SPOILERS: 5 Intriguing ways LOGAN May Have Set-Up Future Movies In The X-MEN Franchise

Logan can definitely be looked at as a standalone story, but there are still a few elements that may be teasing or setting up future films in Fox's X-franchise down the line. Here are 5 possibilities...

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Though Logan is in many ways a standalone film, it is supposed to exist in 20th Century Fox's established X-Men continuity - as all over the place as it may be. It's been well documented that James Mangold's movie does give this version of The Wolverine his swansong, but there are also a few elements that seem to be potentially setting up future films in the franchise - even though a little bit of playing around with the timeline might be necessary to make them work.

Below you'll find 5 potential scenarios for upcoming X-Men films. Some of the ideas may seem a little far-fetched, but keep in mind that the studio is supposedly planning some major changes to this franchise moving forward, and these would definitely provide them with some interesting options.

5. Cable And X-Force

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This one is definitely a long-shot (no pun intended), as Cable is not directly referenced in Logan - however, looking at how the movie wraps up with the mutant kids basically left in limbo, it's possible this is setting up a visit from the time-travelling badass somewhere down the line.

In the comics, Cable assembles the original X-Force by gathering members together from several different timelines, so there's a chance we'll see a similar approach when it finally comes time to introduce Dafne Keen's Laura and her gifted pals to the main X-Men franchise. That said, we have heard that Deadpool 2 plans on taking a a few liberties with the more "out there" elements of the Cable character, so he may not even have the ability to time-travel when he makes his debut in that film.

It's all up in the air for now, but I think it'd be a great way to bring X-23 into the X-Force fold.

4. Exiles

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Another seemingly far fetched scenario - but Simon Kinberg did recently mention that 20th Century Fox were looking at The Exiles when considering where to take the X-Men franchise in the future, and Logan might just be an indication that the studio is willing to go down the alternate reality route.

Though James Mangold's film is seemingly supposed to exist in the new continuity established in X-Men: DOFP, there are also certain elements that suggest it could be viewed as more of a "what if" future timeline. If the studio was willing to fully embrace this concept, it opens up the door for The Exiles, which follows the adventures of an interdimensional team consisting of alternate reality version of well-known characters.

This would allow for Fox to pretty much have a field day with their mutant roster and cast, while also allowing them to explain their sometimes convoluted (I'm being nice) continuity.

3. The New Mutants

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We know Josh Boone's New Mutants movie is scheduled to head into production soon, and by all accounts the team will consist of the original comic book roster - but is there a chance we might see any of the young children of the atom from Logan drafted in, too?

Certainly, X-23 and Rictor are prime candidates, and it's also possible to sneak a new take on Roberto Da Costa/Sunspot into the group. Again, we'd be dealing with time-travel here in order to match up the timelines - unless, that is, New Mutants winds up taking place in the same future established in Logan? Seems unlikely given the rumors that James McAvoy's Xavier is going to be involved, but you never know!

2. X-23

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It's almost a certainty that we are going to see the excellent Dafne Keen return as Laura Kinney/X-23 at some point, and although many fans would like to see her take over from Jackman as the new Wolverine, it looks more likely (for now, at any rate) that she'll feature in her own solo movie first.

Both Keen and Logan director James Mangold have expressed interest in returning, and if that happens you can bet the next adventure will take place in the timeline Laura was introduced in. Of course, there's always the possibility that solo film could, in turn, set-up X-23 taking up Wolvie's mantle, but chances are the main narrative will take place soon after the conclusion of Logan.

1. Wolverine

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Logan is dead... long live Wolverine? Mangold's movie sees the emotional demise of Hugh Jackman's iconic mutant, but we know it's only a matter of time before someone else steps into the role, and Logan may just have provided us with the perfect scenario for this to happen.

Logan is ultimately taken down by his clone, X-24, who is a younger, much more lethal version of himself, and while we know that X-23 is his "daughter", what if he also had a "son"? I'm not even necessarily talking about the divisive Daken, but imagine if Doctor Rice had created a male clone of Wolverine who could be played by a different actor, but still go on to claim the mantle of Jackman's previous incarnation? This solves the problem of just replacing Jackman in the role without explanation, or going down the younger version of the character route, which makes zero sense.

What do you guys think of these possibilities? Please comment, and be sure to share your own ideas in the usual place

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