ONE PUNCH MAN Live-Action Movie From Director Justin Lin Taps RICK AND MORTY Co-Creator Dan Harmon For Rewrite

ONE PUNCH MAN Live-Action Movie From Director Justin Lin Taps RICK AND MORTY Co-Creator Dan Harmon For Rewrite

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FUNIMATION Becomes Just A Memory As All Links Now Redirect To CRUNCHYROLL

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marvel72 - 2/22/2012, 2:09 PM
first akira & now bleach,why does all anime have to be made by americans.

japanese cast & crew with hollywood size budget = perfection.
P862010 - 2/22/2012, 2:11 PM
marvel72 asians dont do it any better

most of their live action efforts are extremely cheesy and low budget with tons of script problems

luffycapri - 2/22/2012, 2:26 PM
about time
marvel72 - 2/22/2012, 2:26 PM
@ P862010

i thought they did a good job adapting deathnote & battle royale.

P862010 - 2/22/2012, 2:31 PM
those are the most grounded animes tho anything with any sort of sci fi/fantasy gets butchered

i heard Space Battleship Yamato was pretty awful
StrangerX - 2/22/2012, 2:32 PM
Some anime needs to stay just anime.
Luigi - 2/22/2012, 2:41 PM
Luigi - 2/22/2012, 2:42 PM
Something tells the me that Channing Tatum or Shia LeBouf will end up playing 15 year old Japanese Ichigo.
DZ123 - 2/22/2012, 2:51 PM
So are they gonna be all white in this one, too, Warner?
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 2:52 PM
Sigh........I just pray that Segal and Mazeau actually have some backbone when writing this and don't compromise for studio agenda sake but since Ive already expressed how I felt about anime movie casting, I wont now.

But to the studio, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT try to adapt the first 25 in a convoluted effort to show the Save Rukia arc. Use the core plot points of the first fifteen to seventeen episodes, remove the filler aspects of that arc and end the movie with Renji and Byakuya taking Rukia back to soul society.
FightAs0ne - 2/22/2012, 2:54 PM
For the first time I agree with grif anime never makes a good transition to the big screen...
GUNSMITH - 2/22/2012, 2:57 PM


SolidSnake007 - 2/22/2012, 3:01 PM
gonna fail as badly as Dragonball and streetfighter. I hope they don't make this. Please just let this be the first good anime live action movie....
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 3:05 PM
Well, the Ruroni Kenshin adaptation is looking good so I wont count it out.....I will say this though the last few adaptations failed because not only did they have little respect for the source but they were also hacks involved, so hopefully that's not the case here.
gr33nhawk - 2/22/2012, 3:07 PM
Bandrews1 - 2/22/2012, 3:11 PM
Bleach is one of my favorite animes of all time, and its literally one of those things that shouldn't be in Hollywood's hands. But if it just have to made, I hope it is at least set in Japan with a complete Japanese cast, but I honestly doubt.
Hellsing - 2/22/2012, 3:29 PM
Oh god not that optimistic about this at all I mean DB got [frick]ed over so hopefully this one works out oh and atleast keep Ichigo asian please. Honestly I dont see how there going to adapt it I think manga's are more serialized than comics but anyways I'm keeping my fingers crossed
sianirudh94 - 2/22/2012, 3:29 PM
I think I'd prefer Bleach to be a TV series than a movie. Its better and easier to adapt, since you can't really take out much from the arc or else it becomes like a 2 hour long trailer. Just a thought...
I doubt this'll be that great..
AutobotCommander84 - 2/22/2012, 3:31 PM
@P862010 Well, at least there is someone who makes any sense around here.
Hellsing - 2/22/2012, 3:34 PM
Something like fullmetal alchemist would do much easier for them to adapt most likely as a tv series because they don't really have to change anything but then again after what they did to Priest theres no way you can trust hollywood
Ripper - 2/22/2012, 3:35 PM
Rest ashore there will be a stupid young ,all white case. FIAL!!
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 3:36 PM
If they can't at the very least take the basic plot points of the first fifteen episodes of Season 1 and make a good movie with it then they are dumbasses lol.

Here's 3 tips for these morons

- Introduce Uryu,Orihime, and Chad cohesively without showing everything from there episodes per se.

