to see him and the rest of the League being heroes when they saved all those innocents (in the admittedly awkward Russian family scenes Whedon shoehorned in). 

Warner Bros. felt the Snyder Cut was bad enough to eviscerate and reshoot. What if they were right? 

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ModHaterSLADE - 1/5/2021, 12:23 PM
Shame Ares was such a let down.
WaffeX - 1/5/2021, 12:24 PM
Ha1frican - 1/5/2021, 12:28 PM
Of they really were just humans I don’t think that would have worked for me even as someone who like the more hardcore sword wield warrior takes on Wonder Woman. If it was something to do with the macguffin and they were turned into corrupted monsters akin to Suicide Squad who could only be stopped by beheading I think I could get down with that. Either way I’m glad they steered away from this
OmegaBlack13 - 1/5/2021, 12:28 PM
Twitter was really eating this picture up yesterday and I don’t understand why. What in the characters history says that she would do this??
Spock0Clock - 1/5/2021, 12:34 PM
@OmegaBlack13 - If someone said "here's what we're doing with Zarda for the upcoming Squadron Supreme movie", then sure. I can dig it.

But at this particular moment in time, we need some slightly schmaltzy peace and love and truth from our Wonder Woman, I think. (And that was true in 2015, too.) There's still room for dark heroes being dark, but let's let the more arch heroes be unapologetically inspirational and fun, I think.
KingLeonidas - 1/5/2021, 12:29 PM
Jenkins would shut this down in a heartbeat. She is absolutely against a violent and bloodthirsty WW.
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