The Top Ten Animated Villains!

Who are the greatest animated villains? In this completely un-objective list, I will give the definitive answer!

Editorial Opinion

A hero is only as good as his villain, and some of these villains truly proved that in the films or television shows they co-starred in. This list will count down my own top ten villains from animated films or television shows, not including anime or characters borrowed from other mediums such as comic books and such, which means, (as much as it pains me) No Mark Hamill Joker! I did consider cutting out Disney, but they have too great of a rouges gallery. With that said, lets get on with the list!

10. Malificent (Sleeping Beauty)

Lets just think about the fact that Malificent wanted to kill a baby, because she wasn't invited to a party. She's insane, and a 2014 film depicting her as a lost soul won't convince me otherwise. She turns into a gigantic dragon and has ugly little troll men as her helpers. Malificent is pure evil. Side note, why did Angelina Jolie play her in the live action depiction and not Jessica Lange? Just an idea...

(You will be missed on AHS)

9. Saddam Huissein (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)

Yeah, you read that right. The only character to ever make me feel sorry for Satan. The interesting thing is that you don't hate Saddam in the musical for being a murderer, or terrorist but, for being such an abusive boyfriend to Satan (god this is an odd thing to write). You just want Satan to leave him and conquer the world be himself, but much like with most abusive relationships, his love blinds him.

8. Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Frollo is one of those villains who make you wonder how far Disney will go? A priest whose mind is corrupted by his own power, has a vendetta towards gypsies, and demonizes the disfigured child he orphans. Also, Frollo has something of a rapist vibe... Just watch the scene where he sniffs Esmeralda's scarf.

7. Stinky Pete (Toy Story 2)

Remember Lotso from Toy Story 3? Did anyone else notice that he was a simple copy and paste of Kelsey Grammar's fantastically played Stinky Pete? Toys meet Pete/Lotso, who treats them kindly like a wise old man, toys change their minds about staying with Pete/Lotso, which is followed by Pete/Lotso going insane. There are slight differences between the stories, (in Toy Story 2, it's only Woody put in the situation, while in Toy Story 3 it's all of the toys) but this is the main reason I picked Pete over Lotso. Also, you cannot go wrong with Kelsey Grammar.

6. Syndrome (The Incredibles)

I don't love this villain, I despise him. In the best way possible of course. He's an adult with the mind of a child who's motivation is fairly understandable. Imagine living in a world full of superheroes and not having any kind of powers. I'd go crazy too. Not only that, but it's our main hero's fault that he becomes a villain! He was just a genius kid who wanted to help Mr Incredible with his inventions, and when turned down, turns to the dark side. His plan is brilliant - Show the world that a man with inventions is better than a man with superhuman abilities, and then sell off his inventions to the world, because when everyone is super, no one will be. That's another point, he's incredibly quotable, my own favorite being- "You got me monologing!"

 5. Scar (The Lion King)

You're not surprised in the least that the villain of Disney's Hamlet is on this list. Murdering his brother and then laying guilt on the shoulders of his young nephew. He's awful and perfectly portrayed by the brilliant Jeremy Irons. Isn't it going to be weird hearing Lion Hitler be the butler to Batfleck? I'm still getting over that. And Lion Hitler? Yeah, watch out for the Nazi imagery in the "Be Prepared" musical number. 

4. Hopper (Bug's Life)

I don't want to hear it. I love Hopper. Look at him, he's freaky as hell and used to terrify me as a kid. The story of Bug's Life is loosely based on the Aesop Fable of The Ant and The Grasshopper. This film took the lazy grasshopper that the Ant took pity on, and turned him into a gigantic dictator, ruling with an iron fist over the ant colony. He's creepy and devious. Too lazy to get his own food, but not hesitant to kill.

3. Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)

Even if it's one of the newer (and lets face it, bad) episodes of the Simpsons, I refuse to switch off the TV if Sideshow Bob is maniacally laughing, plotting the death of Bart Simpson, singing about vendetta or being hit in the face with a rake, I am instantly engaged. Kelsey Grammar (Who I'm starting to think should have a list of his own after taking up two spaces on this list) plays him ingeniously, mixing his snootiness from his role on Fraiser, with a maddened need to kill which would impress the Joker. Sideshow Bob is not only my number three on this list, but also my favorite Simpsons character. How good was the episode with Niles as Bob's brother? *Nerds out at the thought of said episode*

2. Azula/Fire Lord Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

These are probably two of the most intense and dangerous people in the Avatar universe. I leave out Zuko as he is more of a morally conflicted character than a villain, and Ozai is honestly second to Azula. I don't know if he would've even made it on the list without Mark Hamill's voice acting. Don't get me wrong, Ozai is not someone to mess with. A man who permanently scarred his own son for speaking out of turn has got some issues. But Azula's character is developed a lot more thoroughly than he is, probably due to the fact that she was introduced a series earlier than her father. She's also the first character we see bend lightning, and whenever she shows up with her team of misfits, you can hear team Avatar think "Yup, we're screwed." The ending to both characters was also brilliantly done in the series finale. 


1. Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series)

You may be thinking that this breaks my rule of no characters originally from other mediums, but you're wrong. Harley Quinn was introduced on Batman: The Animated Series as a girlfriend for the Joker. She was then so popular that she was introduced into the DC comics universe, and you can see why. She's funny, utterly mad and loves the Joker unconditionally. Created by the great Paul Dini and voiced by Arleen Sorkin, Harley Quinn is phenomenal.

Thanks for reading! - CapedCruVader

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