THE TERMINAL LIST: Jeanne Tripplehorn & LaMonica Garrett On SPOILERS, THE FIRM Sequel & More DC (Exclusive)

With The Terminal List now streaming, we sat down with stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and LaMonica Garrett to discuss their pivotal roles in the Chris Pratt-fronted action-thriller.

With The Terminal List now streaming exclusively on Prime Video, we caught up with stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and LaMonica Garrett to talk about their extremely important roles in the action-thriller series that stars fan-favorite Chris Pratt (Jurassic World; Guardians of the Galaxy) in the lead role as James Reece. 

Due to the nature of their roles, we couldn't really get into too many details since it would've gotten very spoiler-y very fast, but both stars had a good time avoiding those hard-hitting questions as best they could. 

Then, since Tom Cruise has been in the news all month with Top Gun: Maverick, we asked Tripplehorn whether she would ever want to reunite with her one-time co-star for a sequel to the 1993 legal thriller The Firm.

Plus, Garrett also touched on possibly returning to the world of DC or maybe even signing on for a Marvel role.

Check out the full video interview below!

ROHAN: Jeanne, Hartley wields a lot of power and is doing her best to help Reece... what do you think she sees in him that leads her on her path this season? 

JEANNE: Well, she comes from a long line of military men in her family and is carrying on the military tradition. So, she really understands the mind of a soldier and what happens when you leave the war and you come back home and the difficulties that come with that, so I think she's a pretty empathetic character. She really is doing her best by the military.

ROHAN: LaMonica, Commander Fox has a history with Reece, so did you and Chris do anything special to build rapport leading into filming?

LAMONICA: I think with Chris, it's easy just to jump in, and to play off of each other. We'd never met before this. When I got the job, the producer side of him came, and said, “Hey, we saw the tape, you were amazing. We knew we had to have you,” and we embraced and from that point on, we just hit it off. It was it was fun to play opposite Chris, and as the season goes on, we did do some things towards the end, without giving away too much, we put our heads together to come up with stuff that we did.

ROHAN: Jeanne, the series really stresses the importance of the press with Constance’s character Katie - playing Hartley, someone in a position of power, how did you sort of approach building that dynamic with her?

JEANNE: Yeah, I can't answer that question. *laughs* You're talking to the two people that shouldn't even be talking!

LAMONICA: We're gonna give it away! We're gonna give it away!

ROHAN: Okay, okay, I think I can ask you this - since he's been in the news a lot lately because of Top Gun: Maverick, would you ever be interested in reuniting with Tom Cruise for a sequel to The Firm? That's such a great movie. 

JEANNE: Absolutely. I love Tom. I mean, he's - Chris has a lot of the same, leadership and energy and just commitment that he does. So, yeah, absolutely!

ROHAN: Everyone loved your work as The Monitor... would you be interested in returning to the DC world, or maybe Marvel, for another part?

LAMONICA: Absolutely. I'm a big comic book guy, so that's one of those, going to work each day was just the inner nerd in me just geeking out and seeing different outfits and yeah, that world, I very much know about and I you could never not explore enough of that world. So, yeah, it'd be fun.

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Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Carr, The Terminal List follows James Reece (Chris Pratt) after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his culpability. However, as new evidence comes to light, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering not only his life, but the lives of those he loves.

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