SPOILERS: The Shocking Fates Of 'Batman' And 'The Joker' Revealed In Today's Issue #40

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #40 went on sale today, and it wrapped up the shocking and epic "Endgame" storyline. How were things between the Caped Crusader and The Joker resolved? Well, it'll change the DC Universe in a major way, that's for sure. Hit the jump to find out...

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Batman and The Joker are dead. It's revealed in today's Batman #40 that the latter isn't an immortal, and actually discovered the Dionysium which healed his face and made him stronger after he fell from that cliff in "Death of the Family". In a page which isn't shown below - to get the full story, you should really pick up a copy of this amazing comic book - Batman actually stops The Joker from reaching the pit of the mysterious fluid to heal himself, effectively resulting in the death of both him and his greatest enemy. Does this mean Batman technically killed The Joker?

There are a lot of great reveals in the issue anyway, including the fact that The Joker does indeed know that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. With the two enemies fatally wounded and buried deep underground, it's hard to say how Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo will bring either of them back! The former had this to say in an interview with Comic Book Resources earlier today however: "Batman knows that he is going to go down fighting. And that's the way that Batman will always end. He's not going to retire, at least our version of him. He's not going to ride off into the sunset. He's going to go down fighting for the city whether old or young. Giving him the chance to fight his greatest enemy, who represents everything that he stands against is the perfect ending for him. The Joker represents meaningless and the idea that everyone is laughing at him and you. Joker doesn't think that your life means anything whereas Batman says, "Stand up and make your life matter." Who wouldn't want to go down in a blaze of glory? If you're going to go down some way, what better way than saving the city and making sure that this monster never gets out of the box on your watch. It's almost a happy ending for Batman." Thoughts?

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