- Forget the whole mod soul subplot with Kon

- And use nothing from the filler episodes

See...I'm trying to atleast help them lol.
OtakuPapi - 2/22/2012, 3:53 PM
This is the best news ive heard in awhile. If they keep it horror/action with a R rating opposed to dumbing down for the pg-13 crowd this movie will be epic especially if dont correctly.Bleach is scored in a way that follows the scenes and characters.If you ever pay attention. As long as they dont dragonball z evolution it, and keep to the core of what bleach is and that is kick ass action it will be awesome.But keep it creepy and dark if they try to keep it all bright and brillant its going to suck... set the mood like the crow movie and we are good
SotNatt - 2/22/2012, 3:58 PM
Holy shi-- this is happening? Okay, well, it didn't work for Dragon Ball...let's see how bad this endeavor will fail.
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 4:01 PM
@OtakuPapi...I dont think it necessarily needs to be horror with an R-rating but dark with some comic relief just like the source seeing as how the series is a shonen which means it's aimed at teen

Anyway, I also agree that they need to stay true to the core story and characterizations of Bleach for it to work though.
BlackGetsuga3 - 2/22/2012, 4:07 PM
If they just have to do this movie then why not let Johnny Yung Bosch play ichigo, he's the voice of ichigo in the English version, he's Asian and he's a badass martial artist too, I mean the guy was a power ranger ffs lol
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 4:08 PM
@Bmcdonald: Either him or Harry Shum would be good choices but that's just scratching the surface lol
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/22/2012, 4:13 PM
"I've always been a huge fan of 'Bleach' and have great respect for its creator Kubo Sensei and the truly original and amazing world he has created in this manga,"

Thats why im going to base the movie into America, change every characters name and cast young white models for the leading roles.
irondragon - 2/22/2012, 4:30 PM
@chechen ok we get that there are some people who are not partial to the avengers. thats great its ur opinion. but when people like you come on an article that has nothing to do with the avengers or tdkr other than it has the same studio as the latter then thats when it gets annoying.both movies are gonna do great. makes me annoyed to see this everywhere on this site. smfh.
MechTech9 - 2/22/2012, 4:50 PM
Omg. Bleach is amazing. I read the Manga and watch the Anime. I only hope that they do this movie justice. Unfortunately, the track record for Anime films aren't so good.

In my opinion, I find that Alex Pettyfer could play Ichigo pretty well. He has the build and the look, to an extent (if done right).

My choice for Isshin, Ichigo's father would be maybe Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I was thinking of some other, but he came to mind.

For Ishida, I was thinking Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I might reconsider that one. I think he could pull of the role, though.

I'm thinking of other actors that could play these rolls, although some fresh faces would be great. And some Asian actors would be nice, too.
Jer3miah - 2/22/2012, 4:59 PM
Spidey1996 - 2/22/2012, 5:03 PM
Bleach is awesome! I hope they make the movie great and not crappy.
maxer - 2/22/2012, 5:26 PM
after the last fail with Dragonball, i have no more faith in Hollywood anime/manga adaptation.
sweetre15 - 2/22/2012, 5:28 PM
I think they're moving forward with these things because they are still looking for a franchise that can fill the respective voids of Nolan's Batman, The Harry Potter series, and The Lord of The Rings series in the future.

So now besides Superman, they are looking to Akira, Bleach, Death Note, and Mortal Kombat.

Now that that's been covered they really need to make sure that they play their cards right by retaining the core essence of the franchise and make a good film at the same time which really isn't that hard imo...provided they do the proper research on the source material.
animeex - 2/22/2012, 5:45 PM
One of my absolute favorites that I am still watching. This could be a great movie if done right... Let's hope. I also saw a show one time that said Matrix had parts taken from Ghost in the Shell. They even compared looks and scenes to show where they got shots.
thewonderer - 2/22/2012, 6:22 PM

One Piece for the win

Bleach was pretty good through Soul Society. Now its complete crap and you should be ashamed of yourself if you're still reading Kubos bs and trolling
DZ123 - 2/22/2012, 6:26 PM
For all the anime haterz, if Bleach is good enough for Gene Simmons' kid to plagiarize, it's at least good enough for comic book readers.
InFamouslyCool - 2/22/2012, 6:47 PM
This makes me happy. bleach is the best!
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